Watch How To Talk To People

Won’t tolerate the disrespect

Respect is what I expect.

Mood swings out of control

but learn to keep your voice low.

Even if people don’t agree with you,

debates can still be enjoyable.

Your attitude will forever keep you miserable.

Swear everybody actions are questionable but it’s really you that’s being unreasonable.

Like a vagina in pain from penetration of the cervix,

It hurts to tell you the truth and your not perfect

So I need you to listen.

We as humans are all created equal, so learn how to talk to people because we are all created equal

and you will not treat me like I am beneath you.

Dom’ t you dare assume

your behavior is acceptable.

I have to add a point

like a decimal when doing long division

and shut the fuck up

and pay attention and if you ever

raise your voice at me again


7 thoughts on “Watch How To Talk To People

  1. Thatโ€™s a strong message my man, as if you were talking to someone standing right in front of you. The feeling, the emotion….the lines jumped for attention. And the ending wasnโ€™t a question but it it was one of those endings that made you search for answers, loved it. Was this one of your open mics?

    • Thank you!
      Communication is one of the biggest problems in the world
      It’s either lack of communication or people raising their voice and not being calm.
      This was not one of my open mics
      My open mic poem was “Should I go to a open mic” lol .

      • Yeah, communication is key and this speaks big on getting points across. Problem is everyone wants to be heard, but no one wants to hardly listen.
        This would have been a nice open mic, this screams attention, it grabs you by the throat๐Ÿ˜, or by the ears as my parent would do. Lol. This was nice my man.

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