Writing Is Therapeutic

From left to right

words appear

as I think all night.

I write

from the heart and soul.

My writing is precious

as gold.

Release frustration

and turn combined thoughts

to a full presentation

like a power point slide

and the words I choose

to type

and poetry is the type

of literature I can


while in my mind

I’m painting a picture

with deep meanings

at a fast speed

like a baseball

thrown from a pitcher.

In a situation

where I’m hesitant

refuse to accept over thinking

so writing

is my blunt

and I’m smoking ,

Inhaling and exhaling

lyrics and sentences

onto paper

like smoke in thin air

coming from an exhaust pipe.

Smoking a pipe

while I write

ironically thinking

this method will save my life

and I will eat better

than a dyke

having a threesome.

Writing is my freedom

that feeds my belly

and the paper

when I’m publishing

my work through a agency


to the world.

Writing is my alcohol that heal wounds

Writing is my sun that shine

Writing is the fresh scent like perfume

Writing is the God of love like Cupid

and God heals wounds

that’s why my writing so therapeutic.

7 thoughts on “Writing Is Therapeutic

  1. “I write from the heart and soul. My writing is as precious as gold”. My man, when you write poetry, you posses all the infinity stones! Everything just flowed and fell into place like a puzzle one line after the other. And I loved how you threw your goals in there as well publishing your work through the agency cause you will. Writing is therapeutic in so many ways, scribbling thoughts is a stress reliever believe it or not. You really got this session down in he books my man, this pen was one for the mind.

    • I like that
      I posses the infinity stones.
      Yeah sometimes I don’t even know how I be coming up with these lines.
      You have the magic as well 😎
      I like how you talk about positive topics like “love” and “Romance” and use personifications and similies using mother Nature to help readers better understand the meanings you portray in each of your blogs.
      Writing is therauptic when your having a bad day.
      Thank you for the feedback!

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