Prisoner In My Own Life

Trapped with no escape
at the place where I hate.

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My self determination is lost.
Heart right now colder than jack frost.

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I am exposed to the mental torture
by myself in this dark corner.

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Close my eyes and dream,
so bad I wanna be free.

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Open my eyes, my mind plays tricks on me,
force to face the hardship of reality,

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realizing that I am in a place where I must behave submissively.
I as a prisoner, I am own husband or wife,
As you read this, I tell you “Welcome to my life”.

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12 thoughts on “Prisoner In My Own Life

  1. I hate feeling like a Prisoner In My Own Life! It makes me feel uninspired. This past week has really been rough for me. I tried to shake it off, but stress took its toll. I get weak when my boys are not on the right path even though they are adults. I guess that is all apart of being a mother. I feel so much better today. When I am feeling uninspired, I fall behind on my blog postings simply because if I am not inspired I can’t inspire. I love this poem because it is so real.

  2. I feel that way sometimes. I definitely felt it when I lived in Winston-Salem. I wrote a piece about it and I tell ya it made me feel better. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with us. You’re a very talented writer. I love the pictures as well. They fit the pieces perfectly.

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