I Hate Responsibilities

Money, power, respect, I have none of the above.

They say life precious, but I’m staring point blank at my gun,

Contemplating suicide, as I just accidentally bit my tongue.

Just to survive on earth, for a job I must search,

Either burger king or a nurse

If one day I make funds, I kiss the dirt.

Until then, I steal from mom’s purse.

A wise one told me, somebody always got it worst.

But what’s worst than stealing Christmas gifts from neighborhood church?

My mind is on training wheels

I can’t balance life on my own, even though I‘m grown.

Scared to live alone, since I’ve never been shown

how to be a man.

Nobody understands.

It’s like I’m Sam I am,

Scared to eat the green eggs and ham.

My courage is unidentified.

Responsibilities are my kryptonite.

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