What Is Hate?

Hate is hot coal that burns my feet.

Hate is poison meat from rat feces

in which I eat.

Hate is more hot than a kettle

that damages my vessels

like acid.

Hate is an assassin

that slays love

and leaves your heart

a blue print

to guide the mind

and construct it

into an addiction

more additive

than smoking a cigarette

which leads me to death

and lungs turn dark and black.

Hate is the color of white

ashamed of the color black

so white see black and run

like a relay race.

Hate is a prison shank

that cuts my face

so deep

I can stick my tongue

through my cheeks.

Hate is when I have swollen red gums

because I didn’t take care of my teeth

so I hate to smile or giggle.

Hate is being jealous

of the minds that are intelligent

because my mind is simple

like a 5th grader that can’t comprehend

that fractions and decimals are equivalent.

Hate is when being broke and black

strip the rich and white naked

of everything

for reminiscing

not having nothing

on Christmas Day.

Hate is receiving a life sentence

for a crime you didn’t commit

so you burn bibles

and think all disciples

are hypocrites

and think Jesus is an idiot

to love your enemy.

So Satan gives you the tools

to seek revenge on God

telling you

to use the hatred you got

and that’s your secret weapon

which is more death-dealing

than a nuclear weapon.

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