Does Possibilities Leads To Worries

I dedicate this poem to Roshonda N. Blackmon. She asked me to write a poem on “Possibilities”  and I just want to let her know that it was a pleasure writing this poem and this is a very releatable topic and I hope you enjoy reading this poem


Does possibilities  and worries
mean the same thing?
Hmm interesting

and I say possibly
As we dwell among living things
besides death and taxes
nothing is guaranteed
and a life or death situation
will lead to over thinking
or worrying
about the possibilities of situation

Pregnancy Scares, Death Scares
The words acquitted and convicted
will have you up all night stressing
for not making better decisions.

Ever been up all
night wondering
how the hell
will you support your unexpected
male child
as a female
and for the males,
do you worry having a female child
because as an adolescent
you was running wild
and you did every girl
Now you fear and worry
will harm you daughter.

Ever worry
you will be lonely
as you get older
and years come by faster
but because of karma
body falls apart
like a burning building,1328581540,1/stock-photo-burning-house-cartoon-94665172.jpg?resize=231%2C290&ssl=1

and teeth are missing

hair is falling
and gray hair is forming
along your face

and you worry you may
die before 60
because you wasn’t in great shape
and you stacked your dinner plate
pouring massive amount
of sauce on your steak

Clocked you arteries
with grease and oil

while sipping on beer bottles.
Now caught a stroke
and a possibility you
might not make it tomorrow
and your family filled with sorrow.
Also the sorrow
will follow
those of you
that have court tomorrow
Arms is shaking like a dinner plate
in a California home
experiencing an earthquake.

You hate the court dates
because it’s a possibility
you that you may never see
your family.
You’ll see I just
demonstrated the possibilities
of the foundation of anxiety.

A thin line between a positive
and negative result
When you come out
below the belt
that hides
your father pants , jeans,
sweat pants,trousers
to make it to see
the light of the world

is a possibility
to live free with liberty
and we learn to pursue
our happiness
but what’s the possibility
of being happy
if tomorrow is not guaranteed?
In fact what’s the possibility
of this poem getting published
without any curses?

1) Do you fear more what you  know or what you don’t know?

2) What are the possibilities of becoming a famous blogger?

3) What are the possibilities of getting married in this generation?

4) What are the possibilities of having kids before the age of 40?

5) What are the possibilities of falling in love with a blogger?

6) What are the possibilities that a woman will become president one day?

7) All the mistakes you made in the past, what are the possbililites that you will repeat those  mistakes?

8) What are the possibilities that another celebrity will die in the year 2018?

9) What are the possbililites of winning the lotto?

10) What are the possibilities of a blogger replying back saying “thank you” when you left them a comnent stating how much you appreciate their blogs?

Unanswered questions go hand and hand with possibilities. Some things are possible, Some things are impossible. We all try to live by a motto to stay out of trouble, but’ s that’s not possible. Drama, death, and taxes promised to everybody. Possbililites exist when we don’t know the outcome of a situation. A possibility is an hypothesis that we all have and we hope at the end of our science experiment that our hypothesis was correct but what is the possibility that our  hypothesis will be correct?

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