I Have More Questions!

Warning: This blog have a lot of tough, horrible, questions. So if you don’t like negativity what so ever then I rather you leave now instead of leaving a negative comment criticizing my blog. This is my blog and these are the questions I wanted to ask.
Purpose if this blog is to make your think and this contains a lot of bad situations and negativity. The reason why I wrote these  type questions is because a lot of these questions are real life situations where we can all end up. I believe when your stuck between a rock and a hard place, it makes coming up with a solution more difficult and I want you guys to really think about this. Again I did ask a lot of negative questions, but I also asked some good questions as well
When you answer theses questions, there is no in between, no I’m not sure, you have to pick an straightforward answer.  Yes I know these questions are not straight forward, but I am challenging you to come up with an answer and I promise if you  comment below answer that I will respond back with an answer as well


1) In the bible in genesis, the serpent gave Eve to eat the apple. Eve gave the apple to Adam and he ate the apple. Now curious question, God knows everything and he knew Eve was the first one that are the apple before Adam, now why did God approach Adam and question Adam first?


2)  If you was in a baby’s room and you saw the baby sleeping surrounded by two rats in the crib, what would you do?

3) If you was on the roof with your enemy, your enemy was on the ledge getting ready to jump off and commit suicide, which you try and convince that person not to jump and what would you say to enemy from committing suicide

4) Is life a reality or a dream?

5) Imagine if everybody in the world told the truth, would life be a better place?


6) If everybody waited until marriage to have sex, would the crime rate go down?

7) If everybody was broke, would the world be a friendly place?

8) If everybody was rich, would people be more anti-social?


9) If everybody waited until marriage to have sex, would there be any use for condoms?


10 )What would life be like if  imaginations were non- existent?

11) What is more frightening, a gun being pointed by your head by a loved one, or waiting for HIV results in the waiting room knowing that you had unprotected sex with 100 people in a year ?


12 )Would you rather be paralyzed or HIV infected?

13) Between Play station 1 and and Nintendo 64, which system would rather play?


14) What’s more embarrassing, walking in on your parents having sex or urinating on yourself on the first date in public?


15) Would you rather somebody embarrass you or you embarrass somebody?


16) If you was a billionaire could you honestly say that you could be the same as you are now or would the money change you in the slightest?


17) If you had the chance to win a 5 millionaire dollars and all you had to do was to trust me to write a poem once a day for a year straight and each line had to be 20 lines, would you take that offer?

18) Would you rather have Michael Jackson ‘s talent and Michael Jordan personality or Michael Jackson’s personality and Michael Jordan talent?


19 )Would you rather get in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime or play a game in the NFL as a quarterback?


20) Would you rather make out(not just a quick kiss a full make out session) with your significant other in a crowd full of strangers or watch your parents make out in the privacy of your home?


21 )Would you rather go a whole year without no sex or go a whole year having boring sex with a person that’s just sloppy and clumsy?


22) Would you rather date somebody that is extremely shy or extremely talkative?


23) For the women: Now would you rather a guy take you out on a date and he pays for everything but one condition you have to have sex or would you rather play it safe but have to pay for the whole date?


24) Would you rather fall out of a plane with a para shoot or go scuba diving?

25 )Which one is worst, you paying somebody 200 hundred dollars (which is your kids birthday money) for a chain that somebody robbed from you, or you getting stuck with a flat tire without no spare in a blizzard?

26 ) What’s worst to watch a love one die in front if your eye’s or a loved one watching you die?


27) Would you rather bury your kids when they are young or commit suicide?



28 )Do female celebrities have sex with male groupies?

29 )Would you rather spent the rest of your life in prison for a crime you didn’t commit or have somebody to jail for the rest their life for a crime that you committed?


30 ) Would you rather be in jail and your ex spouse visits you through a glass and she is with your worst enemy and they are kissing and you are watching them kiss through the glass or would you rather have your mom/dad walk on you performing oral sex on their bed with their  boyfriend/girlfriend?

31  ) When Cain murdered Abel, how do you think Adam And Eve reacted to Abel being murdered?

32) Would you rather be trapped in the woods with Jason, or have Freddy Cruger appear in your nightmares every night, or be trapped in a dark abandoned house with Annabel?

33) Would you rather stay single forever or be with in a relationship that will last for 10 years but the person you are with for 10 years will break your heart in the worst way you can imagine after 10 years?

34) What’s a worst crime, murder or rape?

