Deep Life Questions For You To Answer

This post is not a poem. My next poem uploaded will be on June 2.

This post is a post of variety of deep questions I want bloggers to answer in the comment section. Choose one question from this post that you thought was most challenging to answer

1) Would you lie to your best friend if you knew the truth would end the friendship?

2) Of all your blogs you posted on WordPress, which one was your most successful and why do you think it was successful?

3) Would the world be a better place if celebrities didn’t exist and if they were ordinary people?

4) Are some people more special then others or are we all special in our own way?

5) What would the world be like today if social media existed in the 90’s?

6) If you had the power to end racism or poverty, which one would you pick?

7) Is this a man’s world or a woman’s world?

8) What’s the most memorable lesson you learned from your enemy?

9) If you had the option to know the date and circumstance of your death, would you want to know?

10) The last nightmare you had, if that nightmare came true, would that be the worst day of your life?

11) Is it possible being to creative to the point of insanity?

12) Do you need love in order to survive in this world?

13) Is a life that focuses on avoiding pain and seeking out pleasure a good worthwhile life? Why or Why not?

14) What makes you the most angry about yourself?

15) Is there any emotions that you are afraid to show?

16) If karma was coming back to you, will it help or hurt you?

17) Think really hard, what was your first memory?

Surprise In The Baby’s Room

Everything is all good because of God.
A wife, a baby boy, Jesus corresponds
with me  through prayer.
The weight on my shoulders
eventually gotten lighter
due to Jesus Christ  my Savior.
Tonight my son was on his best behavior
My wife in bed next to me
and it excites me to see her sleep
her body resembles sleeping beauty.
Just blessing on top on blessing
piling up on our family.
It’s 2 in the morning, time to feed my son.
Its’ s been four hours, and feeding time
is so much fun.
I feel like super husband and super dad,
but things went from good to bad.
I almost had a heart attack
because in his crib, I see two rats.
One by the side, one on top of his baby hat
looking to eat the baby for a snack.



Image result for rats in the crib



Comment below and let me know your thoughts regarding the questions below

1)If you  had a baby and it was early in the morning and you was going to feed your baby, but in the crib next to your baby, you saw two rats, what would you do?

2)Based on the title of this post, did this catch you off guard?

3)Are you wondering as to why I would write a poem with a horrific ending?

4)What is the message in this poem?