Imagine If ?(Sex related questions)

1) Imagine if you was in love with your best friend’s wife/husband for years and one day you got into an argument with your own wife/husband and you left the house and went to a local bar. All of a sudden, you saw your best friend’s spouse at the bar and your best friend as well had an argument with his/her spouse. So long story short, you and your best friend’s spouse are conversing and drinking and eventually ya kiss and end up in a hotel room and ya had sex that night and ya spend the night. Next morning, you wake up and you look next to you over at your best friend’s spouse and you realized that your best friend’s spouse had died in their sleep. Now imagine all if this happened right now, what would be your next move?

2) Imagine that you just got married 2 days ago and you are on the honeymoon. You been together with your partner for 5 years. Now your partner wanted to wait until marrige to have sex. So you waited the 5 years. So now you are in the hotel room and you are horny. You make a move on your partner, trying to kiss and caress your partner but you partner goes cold. So you try to be a little more aggressive but your partner stops you and tells you that they want to wait another year before having sex. Now imagine this had happened, what would you do?

3) For the men now imagine if you come from work and you found out that your wife is pregnant and this is the 3rd child. 2 months later ya had a gender reveal party and invited all your family and friends and later that day, you popped a balloon and you now realized you was having a son. This was going to be the first boy since you already have 2 daughters. Now the next day, you come home from work and your wife wants to talk. She tells you to have a seat and she had something important to tell you. She then tells you that, earlier in the day, she got an abortion. Now imagine that you are the husband, how would you respond?

4) For the women now imagine that you been married to your husband for 3 years. Your husband is a gentleman, intelligent, well built, handsome, and most of all, this brother knows how to lay it down in the bedroom. Ya be having that loud nasty sex. He be all up in your walls pounding you to death at least 3 times a week, whispering in your ear talking about how much he loves your pussy. He is a freak and you love every minute of the sex. In fact, it seems like the sex improves every year. But one little minor problem, he wants to film ya having sex but you say no because you don’t feel comfortable. Now let’s say he goes away on a busniess trip and it’s a been a week since you seen him. You start to get horny. So you go on pornhub and watch some amateur porn. But then you notice a video where the scenery of the bedroom looks familiar. You click and zoom in on the video and you see yourself on the bed giving your husband oral pleasure. Now your pissed as shit ready to kill his ass but you just received a text message from your husband and it says “BABY WE ARE RICH. I just made a multi million dollar profit by selling the Hockaday Towing busniess. We are rich honey. I love you so much!” Now how would you respond?

Pick a number a comment below your response. I am eager to read your input. I also challenge you to comment below and give me challenging scenario for me to imagine.

Also just another question to think about and maybe to write a blog about for those of you that are out of topics

1) If you was HIV positive, would you never have sex again or would still have sex but always use protection?
2) You are with your current signficant other and your signficant other is almost perfect. Attractive, goal oriented, makes alot of money, was raised from a good family, but one problem, the sex is awful. Now you compare you current to your ex. Your ex had his/her good days and bad days. Wasn’t a complete asshole but known to argue over stupid shit. Your family didn’t like your ex much, but two things, your ex’s confidence is so appealing that it gives you butterflies and the sex was outstanding. 5 times better then the sex with your current.

In fact, your ex use to give you the best sex ever to the point sometimes you use to think about calling off work just to get some. Now your Ex, hit you up saying ” I miss you, I still have feelings for you and I made some mistakes. I wanted to know if you avavible, is it okay if we can meet up and talk for a little while about some things.” Now how would you respond?

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