Don’t Worry; The Person Next To You Is Flawed Too

I dedicate this story/poem to K E Garland. She wanted me to write a poem about  “Don’t worry; the person next to you is flawed too”  and if she is reading this, I just want to let her know that it was a pleasure writing a story/poem about this topic and I find this topic to be very relatable in life. She picked a great topic for me to write about and I hope you enjoy reading this topic.


This is a story in poetry format in which will discuss a young man who is very under confident and feels like he didn’t accomplish anything in life. As you read this story, you will learn an important lesson  that can help your children

The following characters in this story

David: 27 year old man with a very pessmistic view on life, but yet a  very talented individual and a lot of people see greatness in him but he can’t see it in himself.

Michael: David’s guardian angel and his purpose is to guide David and show David how to take control of his life

Nigel: A famous athlete, but had dreams of becoming a poet as a youth



The Story Begins

Act 1:

Michael: I understand you don’t want to put people beneath but never put people above you:

David: But you don’t understand  I’m placed in a situation where it’s hard to be a man.
You say I have to follow God’s plan?

Michael: God is the way. God will protect you and keep you safe. All you have to do is pray.

David: That’s easy for you too say.
You haven’t walked a mile in my shoes,
you already made perfect, you have nothing to loose.
How can I keep my cool?
I feel like such a fool
You say the bible is a tool
but yet Satan is on the loose.
I’m a grown man still living at home.
I’m a nice guy but I am alone.
I get booed on stage
when I recite a poem
I have critters on my face
I’m broke and I have to pay
student loans.
All my friends are gone.
I haven’t had sex in years
I’m addicted to porn.
My eyes release tears
for being miserable
for so long.

Michael: Hop in the magic cloud
Let me  show you something!

David: Where you taking me?

Michael: I’m taking you to a visit
the penitentiary.

(Michael takes David to prison in spirit in his magic cloud)



Michael: What do you see?

David: I see a riot
and it looks so violent

(Michael takes David to one of the visiting stations)

Michael: Now what do you see?

David: I see a man
staring at the glass window crying
talking with his family
over the phone
saying he is never coming home.
Telling his wife and kids to
move on.

(Michael shows David the next visiting station)

Michael: Now what do you see?

David: I see man staring through the glass
talking to his family
wishing he would of change the past

(Michael now takes David to the cemetery with just the snap of his finger)


David: Wait where are we?

Michael: We are at the cemetery?

David: Wait why are we here?

Michael: To show you that with your negative
thinking you will end up here.

David: But wait, isn’t everybody
going to end up here?

Michael: Correct all humans will face death
and it’s not much time life.
but you said you believe in Jesus
Christ right?

David: Right!

Michael: The bible says leave your worries to God
and let God handle your problems.
You can’t solve them
so just let God solve them.
I took you to prison
to expose to you
that somebody has it worst than you.
Yes you don’t have a job
but you have your health
You don’t have a perfect face
but your smile is what
make people melt.
You have gotten booed on stage
but you have the voice
that can heal a person
at any place.
Maybe you should
stop watching adult films
and use your tongue
to say Grace
for the food that the Lord put
on your plate.
For thanksgiving
you had mash potatoes,
cornbread, Mac n cheese
string beans and chicken.
In prison the inmates
had tuna fish on
white bread
a brownie,
salad and
chocolate milk
The food was so spoiled
it’s a plague that
can kill.
Half the inmates
caught a stomach virus
A few ended up
Here’s the kicker
Half of them
we’re innocent
Now men token
away from their children.
Imagine your Father
died in prison
on Thanksgiving.
Remember this
in order to make it
to heaven
you will get tested
You suffer
but if you reach to
You will have eternal life forever.
Here let me show you
Hop back in the cloud!

(Michael takes David to a mansion)

David: Where are now?

Michael: In the mansion of a millionaire

David: Why, this looks so nice
There’s also a waterfall outside
A statue in the front
Each room with multiple bed bunks
A staircase in the living room
A staircase in the kitchen
Damn I thought a staircase
in the kitchen
only existed in  sitcoms.
Oh wow look,
in his bedroom
he has a intercom.
This is a beautiful house
I bet you the owner
of this house
is happy
like Danny Taner
on full house

(A male celebrity enters the mansion)

David: What’s he doing?

Michael: Just watch and see

Nigel: Lord please forgive me
for not following my dreams
The fans scream
but everyday in the mirror
I scream.
I wasn’ t strong enough
to say no to peer pressure
Now the sweat my forehead
gets colder
and I’m won’t be getting
much older.
I wanted to be poet
but my dad, high school coach,
and friends said football
was my calling.
I am talented becuase of
my size
but my words were
the gift of life
and each line
represented  a sercet prize,
the secret of eternal life
since I was doing
what made me happy.
But now sadly
I have human
Immunodeficiency  virus
for having sex unprotected.
My mom warned me
and I didn’t listen.
Since I had money,
a unwanted pregnacy
didn’t scare me.
But I wasn’ t thinking about HIV.
I’m already paying child support
I play a dangerous sport
for a living
and now I’m about to go broke.
I can’t afford this mansion,
child support, and the medicine.
This is incredulous.
The groupies are so devilish.
I should of married my high school
but I cheated and broke her heart.
She is now happily married
and she has a  large beauitful family.           I have this mansion and it’s empty.    Damn lord please forgive me for thinking of suicide

Michael: You see young man
just because somebody is bigger than you,
have more money than you,
get more girls than you,
smile more than you,
don’t make them better than you.
Now yes you are no better than
nobody else but
nobody is better than you.
Don’t worry because the person
next to you is flawed too.
I can show you how to
be in a better mood
but it’s all up to you.
Put your life in the lords hands
and say that today
you will put childish things away
and become a man.

