Rape Victim

Point of View of Female Victim

My body is numb, my vagina is sore.
I had sexual intercourse by force.
I blame myself for this tragedy.
If only I didn’t dress so seductively,
Only if I was dressed more appropriately.
In my own skin, it’s hard for me to feel sexy.
I will forever die single,
I always will have flashbacks, these aren’t your typical issues.

Point of View of Male Victim

I burnt all the clothes, I was wearing at the time.
My manhood now, no longer is mine.
Take from me without permission,
As I’m on my stomach screaming,
not a single eyewitness in sight.
It’s just not right.
I am ashamed and embarrassed that I keep this tragic incident to myself.

Men and Women both get raped.
Rapists are the most hated.
The worst crime,
of all time, but yet
Rape is the most easiest crime to get away with (especially male rape)
Because a lot of victims don’t report it,
Some will even turn to suicide and commit.
This is the point of view of a rape victim

8 thoughts on “Rape Victim

  1. Wow, most people find this a difficult subject to talk about, but this type of content must be talked about. Thank you for bringing awareness and opening a safe haven for victims of sexual assault.

  2. Definitely easy to get away with . Hard to prove rape , that’s the problem. Rape steals something from you that you can’t even explain at times. You blame yourself . You are angry. But there’s life after rape and healing is possible!

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