What Was My Greatest Compliment I Received?

For those of you reading this, what was the greatest compliment you received?

James 1:17

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

This verse relates to the poem I wrote. God gets all the glory because God blessed me having a friend that helped me to discover my talent for writing poetry. I’m not perfect, I’m not a super religious person, I do sin everday, but my heart is in the right place. So every poem for now on will be dedicated to the lord. For those of you have trouble finding success with blogging, put the lord first in everything you do becuase only the Lord’s opinion matters.

My most challenging poem
as I stare in the mirror alone.
Lone wolf all my life
as I have this pen in
my hand trying to write,
closing my eyes
trying to find a memory
where I received compliments
or when I accomplish something.
At 17 getting my driver license,
At 18 hearing my family cheer
at my high school graduation.
My parents told me
they was proud
but I thinks it’s an exaggeration.
To me those are average accomplishments
To be honest I don’t brag about my acheveiments
since I hate being center of attention.
Been told I am an over thinking
at age 24.
I’m logical but when it comes to thinking
I know I over due it for sure.
My thought process is like long division.
Mind is balanced like an equation,
before I make a serious decision
I focus on one thought at a time.
I take the whole paragraph of thoughts
in my mind and divide.
Sometimes thoughts don’t evenly
equal or connect to each other.
So I keep searching deep for thoughts
and dividing my thoughts
until I eliminate the remainder
of left over thoughts that won’t balance,
complicating and preventing the situation
from arriving a solution.
The way most people think relates to solving
division on calculator.
My thinking relates to solving division on paper.
It takes me longer to find an answer to a
complicated solution
and some will say my thinking is useless
and some may even say I am brainless
but the difference between
me and others
is I don’t rely on technology
to expose how talented that I am.
I will reiterate that
It takes me longer to find an answer to a
complicated solution
some will say my thinking is useless,
some may even say I am brainless
but the difference between
me and others
is I don’t rely on technology
to expose how talented that I am.
In the inside, my smile is brighter
then Sam I Am with green eggs and ham.
Technology make you way of thinking lazy
and technology becomes replaced
with new technology
but hard work and natural talent
will always follow you like a shadow
everytime you leave your house to travel
This is the greatest compliment I received
from staring at my reflection.
I am motivated by self motivation.

Compliments are words
as I think of images
of the past
of being told
I was unique.
I remained humble
when I received
the compliment.
My everlasting pain
momentarily turned
into pleasure.
Weight on my shoulders
became light as a feather.
I wonder if compliments
stab deeper than criticism.
Criticism will have you feeling
like your at the bottom of the prymaid.
The compliment I received
lighten the path to prepare me
for a better future.
I’m a consumer and a carnivore
and negative words is the herbivore
I devour for energy and power
So I can look forward into thanking
God for waking me up tomorrow.
I control my own thinking
so think of me like pest control
killing negativity like exterminator
exterminating rodents.
Or think of me like a snake
that rattle rodents,
Or a dolphin swimming in an ocean
of compliments
that I’m receiving
Heart is warm like the temperature
in Florida
and I don’t fear the hurricane
and my thoughts is Florida houses
that I can replace
when my mind collapse on a bad day
like a California house
during an earthquake.
Today is tomorrow’s yesterday
and I celebrate when I stare at my face
in the mirror
every morning
to remind me that
the biggest compliment
comes the God almighty.
Sometimes we act like desperate side chicks
not knowing what our mind and heart is worth.
We get sucked in by demons
for allowing our nightmares affect us from sleeping.
From fetal, to the stomach, to the back
we can’t find a comfortable position.
So we remain restless.
But for every skill we lack,
someone will be there to give you an compliment.
This was my greatest lesson,
and this lesson will be the most potent
until I reach heaven.
My life’s meaning is the number 7
like in the book of gensis
becuase God told me
I am one of his greatest creation.

12 thoughts on “What Was My Greatest Compliment I Received?

  1. Loved this my man, so many truths in this that it is a compliment to read. Motivated by self motivation is such a strong phrase to live by, why be pushed by cheers and jeers when you can get the wind behind your back. Technology has made humanity lazy, so lazy that they would rather sit and wait for the next invention instead of solving a problem that would have taken them ten minutes and I’m no different, I use computers and calculators to sometimes, but I’ll read a book before I listen to it.😉. This poem touched on words and the importance of them and the changes they make, words are just that. Compliments are good and they can make a persons day, I can’t even nail the greatest compliment I’ve gotten cause they’ve all been good but being God’s greatest creation, you can’t touch that one. This was an awesome and enlightening write my man.

    • I definitely took my time writing this.
      It’s hard to pick the greatest compliment I received
      I guess waking up every morning is a compliment.
      Long division analogy was me demonstrating how I sometimes am still old fashioned instead of relying on technology for everything.
      Others can motivate you and it does help but if self motivation doesn’t encourage you, then you will be just average. Now nothing wrong with being average but if you want the best, you have to really work hard and give it your best shot 😎😎
      Likewise I really enjoy your feedback
      and I wish you a great day
      and always motivate yourself in whatever you do 😎😎😎

      • I can tell, then again I feel all your post are time taken, and true words….and day above ground is a good day and that is a compliment. I like how you broke everything down from long division all the way to the technology math class, that was smart.
        Self motivation is the kind that counts, just be the best👍🏽. Love your post, they are motivating my man and thought provoking.

      • Thanks again bro!
        I felt like this was needed for others to read
        I try to motivate myself.
        Self motivation is not easy but I try my best.
        I thought long division was a good example to explain the meaning in this poem
        Thank for your support

      • You do it well my brother. It’s not easy to motivate yourself at times but when you can, it’s true strength. You explained things very well in this poem, it was very thought provoking.
        You always got my support.

  2. beautiful…esp. liked I am motivated by self motivation…and I am God’s greatest creation..reading your posts is like soul therapy…

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