What, for you, is the difference between “like” and “love?”

So confusing
The way of expression
and communication
between men
and women.
I wonder if
I am just happy
or is when you’re not around
being lonely
is unbearing?
Do I get that warm,flutter feeling?
Or is it more than feelings?
Is my feelings tender
or are they much stronger?
Am I just comfortable
when you keep me
or are you
another person
attached to my body
and I refuse to detach
you from me?
Feelings and liking somebody
comes and go.
Loving somebody grows
deep within your soul
and to stopping
Loving somebody is
trying so hard not
to commit suicide.
To stop liking somebody
is just an ordinary homicide.
But is it simple to
distinguish the two?
Have you ever been
caught in the middle?
Would you say this
situation is difficult?
In deep thought
like trying to solve complex
emotions playing games with
and hide and seek is its
favorite game.
The energy drains
you mentally and physically
But the answer is no where
to be found.
Imagine playing hide and seek
at grand central park
and it’s only
half hour away
until after dark
before park closes.
Trying so hard to stay focus
searching for your soul mate
who is the answer to your riddle.
Now if this person loves you,
she hide but remain close distance
within you
making the hiding spot obvious,
or she escape the park from a different exit
on the other side
and the answer to the riddle
you’ll never find
Or she’ll wait 29 minutes
making you nervous
and appear out of no where
and ask you
“Where you scared?”
Now you wonder is this more than
you can bare?
Do you see how love scares?
because finding her solves the riddle
but your worn out
and now you question this riddle?
Is is worth solving something difficult
or is it better to just play tag
in the school yard and keep it simple?

11 thoughts on “What, for you, is the difference between “like” and “love?”

  1. Emotional and beautiful. There’s just too many questions and I kept thinking about my feelings, how “liking” and “loving” someone differs.

  2. Very interesting how you put it because some people treat love like a game and sometimes you seem like you can’t win. To me if liking someone is more like a job, you might as well love them because love is work. Liking someone is what you’re building up to love for. I read something about love and like. If you like a flower, you’ll pick it but if you love a flower then you’ll water it. That’s the difference to me, liking someone is like a glimpse, it’s an impermanent thing because they may not like you for long and if you invest your heart into it, you’ll get stuck in Central Park. Like is a rental car, love is your own car, you’ll take care of love because you have more vested in that, you’ll work harder for that even though it’ll end up in a much harder heart break, that’s a risk you’ll take because you can’t rebound from that as easy. You can recover from like but recovering from love is harder.
    You always pose the hard questions, I thought my blogs made me think!🤔. That’s why I love your post, I still feel stumped in a way, but that’s the way love goes.

    • Perfect reponse!
      Liking someone come and goes
      but loving someone stays and changes you.
      I like the example you provided with the flower.
      Getting rejected by someone you like is just a bad taste in your mouth
      where getting rejected by someone you love will get your heart paralyzed .
      Love comes with a huge responsibility and with responsibility comes the scarfices.
      I guess my questions are tough but you do be having very creative and funny blogs tho.
      Besides we have questions that are difficult for the average person to answer anyway 🤔😉😉

      • Yes, love does stay and change you where as like just lingers with you until it either evolves or moves on, you’re right. Like I said, love is like a job where as like is more of a paper route.
        Your questions are tough but it makes for good reading and your message is good. Honestly, like you said, any question can be tough.🤔

      • Tough question do make the blog more interesting to get everbody thinking
        Yes and no questions are always more simplistic
        We all have deep thoughts and deep questions but not everbody is willing to share

      • Very true, yes and no are like multiple choice, you’re giving them the answer. Thinking blogs make for interesting ones and true, not everyone is on a sharing level but the ones that are will open up their opinions and others will follow.

  3. This is so real! Cuz this is really my life 😂 but I’ve learned that Love truly is work. It’s not easy to be with one person for a long time. are feelings change all the time, that’s when we have to choose to love even when we don’t want to. I definitely have to grow in that area. It’s so much easier to walk away then to grow through it .

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