David: Today I will put childish things away and become a man.
I will follow the lord’ s plan.
Poetry is my calling
and I am blessed to have a ceiling.
Lord yes I need healing
Yes lord

Michael: Say Amen!

David: Amen!

Michael: Do you know this celebrity?

David: He looks familiar but no not really

Michael: This is Nigel Banks
your high classmate
5ft 11 stocky
Popular and ladies loved him
with caramel complexion
Waves in his hair.
Remember he beat you up
for not letting him cheat
Remember he use to make
fun of you
when you use to speak.
Remember he pushed
you down the stairs.
Remember he use to
make fun of your nappy hair.
Look at him now.
His life is crashing to
the ground.
When he scored a touchdown
never thank God.
When he signed autographs
never thank God.
When he wanted to pursue poetry
instead of playing football
never prayed to God
Now he is going to break his mom’s
heart with the bad news.
You lacking faith don’t just affect you
but all the loved ones around you.
Since high school Nigel always been miserable.
Remember young man
Don’t worry because the person
next to you is flawed too.

Questions to think about 

1) Do you think it’s easy to accept yourself for the way you are, when you are constantly rejected over and over?

2) Do you believe in karma?

3) Would you rather be extremely under confident or extremely argorant?

4) What two words would you use to describe why the world is unfair?

5) The  person that gives the best advice always practice what they preach, true or false?

6) Are people with opstmitic thinking trustworthy?

7) Are people with pessimistic thinking born that way or do you think something bad happen  or someone hurt their feelings in which destroyed their confidence?

8) Can you still be happy in life if you don’t follow your dreams?

9) Can you still be miserable even if you are following your dreams?

10) Are you following your dreams or are you pursuing a career that your parents pressured you to do?

28 thoughts on “Don’t Worry; The Person Next To You Is Flawed Too

  1. Loved this post, this is so true also. Never look at anyone and think they are better than you because you never know and yes, karma can be a mother!! I’ve met people who had a lot but trust me, I know people with ten times less worth twenty times more. It ain’t cash, it’s character, it ain’t status it’s sincerity, and it ain’t materials it’s what you have inside that matters. They say if we strive for perfection, we can only reach greatness and that’s if your character is in the right place. If we want to see the definition of flawed, we need only look into a mirror cause no one is perfect.
    I believe I’m an optimist, I think pessimist peoples blood type is B negative.😂. And it was probably made that way because of past experiences, I don’t think one is born negative, there are no bad students, only bad teachers. This was a deep lesson, a journey through time. You take a look through the eye and the mind my man, you travel a humble road which is why I find so much appreciation in what you write. Never sing a wrong song. Stay up!

    • I just want to say thank you for all your answers to the questions I appericate the feedback like always
      You a funny guy 😁😁😁
      Pessimistic people are negative b blood type lol never heard that one.
      I believe in good karma and bad karma.
      You make a great point about looking the mirros becuase we know what are weakness are.
      Problem is in life people tend to compared themselves to other people.
      Thank you for the feedback 🖒🖒🖒

      • No problem man, like I said your post are real and I love reading them cause they are your real thoughts and I respect it cause you tell it. I believe it karma too and believe people should always look in the mirror before they grab a gavel and try to judge someone. For every problem we see, there’s a problem we may be, never envy cause no one has it easy. Thanks for another enlightening blog.

      • We all have thoughts deep buried within our minds that nobody knows and if we all can express our thoughts on paper, you can produce a beautiful piece of literature.
        Thank you for your feedback and I look forward to your future post as well

      • Thank you man!
        Same back at ya and have yourself a safe and Happy New Year!
        Don’t drink eggnog but I’ll substitute it with orange juice😁! You can drink one for me though!! Hahahahaha!

  2. What a beautiful post david, it’s a good way to end the year reflecting on what I had been this year and how I can improve my self-control on relating to others. Thank you for sharing this..

  3. What a beautiful post david, it’s a good way to end the year reflecting on how I had been this year and how I can improve myself on relating to others. Thank you for sharing this..

  4. 1. Its a struggle
    2. Yessssss
    3. Neither
    4. Evil and greed
    5. False
    6.maybe. happens on life terms thus changing a person and sometimes that change hardened them
    8. I don’t dream. I have goals map out a plam and make things happen Dreams are for slpeeing people

  5. This is such a great and inspiring post. I can relate to the character of David a lot. I also wanted to know; what was it that made you write this post.

    Also, I’m not sure if I said this but thank you for following my blog. I don’t know what it was that drew you to my blog but I thank God that someone is encouraged through my blog; even if I don’t know it.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read this.
      On my “Magic Spell” blog that I wrote during the beginning of December, one of my bloggers requested me to write a topic about this in the comment section. This topic is very relatable to alot of people. I figured writing a story in a biblical point of view is the best way to demonstrate how everyone has a flaw.
      It’s an honor to follow you and I’m sure you will gain more followers overtime

  6. Reblogged this on Poetry Blog and commented:

    This is number 1 on my list as far as my top 10 most powerful poems. This is the most powerful I ever written.
    This will be my last blog. I think it’s time for me to move on for good. I plan to take my poetry to the next level and branch out.
    I will be going to open mics and hopefully one day I will be a open mic poet.
    I just want to say Merry Christmas to every blogger that follows me and it was a blessing to meet some of you and I am thankful for every blogger that follows me and support me.
    God bless you all!

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