Communication In A Relationship

The foundational principle of all relationships
and the essential ingredient.
Interactions can be verbal or nonverbal.
In relationships, we all have our hurdles
since words and actions can hurt you.
Skills that’s most dependent is listening.
Listening comes before speaking.
Communication is the key that unlock the door.
Silence  at the wrong time don’t solve problems that’s  what we abhor
Solving problems requires conversing to reach a solution we adore.
But you may ask what is communication?
Communication is the transfer of information.
In relationships, communication allows you
to explain to someone what you are experiencing.
This is never perfect
this requires practice.
Speak your mind
If don’t want to leave problems undefined.
Building relationships requires trust
and that take time.
Don’t keep your mind confined
Allow your thoughts to flow freely
Don’t play with your mind.
Be honest completely
Communication is patience
and relationships take time.
You may feel hesitation
to speak your mind
But remaining silent don’t fix the situation.
As long as the heart is benevolent
and your mind is kind
Never be afraid to speak in what’s in your mind.


20 thoughts on “Communication In A Relationship

  1. My first marriage was abusive & my second marriage would have never ended if I did not allow frustration to win & not closed off from the communication that it needed. However, my boyfriend is 27 & I just turned 46 & we communicate quite well. You Live & Learn from everyone you enter into a relationship with. Life is definitely preparing me for the I do in the next 10 to 15 years

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  2. This is so true! I just couldn’t communicate with my ex-husband, and I gave up after four years. While, with my new sweetheart, I talk all day and we’ve NEVER got any problems – we just got engaged the other day!

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  3. I think my biggest struggle in communicating is the thought that what I have to say doesn’t really matter. It’s been said, it’s been done. Thanks for the reminder that silence does no one any good. I’ve been challenged to communicate, in spite of my doubts. So thanks!

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