Let’s Read This Story And Pick A Letter At The End

I really really need your help please read and give me an answer!





As a hardworking man
It’s Saturday, I can relax
I brought bubbles
and time to take bath
but unfortunately
interpreted by my dad.
He wants me
to do chores.
I have to wash dishes
and mop the kitchen floor.
He tells me that
in his deep voice,
then he closes the door.
When it comes to chores,
I get bored.
My own place
I wish I can afford it
Cleaned the dishes
and I just mopped the floor
I go to my dad’s room
to open the door
to see him banging
some whore.
I could barely see the whore
since she is under
the covers
and my dad is on top
of her.
Then he screams and
says “why don’t you knock”
As I watch the whore move
under the covers
to suck his cock
and my dad says
“Can you go the store
and buy some condoms?
I said “Can I take a bath first?”
He says” You can do that later, you don’t
have to go to work”
So I walk to the store
and brought mangenums
like an obedient son
plus a pack of gum.
I come back to the house
and go to his room
and I saw a dead mouse
on the floor
behind the door.
My dad says “Son
can you pick up
that dead mouse on the floor? “
I said “Why can’t you do it?”
as I hand him the condoms “
He says
“Boy are you stupid
how dare you talk to
me like this, apologize
for talking to me like this!”
I apologize to him
He accepts and says
“Your dismissed!”
So I get fed up and call
mom and tell her that
dad is sick
and need to go
to the hospital.
But I was planning
to get my dad in trouble
and expose him for cheating
Mom wasn’t suppose be home
for another 3 hours
but because of me
she will be home at this hour.
45 minutes later she walks in the house
knocks on the door
and yells
“Howard, Howard!”
The door was locked
which was confusing
to my mom.
But I know my dad
was having some fun
getting his groove on.
He opened the door
and went inside
and I’m like
yes my dad is about
to die
and he getting kicked
out tonight.
But for some strange reason
she went inside the room
and I didn’t hear any
shouting or screaming.
I went by the door
and I didn’t hear nothing.
Then all of a sudden
I heard moaning
from three voices
I’m like this is atrocious
My dad and my mom
is having a threesome.
I then tripped over my
shoelaces and turned the knob
and bust the door open.
I fell on the floor and I was embarrassed
and so were they.
Thus is a crazy Saturday
I saw my mom riding my
dad’s face.
Now I realized I need my own space.
They looked at me mad as shit and said
“Boy I’m going
to beat your ass!”
Then I heard a laugh
and it came from under the covers
and it was the whore laughing
saying “Daddy your big, you need
a bigger rubber unlike my boyfriend, he small  and  a lousy lover”
Then the whore came out
under the covers
looked at me and screamed.
I shouted ” Elizabeth!”
My parents were having a threesome
with my girlfriend.
So there you have it
as I was in tears speaking
to my therapist
reminiscing about my girlfriend
having a threesome
with my parents

Lol if you was the therapist how would you respond?


A) You would laugh at him

B) You would say, can I get a turn with you mom/ dad  rather if your a male or females reading

C) You would quit and find another profession because this story is too much to handle


D) Or would pretend to be listening but actually  be  asleep then wake suddenly right as he finishes his story and say “I’m sorry you were saying something?”


29 thoughts on “Let’s Read This Story And Pick A Letter At The End

  1. I’d choose option C! I’d quit my profession and quickly try to get my own talk show like Jerry Springer has and I would book that family as my first guess on my show. I’d make a killing on the ratings!! That’s what people pay to see…..problems and drama. 😁

  2. None of these options seems feasible. 🤪

    However, if your therapist tells you that your narcissism causes you to misread social situations, she’s probably just hitting on you. 😂😂😂😂

  3. lol I know I purposely wrote those choices, they aren’t sensible.

    That definitely is possible I know stories about that as well, people getting hit on by their therapists

  4. I’d choose A! Because this is most likely how I would respond in real life. I tend to laugh first when I ear something I just can’t believe I’m hearing. Lol

  5. I couldn’t help but laugh at this so I would pick A lol but I know that’s bad hahaha! This was excellent! 💯👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Lmao I respect your honesty. This is funny I would laugh too but not in his face tho becuase he won’t give me a co-pay.
      I would pick option D becuase I get lost on my thoughts very easily
      Your the second person to pick option A

  6. When I see the option D, I laugh because, it seems that I would do exactly the same, because crazy people can lead you to their insanity if we pay too much attention to them…. But, As a good therapist, I will avoid to hurt my patient to keep a good reputation…. Lolll… But, the option which pleases me the most is the option C… Because, for sure, this story is incredible and too much too handle, but I will not quit my profession for this, because it is my job, listenning to crazy and unbelievable story… Loll… So I don’t think any of this option would fit me…..

    • Lol thank you for answering.
      Option B is the worst choice is shows your rude and can’t be trusted.
      Option A is is also rude as well but I can’t lie this is funny but I would wait until the session is over to laugh behind his back lol. This is funny.
      Option C is most logic and sensible choice but at the same time since it’s the most polite choice but I wouldn’t want to quit my job over one bad story(unless I’m guranteed another option)
      Choice D is the choice I would pick becuase this choice isn’t as impolite as choice A and B. If your really slick it can play this off pretending that you was distracted by something and it’s still a possibility I keep my job

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