Why Should You Only Impress Yourself

Ask yourself what matters,
You are your own leader. 
You are your own follower
When you look at the mirror,
you are your own competitor,

You are your greatest competition.
In a world that’s non-fiction,
Revamping who you are is your own mission,
Just like the company you work for have their own mission statement demonstrating their values and vision.

Motivating yourself on your own.
No  home court advantage to cheer you on.
Makes it harder to come upon.
Much harder to be motivated when people aren’t around to believe in you,
In reality you are more focus on your goal when people look up to you,
but sometimes that puts more pressure on you.

Pressure is being serverely afraid of being a successful failure.
People don’t put you through pressure,
you put yourself through pressure.
You make your own choices,
In your head, you rely on your own head voices.

Greatest disappointment is impressing others
Greatest satisfaction is impressing yourself and no other but your mother

On the planet earth, we are only visitors.
But the afterlife is where we are looked upon by the only true inspector.
Now that’s where you feel the pressure.
You are judged on everything you done on earth, 
starting from birth.
Once you die, no second chance, no such thing as rebirth.
Your born alone and you die alone.
Nobody’s knows their true permanent home.
Everything you do at this moment,you are being watched by a spirit
beyond way greater than a person.
People don’t determine you final destination.

8 thoughts on “Why Should You Only Impress Yourself

  1. “People don’t determine your final destination” – Love that! So why are we so bothered and get bent out of shape over “people” when their lasting opinions don’t matter anyway….

    • People have low self esteem and we all want to fit in because some struggle being made fun of.
      Nobody in this world is perfect but subconsciously a lot of us want to be perfect because we don’t want to make mistakes.
      People fear making mistakes because they fear the reactions of their peers.
      God is a spirit we don’t hear him physically.
      Problem is some of us fear rejection and abuse more than God.
      If God is what you fear most, no need to worry about impressing other people

  2. This is so true and you’re so right, people are all about recognization these days and they’ll wear a mask so long until they forget their own name to get it. Athletes, actors, singers or regular mo’s all are trying to impress someone because they don’t want to let someone down whether they know them or not and that person is failure. If you live for other people, you’ll always be their slave that’s why the only thought that really counts is your own. The world is one big prison, and you’re right, you come in alone and leave alone, what you do in between is bonus.

    • Exactly, what you wrote is a excellent summary of this poem. Being yourself is easier than you think but most people make it more complicated than it is suppose to be. You can try to lie to yourself, but the truth will drown your mind and heart in a pool of affliction and this is the consequence for wanting to be different.

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