Poetry Is The Power Of Life

I can’t wait until this month is over. I accomplished alot but still have a lot of work to do.  I have to start looking at other bloggers to read and learn their content. In case you guys are wondering why I am going so hard with my content, because after I just want to end the year strong and next semester is my last semester and will be giving my complete dedication  to school so starting February, I wont be really blogging as much but  I will still be active from February to May but  after January 31st I won’t be posting content until May but I still be active in the blogging community between February and May, I will take that time to really learn from you all.  January will be my last month going hard until June. Tomorrow I will upload more  questions for you to think about. Next week I will be uploading alot.

  1. Would you rather judge a person by his/her questions or answers?
  2. What’s most important your past, present, or your future?



Poetry is the power of life
that provides the light.

Expose the light
in dark areas.
Power to make it scarier
or happier
like the lord
When he throws sin away
like dirty diapers.

Poetic thoughts are like
of different colors.

High voltage
or low,
poems give me
power and light from
above and below
or poems can travel through
anything hollow,
electrocuting the souls
surrounding water or metal.

I  have two thoughts
my brain
is in between
to complete the circuit.

Certain days I have
a short circuit.
Poetic thoughts
are more destructive
than the current
in high voltage.
the flow of thoughts
in my head
like magma
inside a volcano.
I overthink
so my poetic thoughts
like a external circuit
and I need balance.
I need an equal
amount of
protons and electrons.

Half positives
and half negatives
Sometimes thoughts
stay still in place
Sometimes thoughts
move around in motion.
Protons thoughts
gives me a happy face
Electron thoughts
make my emotions
run against each other
like a race.

Poetry creates
the power of life
which helps you relate
from a point a view
that’s electrical or mechanical.

Call me Dave  the poetry mechanic

and I use my mind
to restore a person’s feelings
which are similar to car engines
and my words are synthetic oil
and traveled from my mouth
to a person’s brain
like the synthetic oil
In a funnel.
If don’t listen to my words
you are leaking info
like car leaking anti-freeze.
My words comes
from the heart
which is warm
but sometimes cold
like winter
but my words can
warn you up
like a boiler.

My brain is a water heater
divided by hot and cold water.

Certain days I’m cold
Certain days I’m hot.
Certain days I’m poetic
Certain days I’m not
but my poetry always provides
My poetry is a sperm cell
that has the power to create life.



  1. What will destroy you faster, worrying to death while being rich, or being worry free as a homeless person?
  2.  As a blogger, if you had to choose one option, would rather give up posting blogs to read other blogger’s content or would you rather have every on blogger give up the option of posting content to just read your content?
  3. Would you rather teach other’s what you already experienced in life, or learn from other’s and their experiences?


I have more questions on tomorrows blog

Have a good day


28 thoughts on “Poetry Is The Power Of Life

  1. 1. What will destroy you faster, worrying to death while being rich, or being worry free as a homeless person?

    Sadly, probability-wise, (since you is a man of science!), the elements would probably take out the homeless person before the fat cat rich bitch.

    2. As a blogger, if you had to choose one option, would rather give up posting blogs to read other blogger’s content or would you rather have every on blogger give up the option of posting content to just read your content?

    Definitely the first. No question. It was reading others….seeing the way they laid their souls bare that inspired me at first. Then it was the poetry that grabbed my soul. Next came the real people behind all of that. I only post because I want to offer something…I want to make you feel something, too. Whether it’s disgust, outrage, lust, fear, etc. I don’t mind…as long as you have some sort of reaction. My goal next year is to get more visceral in my writing. I can’t wait to see how your work develops after a break. You will be missed for sure.

    3. Would you rather teach other’s what you already experienced in life, or learn from other’s and their experiences?

    Definitely learn from others. I will be a student for the rest of my life.

    Curious what your answers are. 🙂

    • I appreciate your answers becuase I wasn’t expecting nobody to answer these lol and you did so I appreciate you ☺☺☺☺
      I loved your answer with number 2
      and I feel the exact same way you do about number 2.

