Another Friday Question

As a woman, would you ever date a younger man?

As a man, would you date a older woman?

They say a man reach his sexual peak around 18 and woman reach her sexual peak in her thirties, do you think this is true or do you think this is a myth?

Out of all the lessons learned in life, what was the most important lesson you ever learned?

For those of you that are married or been with the same person for many years, do you think sex is the same person becomes tedious overtime?

9 thoughts on “Another Friday Question

  1. My husband is five years younger. Tedious sex depends upon the two people involved….some people it’s tedious from the beginning, just as some never reach their sexual peak. Most important lesson: people change, but not necessarily the way you want them to

  2. I have dated a younger man in the past and I must say, it’s no different than dating an older man – just as it’s no different dating a man the same age as you. In any case, I think it all comes down to maturity, character and thought processes…lol.

  3. I personally think, nothing wrong with age different. People make a fuss and questions too much around the age. The most important things is if we can share and get along with that person. We love each other unconditionally, and able to forgive it the other make mistake. The more you are thinking about the age, the older you will get.

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