The RainCoat

I dedicate this poem to pritu555, she requested me to write a poem on “The Raincoat” in my comment section on  my post “Magic Spell“. It was an honor for me to write this poem for pritu55 and if she is reading, I just want to let you know I didn’t forget about you and I hope you hope you enjoy this poem because this is for you.


From ancient China
from my great great grandfather
to my great grandfather
to my grandfather
to my father
which  finally passed down
to me.
I see it, it’s bright
and shinny
hanging at the end
of closet.

I’m happier than your average kid
with his/her driver license.
This water proof coat resistant
is a legend passed down from
generation to generation.
I loved my raincoat
and hated the rainbow
and I’m not talking
about Skittles.

Kids loved it
When it was sunny
I loved it
When it was raining.

Me , the rain, and the raincoat
we’re a trinity
united together
on rainy weather.

I loved precipation
but I hated the snow
When kids played in the snow
I was home with my raincoat
When I kids wished they had
an unberlla when raining
I had on my raincoat.
I eat
with my raincoat

I sleep
with my raincoat

I watch TV
with my raincoat.

I brush my teeth
with my raincoat

I have sex
my raincoat

and last but least
I come against death
with my raincoat

with a gun pointed at me point blank,
someone wants my raincoat.
She screams
“Give me the fucking Raincoat”
I’m a smartass
and give her condoms
in my pocket
with my sarcastic ass. 

The gangsta lady becomes really mad
I was scared becuase
I thought  my ass
was grass.
She shot  from
point blank range
and something strange
and until this day
I  can’t quite describe it
The only reason is
divine intervention

because she shot
but nothing happen.
Pow pow pow
again and again
nothing happen
The bullets were deflected.

The lady was out of bullets.
She was astonished
One minute later
Cops came and the lady
was arrested.
Cops asked me” Are you
alright son?”
I said
“Everything is alright officer”
just trying to go home.
So see you son
as I share this story
with you
I now passed the raincoat
unto  you.
The raincoat is your
gurdain Angel
and will protect you.

Make sure everyday week
to put a condom
inside the pockets
just in case  someone
asks for your wallet.
Here you go son.
“Thank you dad, your the best”
Merry Christmas Son

What is a materialistic item that you owned that you will one day past down to your kids?

Do you wear a raincoat when it rains or do you prefer a umbrella?

If you had a choice would you rather it rain  everyday, or never rain ever again?

Is kissing in the rain sexy or do you think it’s uncomfortable?

9 thoughts on “The RainCoat

  1. I wanted to have a raincoat but never had one, because mom said I will get wet w/ raincoat so I carry umbrella instead. Funny thing here in Aus, I rarely see people using umbrella. Sometimes I feel outcast when I use my umbrella.

  2. Awesome!!! Well done!!! You really caught my attention with the first few lines!😂 Great going! Keep it up!! Keep blogging and keep on writing poems!!😀👌👍

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