35) What’s harder to do, forgive when your hurt, or telling the cold hard truth to somebody who is sensitive?

36) If you had the power  choice, would you rather  take away cartoons from all kids permanently , or take away their birthdays and they won’t be allowed to celebrate their birthdays until they graduate high school?

37) As a parent, if you had  a choice, would rather your child become a parent, making you a grandparent at the age of 16, or to not have grand kids at all knowing that your kids want kids?

38) For men: If you are married, who comes first your mother or your wife?

39) The day before Tupac died, if you was in private one on one conversation with Tupac and you had one question to ask him, what would you ask him?

40) For those that have a high sex drive, would you marry somebody with a low sex drive  if they have everything you wanted in a boyfriend/girlfriend? For those that have a low sex drive, would you marry somebody with a high sex drive if  they everything you wanted in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

41) What’s more important in a relationship/marriage, passion or dedication? (pick one)

41) Would you rather marry somebody that is the complete opposite of you, or marry somebody that is exactly like you in all areas?(don’t say 50/50 lol)

42) For mothers, would you be disappointed if your daughter was a lesbian or if your son was gay? ( I have no problem with people who are attracted of the same sex but just curious to  here your answer )

42) What is the most difficult question to answer in your opinion in the world?

43) If you had a choice, would live in a world where have the power to read each other minds but none of us can’t speak at all to each other, or live in a world where we can all speak to each other but we can’t read at all not even a single letter of the alphabet?

44) Would rather  have knowledge on everything subject, every area possible  but no common sense what so ever or have all the common sense in the world but have no knowledge whatsoever to the point where you don’t even know elementary  stuff like reading on a first grade level?

45)What’s worst to lie in somebody’s face or to gossip the truth about other people’s business?

46) Would you rather be friendly with everybody with pessimistic thoughts or have an attitude with everybody for no reason but have  optimistic  thoughts?

47) If you could cheat on your partner knowing that you will get away with it and they will never find out, would you?(If you answer, please use the first thought that comes to your head and be honest I’m looking for a simple yes or no)

48) Now after reading question 47,  for those of you that are in a relationship/marriage, would you ask your partner this question? If they answered no, would you believe them(Be honest)?

49) Would your rather teach somebody how to count, or how to read the alphabet?

50) If you had the power, would you scarfice your child  and let you child rot hell after he/she so everybody can be in heaven(including yourself, all the evil, rapists, child molesters, serial killers) or would everybody on this earth from this day on would live forever, nobody dies but everyday somebody is born but nobody dies, another words would you rather live in an overpopulated world where nobody dies or scarfice your child to the lake f fire while everybody goes to heaven

51)Bonus questions, would you rather answer take the time the first 49 questions and avoid 50 or just answer question 50 and ignore all the other 49 questions?


With the exception of question 50 and 51, pick a question  from 1 – 49 and answer that question in the comment section, the one that was most difficult between 1-49, and when you do, I will comment back with my response. If you want to answer more than one question be my guest and  I will respond to everybody that comments. Please don’t answer 50 or 51, those are very personal but at least think about that.  Please pick the most difficult question to answer.  Also is there any other questions besides the one that you will answer in the comment section,  that you want me write a poem on and this includes question 50(I won’t upload the poem until January)  write the number in the comment section in quotes?



23 thoughts on “I Have More Questions!

  1. 1. God created Adam 1st.
    3.can’t say
    4.A dream, a really long dream
    5. No
    6. No
    7. No
    8. Yes
    10. Boring
    11. The latter
    12. Neither
    15. N/A
    16. The money would only change my profession. I am a teacher. I woyld build mu own schools
    17. No
    18. The first two
    19. Play in the NFL
    20. Neither
    21. Neither
    22. Neither
    Thats all for now.

  2. These are good blog topics. Like literally
    1. Man leads the woman and he was created first in the Bible, anything regarding his household he would be held accountable.
    2. I hope never to see that, thats scary
    3. Thats deep, You cant trust anyone, after convincing the enemy not to commit suicide, you may end up getting pushed over.
    4. Reality
    5.Truth hurts though, depends on what type of truth.
    6. Crime rate is not dependent on sex before or after marriage.
    7. Being broke is not a good thing.
    8. Rich people are not anti social, they love coming together at parties to talk about how to amass more wealth or talk about their current accomplishments. Broke people talk about other people or how to get the next new thing in the market.
    9. Condoms are great for birth control.
    I would keep thinking of the answers to the rest but these are thought provoking.

