I Sink

It’s been a while since I posted a blog on here so I just want to say to my followers that I am back and I have a lot of content to post.

For these last 3 months, I have been busy with school and work but now school is almost over and I have some free time.

So I plan to keep in touch with my followers and to meet more followers as well.

For those of you that missed me, I just want to say that I’m back.

Please read and comment below and I have questions at the end

You may try to build me up

and protect me with your sword

but like a burning building

I will burn and fall.

You feed me with words

You rescue me by default

but like a snowman

eventually I will melt and fall

Love and peace

is what you installed in me

The virus inside me

will delete the peace

inside of me.

Like a Windows computer

I will crash and fall

Like a caterpillar to a butterfly,

I began to rise

Like a whale in the ocean

I will jump up and rise

but only temporary

Just like a whale that dive

back in the ocean

I too as well fall

and crumble with confused emotions

Does my humbleness make you proud?

Do I stand out to you in the crowd?

As of now I stand tall

but eventually, I will fall.

1) What do you fear most in life?

2) When you read this poem, did this poem remind you of the way you perceive life?

3) What line in the poem caught your eye the most?

4) Do you ever feel people give you more credit then you deserve?

5) Have you ever tried to help somebody that was ungrateful?

6) Do you think that everybody in this world is ungrateful?

7) Between the rich and the poor, who is more ungrateful?

On Friday, I will be posting another poem

11 thoughts on “I Sink

  1. Nice to see you back my man and hope school is going well.
    Another powerful piece you wrote here with a lot of meaning like you usually do, but I expect nothing less from you. It reminds me of the crabs in the bucket, how one try’s to climb out but there’s always one pulling it right back down!
    1) I can give the adages there is nothing to fear but fear itself or I fear the unknown but truth be told…..I don’t know what I fear until I’m confronted with it. My courage sometimes overrides the fear I thought I had for certain situations. I’m sure I do have fears but until they’re confronted, I guess I do fear the unknown.
    2) If you cant get perception out of something you see, you’re not learning anything. This poem is life, because society will look at you and you will fall. Pressure, responsibility or obligation will hammer you down and you will eventually beat yourself down if you’re not careful. People want to see a hero fail but you can’t let them.
    3) The line that caught my eye was “You rescue me by default”. Like the rescue was moot, standard…. had no purpose. That was powerful in so many ways in my opinion because it seemed throughout the poem you were falling, and the rescue was insignificant to them, they might as well let you fall.
    4) I try to remain humble so if someone gives me credit, I take it. I will never sell myself short nor will I cut myself down. If someone wants to blow this ballon up, be my guest but I know how to stay grounded. I’m not the type to let people put me on a pedestal that’s to high for me, I’m afraid of heights. So, no I don’t feel that way. I believe if you get credit, you give it.
    5) I try to help anybody and I’m sure I’ve already helped some ungrateful people before but that’s not my call to make. I haven’t tried, I have helped them but I wasn’t looking for something in return so hopefully it changed their mindset. It’s just a state of mind.
    6) I don’t think everyone in this world is ungrateful, there are good people out there. You just gotta find them.
    7) Who’s more ungrateful, the rich or the poor? Damn good question!! I think the rich are more ungrateful. The poor wants more because they have none but the rich wants more because they’re greedy. But then again, it depends on the person, some rich are humble and grateful and some poor are happy they have their health. But for the most part, the rich are the ones saying it’s a cold world, and you gotta supply your own heat.
    Nice post my man!!!

    • Thank you for you response
      School is going well and it’s almost over.
      I agree with all your answers. These answers are so good that you can probably write a post about each of these lol.
      Question number 3 was very important and your answer was the theme of this poem and I know ppl in real life that feel like they are too good to ask for help and think they can do everything on their own. But most of time those type of ppl fall and become miserable.
      I enjoyed reading your responses.
      Also there are good sincere ppl in this world that are blessed for what they have instead of what they don’t.

      • No need to thank me my man, I love your post and I love responding. I’m glad you’re back. Sorry, I darn near write a post with my response, haha.
        You’re right, some people do feel that asking for help is a sign of weakness but actually that’s more of a sign of strength. The smartest person in the room usually knows the least information.
        I enjoy your post my man just as much as I enjoy responding to them

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