My Friend And I

Psalm 91:4

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection

This verse from the bible and it gave me motivation to write this poem. Everything I do, I put God first and for now on, every poem that I write, I will add a bible verse that relates to my poem.

When the sun rose this morning,
I looked up but felt chills and my arms are slightly shivering.
Today is a cloudy windy day,
but yet I feel so great,
like its a clear sunny day.
The sun represent the brighter side of our lives.
Our hopes will forever be high with my Friend and I.
He speaks but don’t give me eye contact.
His words I choose to listen to and they attract,
me and gives me faith.
Two minds think alike and we can relate,
to each other,
like identical twin brothers.
Like a hidden fossil, I discovered,
him. He is my friend and I am his.
He is not on top of my list,
He is my first and only gift.
He is my solar energy he reminds me of the wind.
He has no voice, but can be heard if I listen.
The sound traveled through my ears as he speak to me indirectly.
No one can’t hear him except me.
With my imagination, he stands besides me.
To others it’s insanity,
To me its the way of life,
for my Friend and I.

1) Have you ever had an invisible friend when you was younger?

2) Do you have a friend that is no longer with you that you think about every single day?

3) Do you talk to yourself on a regular basis?

4) Do you have that type of friend that you love to be around no matter how bad your day is because your friend brings so much joy, happiness, and confidence?

8 thoughts on “My Friend And I

  1. I can relate to this and I’m sure a lot of people can, I love how you stated his words give you faith. That’s like an Angel on your side. To others it’s insanity but it is normalcy to those of us who has them.
    I know I had an imaginary friend, I had a gang. My imaginary friends would argue with each other to see who would hang out with me.😁. They kept me grounded, and somehow they kept me safe at times.
    I think about friends all the time but I got the type of friends where we don’t skip a beat when we do meet up. I try to keep in contact with most of them.
    I do talk to myself as you know🙂. I hold conversations with myself daily, I try not to get loud with me cause it ends up going no where and then I ignore myself and no one wins.
    I do got a couple of good friends in my circle, but everyone hits me in a positive way in some aspect or I try to take it that way. I try to surround myself with those that will help light my path.
    Loved the poem my man and I love the credit you give to Him first of all. Love your humbleness, you’re one of the good guys. Keep your head up, stay you and stay true.👍🏽

    • I appreciate you answering my questions ☺☺☺
      This was humorous reading your comment ☺☺
      But damn your invisible friends would argue with each other lol
      Always surround with people that will uplift you as well.
      Again thank you for reading my post
      I always appreciate your feedback

      • Hahaha, like I said, we all had those imaginary friends.🙂
        True words, gotta stick with that uplifting crowd too. They’ll keep you up.
        You know I love your post, they’re so real, I gotta keep up, you speak the truth and I respect it cause you tell it.
        I always appreciate you getting back. Stay true.

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