A Special Lady

I just want to let you know that the year is almost over. Originally I was planning to take a break from blogging in February but I think December 31st, will be my last post until the middle of May. I love blogging so much, this is the only time where I find peace in my life. The only time where I’m stress free. I won’t get into details but I will talk more about this in May. I love blogging but blogging can be a distraction and I have to get my priorities straight first. I have a lot things in my personal life to take care of. After today, I will upload 2 more post tomorrow and a special post on December 31st and I will take my break. This post and the next 2 post I will upload are special and I wanted to share something with you that is special before I take my break


I choose to lead
and move with peace
like a land breeze
coming from the blue sea.
Just like the sea
I think deep
I act sweet
like Lipton tea
and never have
and never will cause grief.
I chase you
like a wolf that
chase sheep.
When I sleep
your face
gives me a perfect dream
to be brave
like Martin Luther king.
For every defeat
I will try twice as
hard to seek victory.
Combined your territory
with my territory.
I write and speak seductively
and luckily or should I say hopefully
if you choose me
I will help you sleep in peace
Others choose to behave ineffectively
I act more appropriately
treating you like a lady
Nobody can treat you like me
I can be your summer breeze, 
a light wind moving
45 degrees
traveling north east.
Light your night up
like time square in
New York City.
I’m the healthiest fruit
on the apple tree
You won’t regret  picking me
and I can make you proud
like God was
when it came to Able’s offering.
I’m the flowers and leaves
during the spring.
I’m at my peak
and I’m here to feed
your mind intellectually
and last but not least
I will service your needs sexually
and cunnlings is my speciality.
I can blindfold you
While I perform cunnlinings
on you
and place you on top
of the washer machine.
Provide you with thick meat,
that barbecue meat
to restore you health
and give you protein.
Rather the first date,
3 months or after our wedding
practice  intercourse safely
Also will protect and provide you
with a lifestyle that’s
so gorgeously
like the promise land
flowing with milk and honey.
I’m just a bear that’s wants honey
Your the hive
I’m the bee
that stings
disaster and misery
that approaches our territory.
Discipline is in my genes
Honor is hereditary in
my family.
A relationship is short-term
to the average male that’s ordinary
The intimacy of marriage 
is the wonderful journey
and that’s the direction I’m heading
and each day I will write in my journal
describing the interaction between
me and you.
I will overcome the temptation of every pretty lady
because know one can compete with
you spiritually.
I will open up to you emotionally.
Communication before sex is my dictionary
Silence is not part of my vocabulary.
We will interact socially and keep our
business privately
away from social media
avoiding the jealous divas.
Words can’t express to you
that I am a keeper.
So I will give you this poem
much much later
3 years into the future
When I propose to you
to show you I think ahead of time
like a criminal committing a crime
and dodging cops  from doing time.
You are a life sentence I will
I’m the period and your the sentence
I’m here  to complete you.
I can’t live without you
I wrote this 2 years ago
and I chose  today to read this poem to you
for one reason
I  just asked your dad for permission
and I will ask you this question this
Will you marry me?


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  1. Aww =( Well, I will miss you but hey, you gotta do what’s best for you. You poured yourself out this month and we got a chance to see even more sides of you thru your writing. I’ll be praying for you, best wishes towards your goals my friend. Talk Soon

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