Is Asking For Help Easy

For years while my heart is beating,
thoughts on my mind been racing.
My heart dances
on my tongue
and I’m panicking.
Always placed
in situations
that are not comforting.
Hands are slightly shaking
Body stands still,hesitating
while reminiscing
the nightmares of my reality.
Fear holds me back tight
like a man with big hands
squeezing my hands.
I want to ask for help
but know one is near.
Only if you can witness the scare
on my face.
Living like this gives me gray hair
and this is a horrible taste.
Some of you can relate
because I’m describing
why it’s so challenging seeking
people when help is needed.
Not asking for help
and choosing to struggle
is our biggest secret
and ironically most never
expose it.
Is it because we fear embarrassment?
Is it because we fear judgement?
Is it because we fear rejection?
Is it because we believe in self-reliance?
Or most of all,
is it because we are overwhelmed by the potential energy drain?
Too much energy to provide an explanation
so we just rather struggle with the situation
and after we fail
we then learn the lesson.

4 thoughts on “Is Asking For Help Easy

  1. Pride. That’s what stops people from asking for help, directions and other things. “Oh, you couldn’t do that”, who wants to hear that? Some people would rather fail and try again than accept help especially from a rival or ally. There was two guys on the moon, I’m sure they didn’t meet each other there. Some people put accepting help on the same level as crying, they feel it makes you look weak.
    For some, asking for help is harder than diamonds, it’s no easy task…..they’ll sit there and struggle and wait till help is offered just so they can have the luxury of saying they didn’t ask. That’s how hard asking for help is…pride and ego don’t make it easy. Good question my friend.

    • You worded this perfectly!
      You could of made your comment into a post.
      I agree with everything u said.
      We all need help at some point.
      Pride and ego in the long run will allow you to make mistakes over and over
      Pride and ego as well can destroy a relationship/friendship
      Asking for help is never easy but if you don’t and you find yourself in a bad situation, you will regret that you didn’t ask for help

      • So true, even a plan needs a helping hand. And you’re so right, pride and ego can ruin a relationship and friendship. You pose some deep questions.

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