A Game Of 31 Questions

This is a game I made up like two days ago. If you view my previous post on questions like I Have Questions and I Have More Questions! you notice that I ask questions on a deep level where you have to think and I allow you to choose one question out of the list of questions. This post will be slightly different. You wanna know why I purposely made 31 questions? Well because there are 31 days in a month. Well technically 28-31 but 31 is the highest number in a month. We all have a birth date and the date number is in between 1 – 31. So if you interested in participating in this game you have to answer the question that is regarding your date number. For example, I was born June 22 so that means my date number is the 22nd so  I would answer  question 22. To really make this game interesting, you would need to play with a group of people at least 10 people. You can play this at a party or a barbecue. If you interested in playing this game, you can copy and paste the questions below and gather your friends and cousins on Christmas and play this game.  If you are interested in answering a question off the list below in my comment section, answer the question regarding your birth date. Example if your birth date is February 7th,  then you will answer the 7th question. When you answer that question, there is no in between, not sure, maybe, you have to give a straight forward, direct answer.


1)If a person took your child’s life, and you crossed paths with the person that  took your child’s life and you had a gun in your hand, would you pull the trigger?

2)Where do you see yourself in 40 years?

3)What is harder between the two, to forgive when someone hurt you or to not lust?

4)Would you rather die tomorrow or spend the rest of your life in the most violent prison?

5)If you was in prison, would you kill a person just to survive even though committing a murder is a sin?

6)Be honest, for the men that are single , if an attractive woman who is a co-worker was to grab you in a inappropriate area, would you file a complaint? For the women, if you had a male boss at work told you that you are attractive and you find him attractive as well, and your boss offered you a promotion but only because of your looks, would you take the promotion?

7) For those of you that watched or read “Act like a lady, think like a man” what was the best advice and worst advice that Steve Harvey provided in the book or movie?

8)If you was in love with somebody since you was a child and that person you love since childhood , loves you right back but the person you love is currently married and you met the spouse on numerous occasions and you and the spouse don’t like each other and the person you love is having problems in his/her marriage and one of the problems is lack of communication and lack of sex, and you and this person that your in love happen to just randomly met up at the bar, and this person is talking to you complaining the marriage and this person says to you I don’t want to go home, is it okay if I spend the night at your place, what would you say? Also be honest, is this a easy question that with an easy straightforward answer or is this a question where you would contemplating on what to do?

9)What has more power,  love or fear?

10)What’s the difference knowledge and common sense?

11)What do you think will get you killed faster, being unloyal to your closes friend or being loyal to your enemy?

12)If you had to pick one sex  position to do for the rest of your life what sex position would you pick?

13)What do you think is more dangerous, being a porn star or construction worker?

14)Would you rather listen to your  favorite song for a year straight an and only that song or would you rather watch your favorite TV show for a year straight and only that TV show?

15)If you was to die tomorrow, is there any secrets that you taking with you to the grave(if you answer this you don’t have to go in detail just simple yes or no)?

16)Would you rather be younger or wiser?

17)What’s is more  interesting  being an author or computer programmer?

18)For the women, what’s worst someone ruining your prom dress or your wedding dress? For men what’s worst having your tuxedo ruined on prom night or on your wedding day?

19)Would you rather have your significant other break up with you the day before your wedding or during the honeymoon?

20)For those of you that are married, would you rather have a spouse with an extremely low sex drive and I’m talking only wants to have sex like  once a year and barely communicates, no romance but always faithful to you or a spouse you matches you sex drive, romantic, sweet, willing to open up, but cheats at least once every 3 months? (If you answer this, pick one don’t say “neither”)

21) On earth what is the most precious thing?(not regarding people but answer I’m looking for an answer such as money, love,time, memories ect)

22) For those of you that are interested in playing this game with me, ask me a hard question in the comment section?

23) Does the weekends go by faster when you sleep all weekend or when you actually have to do chores and run errands that you hate doing?

24) If you  your teenage child felt like they was ready to have sex, what would you tell them?

25)Out of all the books have you read, which book that you read that you can relate to the most?

26) Is good sex needed to make a marriage last (be honest) ?

27) If Malcolm x was alive, what is one question you would ask him if you saw him face to face?

28) Would you rather take a cold shower everyday or eat your dinner cold without warming it up everyday?

