Questions That Are Good Potential Blog Topics?

God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him” – 1 John 4:9

Before I go any further with my questions, I’m not 100% sure as of now but I could be taking a another break from blogging. For one, I have alot of shit I’m going through right now and I plan to take my poetry to another level by going to open mics, joining a poetry contest, and maybe getting my poems published. I wanna thank all of my followers I have gained since I started blogging. I really want to give a special thanks to my close followers and supporters because they always take the time to read my post and give me feedback. It’s easy to gain followers but it’s hard to build a fan base and make connections with people so I am thankful for the dedicated followers that support me 😎

I have a few questions that I think about since I am a curious person

1) What is the best relationship advice you can give somebody that don’t believe in God?

2) Do you notice that people that ask you to support them, will never support anything you do?

3) Why do we worship God, is it because we love God or is it because we fear God?

4) If you read the previous question, is it more common for people to be loyal to you because they love you or fear you?

5) How has social media made people anti-social in real life?

6) Why is it so hard to find a job in your career after you graduate college and why does internships and basic entry level jobs require experience like where are you suppose to get experience if every internship requires experience?

7) I may be crossing the line with this question but do you think bloggers use other bloggers just for support(if you confused just comment below and I will go in detail)?

8) Be honest, when you are reading a blog, what makes you more interested into reading a post?

9) Is it harder for a father to raise a daughter or for a mother to raise a son?

10) What are the pro’s and con’s of being a house wife?

11) What are the pro’s and con’s of being a working wife?

12) If a woman see a guy in her class, at her job, or at her church, and she thinks he is attractive and she wants to get to know him, should she approach him and ask him out or should she wait for him to approach her?

13) When is it acceptable for parents to lie to their kids?

14) If you are miserable at your job, should you wait until you find another job or should you just quit because your happiness comes first?

15) Do you believe that you can make it to heaven if you refuse go to church but you believe God and read the bible?

16) What is the most common thing that marriage couples argue about?

17) How long and how often should you pray to God?

18) If Bill Cosby was to pass away soon, overall was he positive influence towards black people in America?

19) Why is life unfair?

20) Based on where you live, who you live with, where you work, and who you work for, are you truly happy?

21) Do all truth comes to light or do people take secrets with them to the grave?

22) Do you think Valentines Day is overrated?

23) If men are suppose to be head of the household, what happens if the man dies, who will be head of the household if the man dies?

24) If all women were housewives and the cost of living was cheaper, would the divorce rate be much lower?

25) Do you support gay marriage?

26) Can judging a book by it’s cover save your life?

10 thoughts on “Questions That Are Good Potential Blog Topics?

  1. Another Haiti huh? Got some things going on, well I pray you get your affairs in order whatever they are, I know you’ll be okay, you’re a strong individual. Open mic sounds promising and you reading some of your writings, bringing your deep, emotional poetry to the table can open a lot of eyes and ears. Poetry contest also sounds like a nice road to venture too, success is just a word away, I say go for it because you’re good enough.
    A lot of interesting questions down, you bring the brain benders my man. A few I think in my opinions are my answers were:
    I feel people worship God not because they fear him but because they love Him, I think people who choose to follow His word and try not to sin, not kill or steal and all that, they do that because they fear Him.
    I notice if you ask for support, the path seems more resistant and that’s because people are fickle as humans. They want to do on their own, they don’t want to be led. If they choose to support you on their own, their devotion would be much more loyal.
    I read blogs because I’m an avid reader but I must admit I can only read things that catch my interest. A lot catches my interest because I can be open to anything but I won’t read just to read if it’s not moving or doing nothing for me. I also read other blogs I follow to get a feel for who I’m following because I don’t like following just to follow. I interact with my community and I comment on their post so I need to know my audience, my family.

    • I appreciate all of your answers to these questions
      Starting July I will be only posting like twice a month but I will still be around to read from others
      I plan to take a step back and just observe and take a break to focus on my poetry, and to get my life in order.
      You are definitely a true follower and you will always have my support.
      You make a good point because if people choose to support you on your own, their devotion would be much more loyal.
      The ones that truly supports are the ones people choose to ignore.
      We chase after people that don’t have our best interest in mind.
      What catches my attention is the title of someone’s post.
      Poetry is the main topic I look forward to reading but I like topics on sex, relationships, God, the bible, real life questions, work related drama etc.
      Just about everything except fashion design becuase fashion design is confusing lol
      The question about are we more loyal to God if we love him or fear him, I asked this because from experience people are usually loyal to you because of fear not love.
      Like don’t get me wrong if people love you, they will be loyal but sometimes if they love but not fear they will betray you or take advantage of you.
      Now more people listen to fear rather than love but fear don’t last forever because the person that fear you is the person that will do you the most harm.

  2. Very interesting questions… Let me answer the ones I can..
    I worship God because He first loved me and I love Him back by worshiping Him.
    It’s common for people to be loyal to you because they love you because when they fear you they might act loyal to your face but behind you they ain’t.
    I don’t think social media has anything to do with people being anti social
    They make it difficult to find a job by attaching experience as criteria because in the first place there are no enough jobs.
    The first thing that attracts me in a post is the title and the quality of the content to me.
    It’s harder for a father to raise a daughter, a mother can raise both quite easily all things being equal.
    Never acceptable for parents to lie to their kids.
    Pray without ceasing.
    Do not neglect the fellowship with the brethren.
    No I don’t support gay marriage.
    No judging a b ook by its cover can’t save a life.

  3. My answer to question #3 “Why do we worship God, is it because we love God or is it because we fear God?” I really don’t believe that God wants us to do anything for him out of fear, because if we serve and worship him in fear – then to me that’s not real service nor is it love; it’s out of a force. To “fear” God means to “respect” him – follow his commands, reverence who he is and out of respect for him, not do those things that displeases him. If we truly love God; then that love hopefully is followed by respect for him. I worship God because I love him and because I know that I know that if it had not been for him over my life, I wouldn’t be sitting and writing this comment today. I have did many things against his word and went against his will. It was when I started having a serious relationship with him; then that’s when I began to “respect” him.

    • “To “fear” God means to “respect” him – follow his commands, reverence who he is and out of respect for him, not do those things that displeases him.”
      When I was thinking of this question, I wasn’t thinking of this.
      Good point.
      Love this answer

  4. P.S. I’m going to miss you “again” – but I understand about getting things together and the many aspirations that you desire for your life and career. I know you won’t be on a total hiatus, from reading your comment uptop but do what you have to do and don’t let ANYBODY, I MEAN ANYBODY stop you. Make your dreams happen and if that means you gotta go away for some time to do that, then that’s okay…..I know we’ll be celebrating when you return. I’ll be praying for you my friend xoxoxo

    • This comment has made my night.
      I’m speechless
      I will still be around, I just will be posting alot less that’s all.
      I love blogging, but it takes up time and it’s alot of hardwork.
      I’m going to take a step back to meet more people and learn from other bloggers.
      As well learning new ways to improve as a blogger. After June,I will be taking at least 3 weeks off
      You and the blogger that comment above are my favorite bloggers.

  5. Blogging is indeed a lot of work, especially if you’re wanting to produce good; quality content and your heart is into it, so I totally understand that. Do what you need to do and I meant every word I said, I’m looking to celebrate – sometimes we need to take a step back in order to move 5 steps up. I believe in you!! & P.S. You were always my favorite ; )

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