What Poem Should I Recite When I Go To An Open Mic?

I have plans on going to the Bowery Club in NYC on Monday to recite a poem for open mic but I am not sure what poem I should recite so  read this poem below and comment below if I should  recite this poem on Monday for open mic!

Please click on the video to here me recite the poem I plan to recite Monday. You can copy and paste the link into a web browser. If you can’t play the video, I apologize in advance.

Listen to Open Mic Poem by David Hockaday #np on #SoundCloud

 Is what we see always guaranteed?

Death and taxes final

but is bleeding guaranteed?

All physical

but is it mental?

Laughter and pain

faces each other

with a thin line in between

This image was presented

to me in a dream

Or was this a nightmare?

Angels and Demons everywhere

I don’t give a fuck about nothing

People always want something

Life is not for free

but people constantly plead

A Broken heart and spoiled dreams

face defeat

but prepare for next war

Ever been judge for what you wore?

Short skirts means you a whore?

Should pastors be adored?

Ever been forced to be brave

to face of what you was afraid?

Negative situations

we tend to procrastinate

but the problems don’t escape.

Conflict is a fire that burns your skin

and the line between fear and suicide

is not that thick,

it’s long and thin.

Never a win win situation

and I’m reluctant from previous situations

Addictions cause my affliction

My behavior is redundant

My character is incredulous

like hypocrites

Mind is dubious and racing fast

Like women who are promiscuous

Pain became numb

So I became oblivious

Torment I’m going through

and it’s so obvious

I keep holding secrets

Life is devious.

Some mistaken me

for being conceited

But I’m being honest.

Time move fast like sonic.

Our time span is concise

So my speculations

of life is precise.

Hard life and the affect

is money is tight like a virgins vagina

because of  drinking coronas

Face is wet

like I’ve been in a sauna.

Crying at this hour

because this girl said “our”

relationship is smooth like powder

but quickly disappeared

when she found someone with more dollars.

Had me on a leash

she even picked out my pink collar.

Affliction become stronger 

Addiction might last longer

than I originally thought

Withdrawals are worst

Became too broke to devour coronas

Like a poor kid playing

with a toy that’s broke

because the parents can’t afford another

I’m wishing things would go back

to how they were

because I don’t want another lover


So comment below and tell me your honest opinion about this poem and If I should recite this at open mic!


I also have 2 more poem, I am thinking about reciting as well and here are the links

A Special Lady


Heartless and Heartbroken 

For those that are poets that have been to an open mic, comment below and briefly tell me your experience!

I believe this is my 165th post  and I appreciate every blogger that viewed, liked, and provide feedback on my blogs because you bloggers give me motivation to write poetry that relatable and it is an amazing feeling so thank you

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11 thoughts on “What Poem Should I Recite When I Go To An Open Mic?

  1. I’ve been to three open mics read slowly and pronounce the words in your poems clearly. Breathe one word at a time but don’t read too slowly try to let your poem flow. I’d read a shorter poem and try not to be too anxious at the Open Mic. Congrats on the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC! Good luck.

  2. I like the poem and I’ve only done a few… you have to work on your breathing and not let your adrenaline run rampant… My humble advice hit a heavy point and let it settle then grab them again. flow on… you have the skills… practice makes perfect… you got it

  3. Sounds like you’re getting some good advice my friend! I honestly think whatever poem you do whether this one or another will be good. Since it’s your first time, I have to say – I agree with TheAyeshaSite and feel you should do a shorter poem, you want to tease them but not give them too much just yet. A shorter poem for one to memorize if you can. I also would practice in a mirror because as you know, poetry is about expression so I would make sure my face was on point with that. I believe in you! Can’t wait to hear how it goes, proud of you for taking this step forward!!

    • ☺☺☺☺☺☺
      Thank you!
      I plan to go June 24
      Something that I need to do.
      Been writing poetry for 3 years so it’s bout time to take it to the next level.
      I wrote poems in all kinds of topics, wrote riddles in poetry format, wrote stories in poetry format, wrote a poem with a multiple choice question.
      I would say I wrote 300 poems all together.
      So much more to upload
      Thank you for the advice ☺☺☺😁

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