1.Writing Prompt Challenge 2.Relationships And Marriage (2 blogs in 1)

1. How satisfied are you with your social life? 5/15/18
2. How do you feel about your current relationship status? 5/16/18
3. How easy or hard do you find asking for help when you need it? 5/17/18
4. How do you feel about having children? 5/19/18
5. What qualities do you believe are most important in friendships? 5/21/18
6. Who do you consider to be your closest friend and why? 5/23/18
7. Describe a recent compliment or piece of positive feedback you received that was meaningful to you. 5/24/18
8. Do you tend to hold a grudge or to forgive and forget? 5/25/18
9. How do you feel about gossip? 5/26/18
10. How would you like to be seen by those closest to you? 5/28/18
11. Describe a time when you helped a friend in need. 6/2/18
12. What, for you, is the difference between “like” and “love?” 6/5/18
13. What does good communication in a relationship look like to you? 6/8/18
14. Who are your favorite people? Make a list. 6/12/18
15. Think of your closest relationship right now. What is one thing you could do today to make that relationship more satisfying and harmonious? 6/15/18
16. What feels unforgivable to you in a relationship? 6/19/18
17. What relationships would you like to develop further over the next six months? Who else would you like to meet? 6/21/18
18. Do you prefer to have a few close friends or a large social circle? 6/23/18
19. What would a level 10 life (i.e. an ideal version) of this area of your life look like? 6/25/18

I am going to challenge myself and write a short poem about everything on this list. I wrote the date next to each question to let you know that I will be posting a short poem on the date that I have next to the writing prompt question. To become a better writer, I think it is important to challenge yourself and go online and find a writing prompt to write about. These are topics I think most people are interested in so I will entertain those of you reading my blog

I am a man and I am going to express my opinion on relationships and marriage.

Now I m not married and I am only 27 but do have a point of view to share. I was reading a blog earlier about men and marriage and I had some thoughts of my own I want to share

1. I don’t think there is nothing wrong with a marriage being 50/50 as far as paying for bills. Or husband can pay all the bills and the wife does all the cooking and cleaning or vice versa

2. I don’t think it’s a problem if the wife makes more money than her husband

3. Now I believe that the husband and wife should rule the household together and work as a team to lead their children. I don’t believe in that head of household bullshit

4. I don’t think a man should be giving money to his girlfriend so she can get her nails and hair done. Now if a man is married and his wife is a stay at home mother then he should be paying for her hair and nails.

5. I don’t see nothing wrong with a woman proposing to a man

6. I don’t see nothing wrong with a woman approaching a man in public if she thinks he is attractive.

7. I don’t think the man should plan and pay for every single date.

8. I think it’s okay to spend cheap on the first date (I’m not talking about McDonald’s cheap lol) I don’t think he needs to spend alot of money on the first date.

9. I think both men and women should have cars if they want to date and whoever is the better driver should do most of the driving.

10. Maybe in the beginning of dating that the man should initiate sex and take the lead but eventually I do think the woman as well should initiate sex too.

11. Husband and wife should try and protect each other at all times and work as a team to protect their children

12. No woman should come before your mother

13. No man should come before your father

14. I don’t see nothing wrong with a man crying in front of his wife if it’s like a death in a family or mental breakdown but it does become a problem if he is crying like a kid all the time.

15. Just like how a man should never put a hand on his wife, a wife should never lay a finger on her husband

16. A man must impress the woman he is trying to pursue but the woman too has to impress her man as well. Both the man and woman are the catch

These were just my thoughts about relationships and marriage

Comment below if you have anything to add

7 thoughts on “1.Writing Prompt Challenge 2.Relationships And Marriage (2 blogs in 1)

  1. I think this is such a great way to start writing/blogging! It makes you think, even though the questions themselves are so simple. Thanks for sharing 🤗

  2. Nice topics, I’m looking forward to reading those and I like the way you set that challenge for yourself.
    And as for those relationship rules, I agree with you on those, but on dates I don’t think you should have to go super expensive on certain dates, but yeah, I wouldn’t go Burger King cheap either. Lol. Nowadays there’s to much of a battle in households between male and females, especially when it comes to making money. Wanna see true character, give them power….or a bigger paycheck.🤔

    • That’s last sentence is so true. Money and power does change a person’s character. It’s almost like magic.
      I was just expressing my opinion.
      Some people won’t agree with me.
      I always believe in 50/50.
      Never spend alot of money on the 1st date lol

      Writing prompt is something to keep me busy.
      As always thank you for your comment 😎😎😎

      • You speak real my man and I respect it cause you tell it. Some people won’t agree but hey, to each it’s own, I hear ya. Fifty fifty is always good in a relationship, no one should over power the other.
        Stay busy, I like that and looking forward to it.😁

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