What Do You Believe Is The Most Common Mistake Made On The 1st Date?

This post is not a poem. Today I decided to post something that I read on social media that have caught my attention.
I will keep this short and simple

I read on social media about how this woman went on a date with this guy. This guy spent 200 dollars on the 1st date and he assumed that he was going to have sex with this women when he walked her to the door. She felt the vibe that he wanted to have sex. So she told him to go to the store and buy condoms and she also told him that she was going to hop in the shower real quick and wait for him and let him in when he comes back from 7-11.. As soon as he left to go to 7-11 to buy condoms, she close the door and locked it and blocked his number and never spoke to him again.

1) After reading this, what is your opinion on this situation?

2) What is your opinion about this man based on reading this? Did he make any mistakes? Do you think he is naive?

3) What do you believe are common mistakes that people make on 1st dates?

4) How much money is appropiate to spend on a first date?

5) Is it appropriate to have sex on the 1st date?

6) What is your opinion about this woman based on reading this? Do you agree with what she did? Do you think she is ungrateful?

7) If your child was 18 and they told you that they had sex on the 1st date, how would you respond?

8) Why do men assume sex is guaranteed if they spent alot money on a date?

9) How common do you think sex on the first date happens?

10) Do you think it’s better to have sex on the first date or to wait until you are married to have sex? If you had to choose, what would you pick?

11) This question is for women, if your in a relationship, do you expect your boyfriend to pay to get your hair and nails done?

Pick one question that your caught your attention the most and comment below and I will respond to your comment regarding my opinion.

31 thoughts on “What Do You Believe Is The Most Common Mistake Made On The 1st Date?

  1. Hmm. She actually did the right thing. My God. No offense to anyone but why the hell would a woman have sex on a first date? My God. That’s just unacceptable, I mean, you don’t even know about the guy, yes, he spent 200 dollars, but that’s not how it woks, so if a guy bought me an expensive dinner on our first date, I am supposed to return the favor and have sex with him. This is grossing me out. He deserved it. Ugh.

    • I do agree with what you are saying. Sex on the first date is not recommended but I will never judge anyone who does want to have sex on the first date. Now I agree and I don’t blame for not wanting to have sex on the 1st date, but also believe playing a hoax on him by sending him out for condoms was not right either. I believe if she didn’t want to have sex, she could have told him respectively that she was not ready and should wait until they got to know each other a little better

  2. She could of just been honest like thank you I appreciate it but we are not having sex tonight . I had sex on first dates but that’s because I was a fast ass 😩😂 None of them ever turned into anything serious tho. I don’t think men should expect sex just because they take you out . If you want sex that bad just be honest and say that. Don’t expect it just because you pay for her dinner 🙄 I’m always cautious when men take me to expensive restaurants , I bring it up like “ you know this doesn’t guarantee sex right?” I’m a blunt person so it works for me . I know everyone may not be like that tho. I just feel People should be honest in every dating situation. Some men don’t take you out becAuse they really want to get to know you , they take you out because you’re fine and they have the money to spend something nice in hopes that you will sleep with them. It’s a crazy world out here lol

    • I agree with everythimg you said.
      I really do love your reply ☺☺
      I believe that you should just have sex when your are comfortable and sex shouldn’t be brought.
      Sex is passionate and emotional.
      I also believe you shouldn’t spend enormous amount of money on the 1st date. I believe you should wait until you get to know a person before spending big on a date

  3. I’ve had plenty of sex before marriage in a very unhealthy way and now I’m waiting for marriage to have sex again. Sex is beautiful and I think in this day and age we don’t value it at all. First date sex definitely does cloud your judgement tho. Someone may not be good for you but because y’all had sex you think that person is a good match when in reality you just bonded with them through sex , nothing more. Sex itself is a deep act that we don’t talk about as much , we can say it’s just sex but we know it’s not . If my child told me they had sex on the first date I wouldn’t be upset , I would ask why tho and how they feel about the decision they’ve made.

