Is Celibacy Worth It?

A choice to make but time to think about it.
Weighing the options , the positives and negatives.
A hard choice  to make, but happiness is definite
Your true soul mate is promised to you after 4 years   for a lifetime with 3 kids share with if you choose to practice abstinence for a quadrennial period.
Guaranteed  a lifetime of paradise after but the struggle  to survive won’t be concise.
A choice to demise your sex life, but sex is constantly on your mind.
Used  to getting it all the time to not getting any at all .
Now life don’t feel so sweet like candy made of cotton.
Sex toys and vibrators now  out the closet and put it in the coffin.
Vaseline and lotions now serve for only one particular purpose.(side note do you know what I mean by one particular purpose?)
Compared to others now at a disadvantage like the tortoise.
We all want freedom of happiness, but can you go thru hell to find it by facing every demon following satin.
Every morning  you see a new demon, scheming, pressuring you to have sex and how much you need it.
Feels like your guardian angel is nonexistent when Satin sends his followers to pay u a morning visit.
Whispering in your ear leading you to temptation.
Promising you a way to escape prison
remanding you being celibate is stupid telling you everybody else is doing it 
Guarantees you endless sex with the sexiest models and celebrities any time you want.
Guarantees you  massive amounts of money and gives you courage to flaunt 
to the public since money attracts sex.
Promises you that having sex is   the new level of success which gives you the respect you deserve
since lack of sex damages your nerves.
Telling you that how you live off of sex way before you started living by the good word.
God not trying to bless you, why would he put you through a curse like this.
So now ask yourself, is celibacy  worth it?

8 thoughts on “Is Celibacy Worth It?

  1. I think to some people who choose celibacy, it’s more than a choice but it’s life and to them it’s worth it. It’s like being allergic to milk, they won’t go drink chocolate milk because they’re curious, they’re going to avoid sickness, health risk and unhappiness and that’s why they’ll remain that way until they marry. Some people say if you seen one way you’ve seen them all and some people are willing to stay with one way, is being faithful worth it cause that’s how they look at it. Saving themselves for who? They’re going in blind, but it’s worth it to them.

    • I agree with everything you said.
      I believe something is always worth it if it’s something that can save your soul
      But some people are not strong enough to be discipline when the fallen angels are looking for recruiters and they will use your weakness against you and sex is one of the tactics the devil use to recruit people so he can have an army and go against God

      • Very true, a lot of people aren’t strong and sex is a tool used to chip away at the foundation of people’s homes to wreck them. Money, sex and lies and they all go hand and hand. That’s why it comes down to discipline and support.

  2. I think another question to consider is why not be celibate? All you’re giving up is a couple minutes or even seconds of physical pleasure every now and then for instant gratification. There are other ways to be stimulated without physical touch. But it all is a mindset. An individual’s decision. If the pros out weigh the cons then it all makes sense. But I feel like its hard for people to come up with that list and then find a counterpart who agrees…

    • Lol couple of seconds, damn that’s short lol
      But for real yes sex is only a few minutes of pleasure and yet people will sell their souls to the devil in order to achieve instant gratification.

      Now I don’t no problem with a person wanting to be celibate or sexually active because everybody has to do what’s best for them But I believe whatever you do, do it becuase it’s what you wanna do and don’t let nobody distract you
      I don’t look at being celibate as being the right choice but I look at it as is it the best choice for your mind and soul.

  3. For me I feel what helps me remain celibate is asking myself “how would I feel afterwards? The feeling of regret or wasted time keeps me celibate til I’m emotionally and mentally ready and when God has brought the right one to me. 8 months celibate and counting.

    • I happy and I respect your discipline.
      One time I went 20 months straight.
      But keep strong and when the right one come, you can finally share your body and express your love intimately

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