Poetic Thoughts

I just have a few questions about blogging and comment below answering these questions

1) I’m trying to learn Pinterest but it’s confusing as hell, how do you use Pinterest to promote your blog?

2) For those of you that get paid for blogging,did it take a while and is there a good web site that explains how to get paid for blogging?

3) Is there any blog of yours that you want me to read and provide feedback on just comment below the link to your post!

Smooth like silk
color changing
like spoiled milk.
Use to be so closer
like 2 pieces of
whole wheat bread
in a toaster.
Were heavy
Like bed comforters
now light like quilts.
Head was straight
now my head tilts.
Stiff neck and I’m still
loyal like a mother bear
to her cubs.
Where’s is the love?
We were like Donny
and Roberta.
Now I’m emotional
like a soap opera.
A white lady sniffing coke
A crack head without soap
full of blackheads
being afflicted.
My spirit is
no longer lifted.
My phone calls,
you are ducking and dodging
like Muhammad Ali
and you are the greatest.
Brag about loyalty
but just shit talking
without backing
up your actions,
acting improper
like a fraction.
I was like
a whole number
but the heart you
cut in half
like a fraction.
Caught up in
the mix
like nesquick
in a glass.
I’m not complaining
just explain the facts.

Comment below and tell me what double entendres I provided in this poem.

19 thoughts on “Poetic Thoughts

      • I have been blogging for 8 months. No problem! I started blogging Oct. 20, 2017. Is there a reason you would ask? Just curious….

      • Oh my! What a blessing! I started my blog with true passion to inspire myself as well as others. I currently live in a motel (one room) after loosing my home (rental) & everything I owned besides the clothes on my back. I am making no excuses because I am blessed. I was once in my van & have experienced what it is like to have no food to eat. I am truly an inspiration, first to me because i try my best to smile everyday no matter what it looks like. However, it ain’t easy. I have to shake alot of SHIT off to regain positivity. I was nervous as SHIT when I first started. So I just dived in after a few months of research. If I had listened to the findings on te internet I would have never started a blog. If I can guide you i will do my best because do research. I will tell you that traffic to your blog is a key factor. So things will not happen over night. Let me go find The Nerdy Lion for you. Be Right Back!

      • Thanks! I truly think you just know how to pull a great conversation out of people. It has really been a pleasure engaging here with you. God gets the Glory. I am so grateful He chose to humble me.

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