    • First Date sex is definitely a risk.
      On the first date, you don’t know the person’s intention.
      Sex comes with mixed feelings if sex happens at the wrong time.
      I believe that it’s best when you have sex when ready.
      I recommend waiting past the first date before having sex, but I won’t judge a person for having on the first date as well becuase you I believe you should have sex when you are comfortable with the person.
      I really like your answer about how you would respond of your child had sex on first date 🙂🙂☺😚

  4. 11) This question is for women, if your in a relationship, do you expect your boyfriend to pay to get your hair and nails done?

    In my relationships I have never expected any of my boyfriends to get my hair or nails done. I guess because it is a way to treat myself & I have always done my own hair. I will say with this newer generation many of the young adult women look for this from their boyfriends. I see so many post across social media seeking the latest trends from their boyfriends. No judgements though! I believe in a lot of self-care.

    • I respect your answer very much.
      As a guy, I don’t believe that any should have to pay for his girlfriend to get her nails or hair done.
      She should have money to do that and if she doesn’t , then she should get the money from her parents

  5. I will add that I have been married twice & my first husband was abusive & he would buy material things as his way of making up. I had rings on all my fingers, he kept my nails done & a neck full of jewelry that didn’t change the fact that he was abusive. I pond everything after I gained strength to walk away. We would have been married 23 years Nov. 15th of this year. My second husband….was lazy!

    • Material things is not an apology.
      Material things is just an excuse sometimes so you don’t have to change your negative ways.
      I’m glad you walked away from that abusive marrige.
      I just want to thank you for taking the time out and commenting on my post
      It means alot to me ☺

  6. I’ll answer question 4 in my own opinion: A date should not be too serious. It is a time to just relax and get to know each other. It is okay to want to impress your date while you both have fun, so you can spend as much as you want if it makes you feel good. But if you will feel terrible after spending as much as you want to, then you are about to spend too much…especially if you got less than you anticipated (I personally believe that sex on a first date is total nonsense but then, it’s a free world. Anyone can do anything as long as they’re willing to pay the consequence(s).

    • I respect and appreciate your comment.
      I believe first date is getting to know each other.
      I believe you should spend little.
      Money shouldn’t be the main determination of a date.
      Sex on the first date is something I
      wouldn’t recommend
      but at the same time I don’t think sex on the first date is a big deal as well

  7. Personally? I don’t like the way she did that with him, she could have been up front and honest from the beginning and just let him know, hey – I don’t know what your intentions are after this date but I don’t plan to have sex. A question like that honestly should’ve been discussed prior to them going out, which makes me wonder – what type of conversation was she having with him to make him want to spend 200 dollars. If I know a guys intention or even if I don’t – I’m going to have my own money and explain that hey, we’re going dutch because I don’t want anyone to spend anything on me in hopes of expecting something later and I sure don’t want to give them a false hope. She was wrong. If my child was 18 and they had sex on the first date, what would I do? – absolutely nothing! mainly because I would know that I taught them right and told them what to do to protect themselves and besides once I get that diploma, you’re grown boo – I did my job…lol.

    • Interesting point of view. What she did was childish.
      She could of told him that she wasn’t ready for sex at the moment.
      No reason to have an expensive first date.
      The guy is not wrong wrong for wanting to have sex on the first date, but he can’t assume that he is guaranteed sex just because he spent 200 dollars. Also he should have not spent that much on her.
      This may be hard to believe but just because a guy want to have sex with you on the first date, doesn’t mean he is going to use for sex
      I believe you can have sex on the first date, and end up marrying that person and living happily ever after.