      1. I will say this, physically the homeless man will probably die alot faster becuase he won’t have the appropriate nutrition and vitmans in his system to make his body function properly. He won’t have the appropriate clothing when the weather is below freezing. He won’t have the sufficient funds in order to make it day by day compared to a wealthy man. A wealthy man has the advantage but mentally him worrying will not make him happy. A wealthy is succesful but not happy. Currency becomes reduant and tedious when your lonely, have know one to share with, and when you or not living or dreams or doing what makes you happy. The effects of this will destroy your mind and heart. You can be a dead man living, a walking zombie rather if you are not doing what makes you happy.
      The homeless would probably die alot younger but when he dies, he will be at peace and accept what ever is coming to him because he made the best of his situation where as the wealthy man dies as a succesful man mixed with misery and misery more potent than success if happiness is know where to be seen around your presence.
      So I would say the rich person gets destroyed faster becuas in my point of view death and destruction means two different things.

      3. I’m only 27 so I would rather learn from others becuase I’m still young. I get a stronger joy teaching becuase I love to share my knowledge but I still have to alot to learn so at this moment I would rather learn from others becuase learning is a process that’s needed before you teach.
      If I was at least 60 years old then I would rather teach.

      Again thank you for your feedback and I enjoyed reading your answers, especially number 2 ☺☺☺

  2. 1. Difficult question I have experienced both sides. Ive earned a good salary once and worried about keeping it to keep up the life style it afforded me. When the bottom fall of the economy, I lost the job had to downsize and worried about being homeless.

    2. Have an even split have everyone read at least one post and comment.

    3. Teach others what i have experienced in life.

    • I enjoyed reading your answers.
      Number 2 was clever answer I like that ☺☺
      Number 3 I agree with you, but since I’m 27 I would rather learn as of now.
      When I get older and experience more, then I would rather teach

      Thank you for your feedback ☺☺

  3. I don’t like to judge people at all, so I can’t really judge their questions or answers. The past has happened so I can’t change it, the future hasn’t arrived so I can’t worry about it, so the present is what matters because it molds the future.
    1. What will destroy you faster? Well, they say money is the root of all evil and a rich man has many enemies who portrays to be his friends. He is always looking over his shoulder and it’s a proven fact that stress and worry can actually kill you physically. While a homeless man may not have to worry much except about his next meal and the elements, he has help and shelters. No one will help a rich man, they’ll try to rob him which will add extra stress so, being rich will destroy you faster.
    2. As a blogger I’d rather give up blogging and read others content because I’m not one that needs attention or requires it. I’m content caring what others have to say and replying to their thoughts because I believe my comments can have an impact just as much as my content can. The person who thinks they know it all really knows nothing at the end of the day. I’m interested in what people have to say, why listen to myself speak, I’m not that conceited. I’m much more interested in reading, I can learn a lot more that way.
    3. This goes hand and hand with number two. I would rather learn and the only way to learn is by listening and asking questions, not by talking and trying to teach. Criticisms are the schoolbooks from which we learn today and if you can’t take those, then you’ll never graduate. I’ll never know it all and I’m smart enough to admit that, so I’d rather learn from people and offer advice if I can. A lesson learned is a lesson earned.
    Loved this blog my man, love the fact that you are an over thinker, way better than being an under thinker! Good luck in school.

    • Thank you for your feedback
      I don’t judge people neither, well I don’t people based on what they wear or how they speak, or the type of hobbies, I judge of the answers of the actions demonstrated , another words I don’t pre-judge. I don’t judge without knowing the reasons.
      I definitly don’t judge of the questions ask. The only stupid question, is the questions that’s asked over and over and over when the answer have been explained to you MULITPLE TIMES. Even if you do ask same question over and over I
      still won’t think your stupid, I just will think you don’t listen. A stupid question doesn’t gurantee your stupid.
      Past present and future is all important to me. You learn from the past, focus on the present to prepare for the future it’s a trinity but I like your answer ☺
      I agree being a rich man who worries will get destroy fastest than the poor who is worry free, I explained this in the comment above.
      I agree with you I rather give up my content and read others, I completely agree with your answer
      Number 3 dies go hand in hand with number 2. Now I wssn’ t expecting to answer these questions in the comment section so I appreciate the feedback bro ☺☺ it means alot.
      The answer you provided for this question is perfect you said this perfectly. The answer I provided is at the comment above and I agree with you, my answer is similar to yours.
      Thank you and I always love your feedback you really be having good responses. You be having me think as well.
      Over thinker is better than being n under thinker I agree. But sometimes being an over thinker has it’s disadvantages as well.
      I appreciate the feedback bro and loved your answers 🙂🙂🙂😎😎😎

      • Like I said, I love your post and I feel we are somewhat alike in thinking. I thank you for your responses and you stay up. Keep being you. 😁😁

  4. I thought I’d answer your questions too…lol.

    Would you rather judge a person by his/her questions or answers?
    To this I would say that no, because people can say anything – it’s their actions that tell me whom they really are.

