What Was The Most Important Lesson You Learned From Your Previous Relationship?

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Some of you might have read those blogs but those are blogs about me opening up and expressing my emotions that I felt 3 years ago. One thing that important to me about blogging is for me to learn about other bloggers. I mostly post poetry but today, I will open up a little bit about my personal experience of mine.



Have you ever wonder to yourself

1) I am a good person with a good heart, why don’t people appreciate me?

2) Why do people take advantage of me?

3) Why are people so mean and cold hearted?




For years I have been asking myself these questions.

A few years back, during my first relationship, I broke up with my ex through a text message. I admit, I was a coward and it was a bitch move, but overall I was a good boyfriend and I thought I was looking out for the both of us. I fear that one day she was going to get pregnant since at the time I didn’t know how to use a condom. There were other reasons as well but that was the about 75% of the reason why I broke up with her.

So anyway long story short I tried to get back with her, but she wasn’t sure she was playing games. If you read the links I posted at the top, you get the whole story.

One thing that use to drive my crazy at the time was, my ex never gave me a second chance. She told me a lot about her past and the men she use to date. Based on what she told me, I was the only good boyfriend she ever had. All her ex’s weren’t great boyfriends but yeah they all had second chances. One in particular had numerous chances but yet I couldn’t get a second chance. You would have to read the two links I posted above to get the full story to understand why I was thinking like this

But regarding relationships, I learned that

  • you can’t compare yourself to significant other ex bf/gf.
  • I also learned that doing nice things for people does not guarantee an opportunity of happiness with that somebody.
  • Everybody failed relationship will prepare you for the next relationship
  • No matter how nice you are, people will always take advantage of you.
  • Doing nice thing for people will not change on how they feel about you


1) I am a good person with a good heart, why don’t people appreciate me?

2) Why do people take advantage of me?

3) Why are people so mean and cold hearted?




Are you struggling to find answers to these questions, comment below and tell how do you feel about these questions!

Also have you ever compared yourself to your significant other’s ex boyfriend/girlfriend, have you ever thought doing nice things for people will get people to like you or change how they feel about you, do you fear falling in love because of the pain from the previous relationship still haunts you?

Comment below your thoughts?

Tomorrow I will be posting a first date scenario similar to this one

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5 thoughts on “What Was The Most Important Lesson You Learned From Your Previous Relationship?

  1. For me I was very soft when it came to my men. I would cater to their every need and I would submit to men that didn’t even respect me. Not to say that the men I dated weren’t the best but I wasn’t the best either. I didn’t set boundaries . I didn’t have standards and I just went with the flow most times . I feel as a woman when you don’t have standards/boundaries you pretty much leave the door open for everything to go down. I would let men get away with stuff in the beginning because we weren’t officially committed but when we got into a relationship I would say something but by then it was too late. They didn’t respect me or what I had to say. So I would say the most important thing I learned was to love myself and respect myself enough to know what I want and what I will and won’t tolerate. Men know who they can take advantage of . I don’t want to be that woman . It’s cool to be submitted to the right man , but at the end of the day loving yourself will save you a lot of heartache

    • I am glad that you learned your lesson. The first time we all make mistakes but we live and we learn.
      People in general will take advantage of you if you allow them.
      I hope everything works out and one day you will find the right man.

  2. When it came to relationships, I always felt as if I was trying to prove that I was all the woman they needed. Yes, they may have been hurt before by other women – but I was determined to not do them that way and show them that despite them being hurt, not all women were the same. In doing that, I realized that I was giving more of me than they were giving of them….and I ended up either being used or getting talked to any type of way – which made me think, hmmmm – is this why the other woman left? I think when it came to comparing myself, I would compare my looks against theirs and wonder why in the world would you want me, when you had Beyonce (not literally but I know you get my drift). I actually went through that with my ex-husband; his now girlfriend is beautiful but once I clicked out of that two second thought, I was like – I’m just as beautiful, talented and etc. – it’s a game that our mind plays with us.

    • Looks don’t mean that the relationship will be successful.
      It’s all in our mind and we are all beautiful in our own way.
      The prettiest girl in the world can get treated like shit and cheated.
      Looking good don’t stop a person from treating you like shit if they have bad intentions.
      Relationships are lessons and I’m glad you thinking positive now ☺☺☺

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