“Never Again” Is Not As Powerful As You Think

Our mind play tricks and games.

The mind doesn’t remain the same,

like time, the mind make changes as you

move forward.

Life moves forward but sometimes we live ass backwards.

We move forward by saying “Never again.”

But we break our promise and end up back

in the same situation

we don’t want to being in.

Still living in the past,

that’s ass backwards


like putting on cologne

and not taking a shower.

In essence ‘never again’

don’t have power.

Still living in the past,


ass backwards thinking.

It’s ass backwards moving,

like going back to the

ghetto from living in a mansion.

‘Never again’ that statement is confusion.

Still living in the past is ass backwards thinking.

It’s ass backwards moving,

Like a poor fellow taking bird baths in the public

restroom sink.

No matter what ‘Never again’

is not as powerful as you think.


Actually I want those of reading this to comment if you disagree with any statement in this poem and I am open to criticism.

6 thoughts on ““Never Again” Is Not As Powerful As You Think

  1. I think the term “never again” is what avoids some from going forward. They say failure is the formula to success, we think failure stops our progress and sets us back but in reality it’s supposed to propel us because we’ll never see success without failure. Saying never again makes a person stalled on making the same mistake in turn making them hesitant to live which in turn puts them at a standstill. The mind needs to convince the person the phrase is valid because you’re right, the mind plays games and the words “never again” can be taken many ways.

    • Damn I agree with everything u said 100% bro real talk.
      Especially about failure.
      Some of the most famous people in the world have failed big.
      Will Smith was talking about this not too long ago.
      Abraham Lincoln failed many times before he became president.
      Failure is good if you try again.

      Also “Never again” is very hard to believe when someone been heartbroken or emotional becuase people say anything when emotional
      Thank you for reading!

      • Exactly, Will Smith does talk on the subject. Failure is a big motivator.
        And that never again word, you are so right, especially heartbreak. You are so right. Nice write up!!

  2. I dare not critique another’s work. At this moment and in this writing these are your statements, your experience. “Never again” empowers or disconnects one proportionate to their learned behavior and or fear.

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