      “If my child was 18 and they had sex on the first date, what would I do? – absolutely nothing! mainly because I would know that I taught them right and told them what to do to protect themselves and besides once I get that diploma, you’re grown boo – I did my job…lol.”
      Good answer
      Some parents would overreact.
      I wouldn’t be upset, but I would tell my kids to not get in the habit of having sex on the 1st date.
      I appreciate the feedback

      • Yes, you’re right about the guy – he shouldn’t expect that, even if it is his intentions. And yes, I know people whom did do that and they’ve been together ever since, it’s a game of rush and roulette – it works for some and others, it’s a lost cause. Yesssss! once them kids are grown, you know betta but you’re right as well; I would remind them of the potential dangers still.

      • I believe when it comes to sex just have it when you are ready
        But also don’t want to get in the habit into sleeping with multiple different people on the first date
        Once you over 18, you an adult lol

  8. I love this post! It’s really got my mind racing with all the thoughts I have on the subject lol. First: Ladies, in this day and age NEVER EVER EVER EVER let a man you’re going on a first date with – especially if he’s a complete stranger – pick you up from your house. Always meet in a neutral place because you don’t really know who this person is and what they could do knowing where you live. Second: The real question is HOW did she know that he expected sex after the date? After reading your explanation about how the date went nowhere did he explicitly say “Let’s have sex” or “I want to have sex” she ASSUMED that he ASSUMED she’d let him have sex with her because she “felt a vibe” and because he’d spent $200 on her. Perhaps her past experiences with me caused her to think this way about this new guy but the way she handled it was childish and rude…she could’ve simply told him “I’ll see you next time” or “I’ll call you later, you don’t have to walk me up” and that probably would’ve been it but going back to my first point, had she not let him pick her up in the first damn place she could’ve just left the restaurant and not had to worry about any of that lol. Again, I love this post. Love posts that create this kind of dialogue. It’s always nice to see both male and female perspectives on topics. Peace

    • That’s facts!
      Never let a man pick you up from your house on the 1st date
      Good question!
      I’m gonna assume he probably asked her.
      She was childish and karma could come back to her.
      I don’t think there is nothing wrong for a guy wanting sex on a first date if he is honest.
      Now if he is lying and telling her that he has feelings for her when he just want to have sex, then that’s wrong.
      I believed he spent too much money.

      This topic is interesting it caught my attention lol
      I should post topics like these more often
      I appreciate your answer and thank you for reading

  9. If I spent 200 dollars on a first date and then expected sex, I’d feel cheap for disrespecting the lady like that in the first place. Expectations brings disappointments and for me to have that mindset would be wrong. Now granted, I have to laugh at how that went down but there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Sex shouldn’t come up in conversation or on the mind on a first date anyway unless both parties are knowingly on board and they would have to know that from the start, I’m talking premeditated date start. She could have dismissed him kindly, but she probably had fears of how he would react after shelling out 200 dollars in her defense. On the other hand, he should have known it was a date and not an escort service. You can’t expect to buy sex on a date, woman are to be respected, get to know somebody before you know some body.
    I think the more you spend on a first date, the more uncomfortable it may feel or it should feel. In the back of someone’s mind, expectations may rise and they may feel obligated and by then it’s no longer a date, it’s a question of when. A first date is supposed to be where a woman doesn’t want it to end, not end up in bed. But that’s just me.

    • Interesting opioion!
      I would never spend 200 dollars on a first date.
      Too much.
      You can’t expect sex, you can hope for it but not expect it.
      I can’t lie though, the way that she dismissed him was very cold.
      She should of told him that she was not comfortable.
      First dates is truly about getting to know each other.
      Also, I believe that both people should meet up at a mutual place on the first date.
      You should wait a couple of dates before you meet at somebody’s house
      Thank you for the feedback

      • True, 200 is a lot on a first date. You might as well pay her bills or something.
        Never expect, very true. I even think it’s out of line to hope for sex on a first date.
        The way she did was cold but who knows how he would have acted after 200 dollars. To many victims out there.
        First dates are pre season games
        Dates are always mutual places in my opinion, neither person wants to get set up. Much safer, until you get to know each other.
        Great post!

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