Orange Is The New Scar(Please Answer The Question I left At The Bottom)

I left a multiple choice question at the end of this poem and comment below what you think the answer is



Give instructions

to assist them

from avoiding obstructions

and help the brain of others


Everywhere we go

let them know

there is the code of conduct

but it’s on them to follow.

Some people are just to shallow

to adapt.

Shallow like a puddle

since the days of

blowing bubbles.

Teach them

facts of life

as a child

but still a chance

they will turn wild

and out of control

drinking patron

instead of doing

something productive.

They will learn sooner

or later

that mistakes

make them become


We try our hard hardest

to demonstrate discipline

to the ones

that are disheartened

to give them access

to  confidence

in their spirits

Some spirits will

get lifted

but some people

actually get lifted

from a controlled


which led to


that are atrocious

like driving

while intoxicated

which increases the

murder rate.

Murder or manslaughter

however you choose

to define it

another kid

minding his business

been permanently


Dreams of playing

in the NFL

have been eradicated.

Dirty tires from


ended his high career.

Paralyzed from the

waist down

and angry

that he can’t jog

around town

like he use to.

His dreams

swept under a rug

like dust with a broom.

So now he becomes consumed

with revenge

so he get addicted to mushrooms

to escape the reality

What happened to this

young man was a tragedy

so now he has a strategy

on his enemy

that took him out accidentally.

He makes a call

to the drug lord

in the penitentiary

offering him money

to eliminate his enemy

like deleting 

saved documents

on a flash drive.

He just gave


to exterminate a life

that he didn’t create

Now you understand

the process of

how we increase

the murder rate.

His enemy pronounced

dead 3 hours later

and his funeral was

1 week later.

People at the funeral service

were shocked

as soon as they

see a man in a

orange jumpsuit

arrived at the ceremony.

Who is the guy in the orange jumpsuit?

1)the drunk driver’s dad

2)the drunk driver’s brother

3)the drunk driver’s  cousin

4)The drunk driver’s uncle

hint “orange is the new Scar”



On tomorrow’s blog I will post the right answer and explain the hint more


11 thoughts on “Orange Is The New Scar(Please Answer The Question I left At The Bottom)

  1. I’m going to go with dad. I get the feeling that whomever raised him was not his dad and tried to do what was right, instructing him not to be like his dad. He was disheartened, perhaps, because
    his dad was not around and turned to drink.

    But I think like a social worker and it might not be that at all lol

    • Lol I like your answer.
      But it’s actually his brother
      The title
      “Orange Is The New Scar” was the hint
      That’s all you needed to answer this question.
      You ever saw lion king?

    • But I wasn’t clear with the multiple choice and I just edit them.
      Drug lord is the brother of the drunk driver that got killed in prison.
      The drug lord killed his own brother in prison.
      “Orange Is The New Scar” this was a hint. You have to understand what I meant by the title.
      The title have something to do with lion king

    • It was his brother.
      I apologize but I wasn’t clear with the question and I am going to edit the question a little better.

      Key was the title
      “Orange Is The New Scar” once u understand the meaning of the title, then you can answer the multiple choice question.
      You ever saw the lion king?

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