Bad Sex Is Not A Good Reason To Cheat

I always constantly hear stories of how people cheat on their partner because their partner isn’t satisfying them in the sex department.

When it comes to sex, you are suppose to communicate what you like and what you don’t like. Commuincation is the key to a healthy relationship. If the sex is bad in your relationship, tell your partner that your unsastifed and that it’s very important for the two of you will try and make the sex life better. Commuincation is key to overcoming sexual incompatibility. Have realistic expectations and be open to try new things. To have a good sex life you need commuincation, creativity, and consent. I just learned this recently, but the sexual IQ is low on average because we are taught to not talk about sex.

If the sex is not good with your partner, then why do some people cheat on their partner instead of communicating with their partner to see what can be improved?

Is bad sex a deal breaker in a relationship?

Do you think a person’s sex drive can be changed?

4 thoughts on “Bad Sex Is Not A Good Reason To Cheat

  1. I’m not really sure about the sex drive itself because we are all different . To me personally sex is pretty important but you’re right! we usually don’t talk about what we like and don’t like we just have sex and hope they know how to please us when in reality we all don’t like to have sex the same way. Great post tho! A lot of relationships would probably move forward if they kept it real about sex. sex is like the best thing ever yet we don’t talk about it for some reason 😂

    • Lol that’s true. Sex is suppose to be scared so I think that’s why people are not open about it.
      In this generation, to most sex is not a big deal.
      Sex was meant to be scared.
      Kids now learn sex from TV or other immature kids through the use of peer pressure.
      Parents don’t talk to their kids and this is an indirect affect on marriages because people don’t speak about sex
      thank you for your comment

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