29) For those you of you that went to a public high school, how do you think your life would of been like now if you would of went to a private high school instead, do you think your life would be exactly the same or different? For those of you that went to a private high school what do your life would of been like now if you would of went to a public high school, do you think life would be the same or do you think there would be a difference? (If you answer this please don’t say you not sure lol)

30) If you had to give up a body part such between your arms and legs which one would you give up between your arms and your legs?

31)For the women, if you asked a guy out on a first date, would you pay the bill or expect him to pay the bill?(please don’t say I would never ask a guy on a first date lol this is just a what if question lol) For the men, if a girl asked you out on a first date do you think she should pay the bill?


Pick the question that falls on the number of your birth date and comment below an answer and I  will comment back if I agree or disagree with your response

19 thoughts on “A Game Of 31 Questions

  1. 30. I Would give up my legs. Without my legs I could use a wheelchair. I would miss running and dancing. But without my arms I could never hold my daughter, pick a rose, write my blog. So I would definitely pick my legs

    • Good answer ☺☺. I agree with you I would rather give up my legs. I need my hands. I think it would be much harder to adjust without your arms.
      I agree with you
      Thank you for answering ☺☺☺

  2. #13- I think being a construction worker is more dangerous because you have more of a change of getting hurt and dying. Being a porn star well I’m sure you can get hurt too 🤔 lol but I don’t think many porn stars die a year in comparison to construction workers.

    • This does make a lot of sense I understand the point of view. I don’ know the number of facilitates between a porn star and a construction worker but I will look it up later. Me personally though, I think i might say a pron star because porn stars you don’t always see the danger coming because of STD’s. A lot of porn stars died because of HIV and me personally I rather die on a construction site than a catching a virus. On a construction site, feel like i would be more aware of my surrounding where suppose to having sex you can catch an std at any given time but I do think construction workers die more compared to porn stars in a year. Thank you for your comment I appreciate it

  3. Well I don’t usually like to predict the future so far ahead because you never know what will happen, but I got question #2, where I think I will be in 40 years. I will be 60 years old. I think I will be living with my partner in a house we own, with dogs and a nice big garden. I think I will hopefully be in a job I like, possibly in nursing, probably part time, maybe a teaching role. I expect I will have travelled a lot by then. I think many of my hobbies like writing, cooking, gardening will be the same, but hopefully have some new hobbies too! oh and hopefully I will have nieces or nephews (although strange to think of that now). Thanks for the questions, there is something cathartic about answering questions.

    • I like this answer, you have a bright future.Yeah 40 years is far, but 40 years will have someone thinking. Me i 40 years, I think i would be retired, living down south probably married and I would probably be traveling. Who knows, maybe I would be poet.
      thank you for answering thisquestion

  4. I would’ve been the one to get #12…lol, Wished I could have been #23. But to answer the question, if I had to choose a one sex position for the rest of my life, it would be…..hopefully something that me and my partner would enjoy together because it’s about what we both like and not just me.

    • Lol well you can answer 23 if you want too lol
      The weekend goes by faster when you sleep all day.
      Doing errands you hate makes time go slow and regretful when Monday comes.
      Now as far as number 12 I agree with you☺
      Sex is a give and receive relationship to me.
      Thank you for participating in this game

  5. 26. Good sex is definitely needed to make a marriage work. You’re going to have sex with this one person for the rest of your lives, it has to be great sex actually. So you get to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses in the sex department then you help each other out.

    • Thank you for your comment I really appreciate it.
      I understand your point of view on this question.
      Me personally to an extent I think Good sex can improve your marrige but I don’t think it’s needed to make a marrige last if honesty, communication, trust, and romance is demonstrated on a regular basis.
      Those factors come before sex.
      Good sex is a bonus to me in a marrige.
      I do understand your point of view and thank you for your feedback

      • Anytime! Yeah obviously all those things are needed as well because sex is definitely not the only thing that keeps a marriage. From where I sit and what I hear, bad sex is one of the major issues people are facing in their marriages and arounds these parts, sex is not talked about so freely, so you can imagine the damage being caused. Love, respect, understanding and communication are all important building blocks for a lasting marriage but you certainly can’t take out good sex.

      • I agree with you everybody is different.
        To me bad sex is not a good thing but at the same time I don’t think it’s a huge problem.
        Now is there’s lack of sex then that’s little bit more of a problem.
        Bad sex is something that can improve overtime but sometimes it doesn’t. Some people just can’t perform.
        Again good sex is a good thing in a marrige but I don’t count good sex as a factor needed to make a marrige last.
        I mean bad sex can be annoying in s marrige but no marrige is perfect

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