Surprise In The Baby’s Room

Everything is all good because of God.
A wife, a baby boy, Jesus corresponds
with me  through prayer.
The weight on my shoulders
eventually gotten lighter
due to Jesus Christ  my Savior.
Tonight my son was on his best behavior
My wife in bed next to me
and it excites me to see her sleep
her body resembles sleeping beauty.
Just blessing on top on blessing
piling up on our family.
It’s 2 in the morning, time to feed my son.
Its’ s been four hours, and feeding time
is so much fun.
I feel like super husband and super dad,
but things went from good to bad.
I almost had a heart attack
because in his crib, I see two rats.
One by the side, one on top of his baby hat
looking to eat the baby for a snack.



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Comment below and let me know your thoughts regarding the questions below

1)If you  had a baby and it was early in the morning and you was going to feed your baby, but in the crib next to your baby, you saw two rats, what would you do?

2)Based on the title of this post, did this catch you off guard?

3)Are you wondering as to why I would write a poem with a horrific ending?

4)What is the message in this poem?

3 thoughts on “Surprise In The Baby’s Room

  1. To answer your question, I think as a parent we’d do anything to protect our children. So, if that meant me getting hurt then so be it – but I would be the crap out of those rats, in hopes that I wouldn’t hurt my baby in the process. 2) The title was catchy, I really didn’t know what to expect but it got my curiosity going. 3) No, there all just thoughts, curiosities and what-if’s – that’s what makes writing so enjoyable and invigorating. 4) To make sure you don’t buy a house near the woods or the sewer?….lol…not sure. But it just goes to show that nothings perfect, at the drop of a hat – anything can happen. We must always keep our guards up.

    • This stuff is real life and pic I posted is from A Disney movie “Lady and The tramp” and the movie has a scene where a rat almost got in a baby’s crib but a dog has came the the baby’s rescue.
      Stuff like this happens in real life.
      In life when things are going good, bad things cone when we don’t expect it.
      Overall their are rats everywhere but near the woods, or in a urban area with lots of garbage and pollution.
      Also not near a creek or river.
      Never flush food down a toliet and make sure you don’t leave baby food or milk on the baby before putting the baby in the crib.

      Animals are God’s creatures but out of all the animals on this planet,I depse rats the most lol

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