    What’s most important your past, present, or your future?
    Having dealt with some issues a couple of months ago, dealing with my past. I would say my present is the most important, it’s the only one that I can control that will have an affect on my future.

    What will destroy you faster, worrying to death while being rich, or being worry free as a homeless person?
    The bible says, to whom much is given much is required. I would say, you’d be desroyed quicker by being rich, you’ll always have something to worry about and since your money has increased; then it’s an even bigger responsibility to make sure that you’re using it wisely.

    As a blogger, if you had to choose one option, would rather give up posting blogs to read other blogger’s content or would you rather have every on blogger give up the option of posting content to just read your content?
    I’m all about service, so I would say – I’d rather give up posting to support another blogger. As a matter of fact, I try to go to everyone’s blog that likes my posts to show them a little love or I’ll take time and look at the blogs of the ones that follow me and read their content, after reading I either like it or leave a comment if it’s something I feel as though I could relate too. We’ll be very surprised at times how when we pour into others, things have a way of coming right back to us.

    Would you rather teach other’s what you already experienced in life, or learn from other’s and their experiences?
    I would rather learn, although I’m 38 and feel as though I could teach. I’m always looking to learn something new because hey, I’m not perfect and there are plenty of things that I don’t know. I loved your answer on this question by the way.

    I hate I’m going to be missing your posts but do understand about school, you gotta do what you gotta do, but you’ll be sorely missed…I’m missing you already…lol. Great poem and can’t wait to see what else you got up your sleeve.

    • Thank you for answering these questions I really appericate that and I loved your answers
      Well tomorrow I have 50 more questions coming tomorrow and I asked some difficult ones but I donxxt anybody to answer all 50 but at least one, you’ll see tomorrow.
      These 5 questions were a preview of what tomorrow is about
      Lol I appericate you saying you will miss me but I will still be around from Feburary to May, I just won’t post any content.
      I love you answer to my question about blogging on other people page. You answerrd this very well and I look forward to your future blogs as well ☺☺

  5. 1. i’d say answers, if i had to choose, but i prefer not too, because in case you don’t know the people, nor they situations, you can never really know why they ask or answer in a certain way.

    2. To me it’s the present because it’s all we know for sure. We can lose practically anything except the exact moment we live in … Now…

    3. worrying to death while being rich because if you’re not happy, money doesn’t matter. If you’re homeless, but don’t worry about that, might mean you’re an extremely positive person who will take the good out of any situation. If the homeless man/woman gets sick tomorrow, and leaves this Earth, he/she will at least have enjoyed his or her shortened life. While the rich man will have destroyed big parts of his life before death, due to excessive worrying.

    3. asking of all bloggers to do what they love just for me.. no i could never do that. Better one person giving up blogging than many others. Reminds me of this question: you’re standing in front of a burning building. You can either choose to save your relative who’s inside, or 20 strangers who are stuck in another room. What would you choose?

    4. i’m quite young so i’d say… learn more.
    when i’m older I’ll have enough time to teach. But if someone is inspired by what I do, I’ m fine with that 🙂

    This is all just my opinion 🙂
    hope you have a nice evening!

    • I just want to say thank you for answering my questions I appreciate it ☺☺
      I liked all your responses and I agree with them.

      You asked an interesting question
      and it’s a tough one. More than likely I would save my relative because it would destroy me mentally to let my relative who I have a bond with to die. The 20 strangers would bother me as well to see them die, but the relative would destroy and I would never be able to get over that.
      The only way I would pick the 20 strangers over my relative, is if the relative was over 80 years old, paralyzed, HIV infected, or just very evil

      So to answer your question it depends on the bond I have with my relative

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