    • I agree with you number 1
      I agree number 2 and stuff like that happen
      3 you make an excellent point
      4 I understand your answer but I say life is a long dream
      5. I think the world would be more anit- social and lonely if everbody told the truth
      6 In a indirect way I think sex does relate to crime rate(but slightly). Lack of sex will make a person do crazy things like sex could kill somebody by giving somebody HIV and in return that person with HIV will murder the person that gave it to him or purposely give it to other people and that’s a crime. If everbody waited after marrige since begginning of time the percentage of infidelity would be alot lower and STD’s probably wouldn’t exist
      7. Being broke is not good but being broke are usually humble people. When I broke I’m talking on a middle class level not like homeless poor
      8.You make a good point I kind of agree with this, but rich people would be comfortable and more private. At first yes I think rich people would be talking and bragging about their wealth but after a while if everybody was rich overtime I think people would get either get bored faster or people will be more violent becuase some rich people are greedy and they will try and rob from each other. Money sometimes I believe will make people more anti-social becuase when you poor you ask for more favors and your more dependent on people compared to when you are rich.
      9. Condoms are the best forms of birth control.

      I appreciate your answers. You answered 9 questions and I wasn’t expecting that. You only had to answer one and you answered 9.
      If you want to answer more I appericate that but you don’t have to becuase you already answered 9 and I appericate you taking the time to read

  3. For number 2 I wouldn’t scream but I would be nervous
    I also agree with you on number 5
    Number 18 I rather get 8n the ring with Mike Tyson

    I appreciate your answers and it a pleasure to have you as my follower 🙂🙂🙂

  4. 3. If I’m on the roof with my enemy and he/she wants to commit suicide, I’ll wrap him/her around ny arms and say, “please don’t commit suicide, you are precious creation of God.” I don’t really have an enemy in my life, even if I do, I don’t think I can live with the thought that he/she died in front of me and I didn’t do anything.

    • I appreciate your answer it’s definitely shows your a warm hearted person.
      I would try and grab and have a talk with them and try to relate with them and let them know that you are not alone and try to workout out a solution to help overcome any struggles subduing the positives thoughts in their mind and also recommend them to a therapists

  5. You had so many questions that I really wanted to answer – Oh my, it was hard picking just one. They were all good, thought provoking questions that I know for a fact – I would over think them. But I chose this one…

    What’s worst to lie in somebody’s face or to gossip the truth about other people’s business?

    I think either ordeal is hurtful, honestly – I seriously hate when someone lies to me, especially to my face and just because the gossip is true, doesn’t mean that it’s the lesser of the two. But lying to someone’s face would be the worst to me, if I had to pick one.

    You have a brilliant mind =)

    • Well thank you for compliment and we are all smart in our own way.
      Thank you for answering this question and I understand your point of view.

      Me personally, I think gossiping is a little worst. Lying is bad and always will be but sometimes we lie when we fear hurting somebody or the consequences but it’s still not good
      Gossiping is really bad because ppl gossip when they are noisy, jealous of the person they are gossiping about, or just immature and love drama.
      They both bad but I think gossiping is worst
      Thank you for the compliment appreciate it ☺☺
      We are all brilliant in our own way ☺☺😊

      • I agree with you and you’re right, we do tend to tell a lie to cover up something that will hurt someone, so I do see your view on that. Yes, we all definitely are brilliant = )

      • I got more questions coming to in a few days and I will try my hardest to make them even harder then these questions
        Thank you for your feedback

      • Lol you’ll be fine but I will tell you now about that blog.
        I created a game called 31 questions and I asked provoking questions where you have to think and use your brain but the questions aren’t too personal it’s more of you forming your opinion.
        The reason why I picked 31 is because 31 is the number of days in a month.
        Well a month could be between 28-31 days.
        What you have to do is pick a question regarding your birth date. For example I was born on the 22nd of June so I would have to answer question number 22.
        Let’s say you was born on the 5th, then you would answer question number 5.
        If you interested in this , I will upload this on Saturday
        Do you understand the rules?

      • Okay, that doesn’t sound too painful..lol. Yes, I totally understand how it goes – afraid to to say my b-day date, you might put something up there hard for me…lol lol lol lol. But I get it…Can’t wait to see it =)

      • I already made all 31 questions
        Lol number 1, number 4, and number 5 are the hardest questions. So if your birth date number isn’t number 1, number 4, and number 5, u have nothing to worry about lol

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