Should I Go To A Open Mic?

I remember last year around this time,
had dreams of making you mine
but underconfident I couldn’t reach the finish line
because I didn’t have a dime.
No joke when your on the decline.
Barely food for dinner.
Cold during the winter
People mistaken me for a drug addict
People mistaken me for an alcoholic.
Everything is part of God’s plan,
and I felt like hell was my destination
but still kept the bible in my hand.
It wasn’t easy as man.
How do you thank Jesus
when searching for scraps
in trash cans?
Just couldn’t give up
Becoming inpatient
until I saw your face.
You felt sorry for me
and gave me a plate food
to stuff my skinny face.
You walked past
and visited everyday
In the alley by the fire escape
to drop off food
which gradually put
me in a better mood.
Vienna Sausage and soup.
So we began to converse
and I learned you
was a registered nurse.
I told you I write poetry
and short stories.
Your face lit up
because you love poetry.
You asked me to recite a poem

“I feel like an airship
high and mighty
but I am a sinking ship
just forever drowning
I feel like an African King
ruling my kingdom
side by side with my lovely queen
but I am slave, a peasant,
body worn down
from building tall pyramids.
I feel like a pastor
preaching to the congregation
on Easter,
making people in believers
but I am a hypocrite
for telling civilians
that walk by me to follow Jesus
since the skin my body
is dirty.
I feel like I’m dwelling in heaven
but this morning I almost committed suicide.
I feel like I have all the answers
but I have so many answered questions.
I feel like the devil is a liar
but he told Eve the truth
about the tree of knowledge
of good and evil.
I feel like a black hero
saving my people
but I feel like a false king
like Scar
waiting for judgment day
when the lake of fire
burns my face.
All men created equal
In a world
that so vile and diabolical.
These thoughts have me suicidal
but for some reason I refuse to.”

You are just speechless.
You believe that poem is unique
and you love the way I speak.
You say you will take me
to open Mic at the poetry club
next week.
Should I go to a open mic
next week?
Comment below if you think I should go to a open mic?
God bless all my followers and comment below is there a topic that interest you that you would like me to wrtie a poem about and I will upload it starting in July.

6 thoughts on “Should I Go To A Open Mic?

  1. You already know my answer about Open Mic – Of course, I think you should go. Would be nice if you had someone to record it and post it on the blog or take pics and post about your experience.

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