This Is A Cold World 

This is real 
and time kills
The stress is
what I feel.
Living in a nightmare
since birth 
I ask myself
“Am I cursed?”
Things just got worst 
Overthink  shit 
becuase life is a bitch.
Walk and walk around 
all over town.
Contemplating and imagining 
wishing things was different
My mind and personality is insipid.
Failed to take leadership 
of my priorities.
Tired of responsibilities
Time to take the easy way out.
I need a cheat code 
to defeat the boss of each level.
In the mirror I see devils
whispering in my ear 
telling me 
“God don’t exist here”
I’m tired of working for
a boss 
I want to be my own boss.
I’m lost.
Who am I kidding 
I been lost,
mentally and spiritually.
Should I turn to Jack Daniels?
Devour liquor like sharks 
devour people.
“All men are created equal”
This is hysterical
becuase the man that wrote this 
is on Mount Rushmore.
I will never go to visit Mount Rushmore 
becuase I don’t look up to slave owners.
Freedom in America is overated.
It’s hard being a man,
especially a black man,
darkskin or tan 
most lack funds 
to carry out the plan
to live the American dream.
I blame America 
for bombing Nagasaki 
and Hiroshima 
Later on our sercets 
we’re stolen from russia. 
One day in the future
there will be another
world war. 
More blood and gore 
then a mortal combat
Violence and pain 
is more common 
than peace and happiness.
Slavery existed since ancient days.
From Egyptians 
to Babylonians
to Persians 
to Greece 
to Romans.
Picking cotton in the 1700’s 
and 1800’s
Jim crow laws existed
between late 1800’s to mid 1900’s 
If you think  about it,
humans were easily 
living past 100
back in ancient days 
Humans were twice 
the size back then 
compared to the humans 
Where did black people come from?
Where did Spanish people come from?
Where did Asains come from?
If Tupac and Biggie Smalls were white
do you think their murders would still be a mystery?
Why do we have black history?
Why can’t white and black combine together 
and just be history?
White and black is always a label.
I missed days when I watch Disney movies 
and fairytales.
I thought happily ever afters was guaranteed.
That’s all a big dream.
The older generation think we’re lazy
That might be true maybe.
Technology makes life more complex.
Owners of businesses will work you to death.
They don’t give a fuck about you
or your kids.
They still expect you to come to work 
while your sick.
In high school, kids and even teachers 
prejudging you every minute
Now days beef gets personal becuase niggas will bring your kids into it.
This what happens when you mix family 
and busniess.
Kids robbing and killing their parents over Jordans.
As a kid, Michael Jordan was  my hero, but he is a asshole.
He don’t give a fuck about the poor.
His sneakers the poor can’t afford.
Why can’t he lower the prices?
We have a president that clueless
and he don’t respect women.
A man will kill another  man over a women.
A woman will be a side chick to man  
and wear the title proudly 
becuase of jealousy.
Humans are the crack 
Humans are the cocaine 
Humans are the acholic beverages 
Humans are the HIV/AIDS 
Humans are wicked
Guns aren’t evil,
but the person that pulls the trigger
is the real devil 
A man can take your life without 
pulling the trigger 
by stealing your wife.
But is it really called  “stealing”
If your wife is voultnerairly cheating?
Being deceiving, sending nudes 
behind  your back
while you break your back 
providing her a  lifestyle
and yet she fucking another man
with out using a Trojan or a lifestyle.
Men are just as bad and it’s sad.
A man will live  a double life, 
get his girl pregnant 
while  all along he had a wife.
Lie about his name and age
just to get pussy.
Taking advantage of a girl
that’s naive.
She gets heartbroken 
when she find out the truth.
The truth hurts becuase the 
facts are rude.
Imagine if you was this girl
Would you trust another 
man in this world?
Life is cold,
when you gotta get an abortion 
and kill a baby that you wanted
becuase you love a man
that promise you 
that you are in his future plans.
Ya takes pics and you post them
On Instagram.
Brag to all your Follwers
and friends 
until you get pregnant.
He telling you to get 
the abortion 
and he don’t 
take you to clinic.
Now you tell your parents.
Mother is ashamed and disgusted 
Well maybe it’s her fault
for being too strict  and not understanding.
Saying No to everything is not
protecting you daughter.
It’s pushes her futher and further 
away from her mother
and closer into men that are abusive
mentally or physically or both.
Video games are addictive 
I remember  when I was a kid 
They said it poisonous to a kids mind 
They say video games is a waste of time.
Parents act mature around their children 
but around other adults they don’t like,
they act immature ,some act worst then 
the children.
Sometimes parents can be the biggest hypocrites.
Sometimes as an adult, you can learn from children.
Sometimes we fail to protect our children
from the rapist and it makes me sick to my fucking stomach when muthafuckas say victims are the scapegoat.
Listen don’t care how tight her dress or how short her shorts  are
nobody deserve that.
People have issues and through their anger and issues animals get abused.
Torture and slaughter of animals is evil.
Dog fighting is common  and this was not God’s intention.
Wealth imbalances, Famine,  Diseases,  War and terrorism, Addictions,  racism and unemployment 
having me fearing the future
worrying I’m going to die young 
or be a bomb searching for crumbs 
for not taking school serious.
I do take education serious 
but I’m delirious 
without my therapist
becuase I keep over thinking 
for a hundred different reasons 
and I’m addicted to over thinking.
I hate giving advice when people 
ask for it because I feel like a hypocrite.
Everything in this poem I mentioned 
is what I think about over and over.
One day I fear it will be my last
and a voice says to me 
“Game over”
Beginning  of November I posted 
a “Meaning of Fear” post 
but that wasn’t a third of what
I really fear
I don’t know what’s in my future 

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