Feels like I’m in the penitentiary, I have nothing to do
Feels like I’m a corpse buried in a cemetery, no one to speak to.
Something that everyone goes through.
Being bored out of your mind is the equivalent of when your body is catching the flu.
Your mind is stuck with severe weakness and fatigue,
Like you caught a disease.
When going through this, nothing else to do but sleep.
The feeling of being uninterested,
Feels like everything around you is insignificant,
Like sitting in a dark room in the middle of the night with no electricity.
Mind goes crazy, just tryna find something to do badly.
Just like doing chores, something we have to do,
Is similar to being bored, something we all have to go through.

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  1. I love the pic. You know after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity War, I just realized what picture that was on your profile….lol. Sorry, a little late to the game and that movie. But nice post. xoxo

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