I Have Questions

I have more blogs coming and I am getting closer to my goal. I still have a lot more content to upload for you all but so far I’m making progress. I have asked a few challenging questions that I came up with on my own. I pictured myself as if I had a lie detector test so I couldn’t lie. I always find news ways to challenge myself.


Another words, what do you think you could have done or added to improve?

I think my most successful blog so far was between Who Am I? and I Love All Women (but this is for the black women)  With the Who Am I blog, I introduced myself to my fellow and it was the first blog where I really expressed my feelings. I should of made this my first post and I should of  added pictures and a logo on the blog. This blog should been a mission statement of the goals  I wanted to accomplish with blogging.  My “I Love All Women But This Is For Black Women” blog was a beautiful blog and me representing black women. I should of added more pictures and posted this on February on black history month or March which is woman’s history month. I should of use an italic font for the poem as well to make it more fancy.


Th next question I am going to ask, I didn’t come up with, someone asked me this  and I give her the glory because this was a good question

If your child had a nightmare, how would you react?

This was a good question. I would give my child encouragement. I would give my child some type of fake chain, watch, or any type of good luck charm telling my child  that it  came from God and it’s strength that will proctect you from evil and hopefully that will prevent my child from having any nightmares.


If your fiance and your sibling were graduating from college on the same day, at the same time, which graduation you attending, your fiance or your sibling?

I would attend my siblings graduation. I knew my sibling longer. I’m sure my fiance would have her family attending to her graduation. I can always celebrate with my fiance later. My sibling was there before my fiance  and my sibling is my immediate family and my sibling is guaranteed to love me.


If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

I would go back to the hospital where I was born and spend the day there and pray. Call up my nephew and tell him I love him and give him my password to my wordpress account and give all my poems  and pray to God


If you had an option, would you rather change your race/skin complexion or change your gender?

I would not want to change neither. I am proud of being a black male but unfortunately I guess I have to choose to I would choose to change my skin complexion/race. I couldn’t my gender I just couldn’t.


What’s worst, having a significant other that can’t dance or can’t kiss?

At the the end of the day, you can always learn both so it’s not a big deal but I think learning how to kiss is more important than dancing.  I can kiss, but I don’t know how to dance and I don’t like dancing that’s why I go to strip clubs and just watch strippers.


For those of you that go to church, what would you do if you saw your pastor who is married out in public with another women kissing her?

If I don’t know the pastor that well, I didn’t see nothing, I don’t know nothing. Not minding your business will get you killed. If me and the pastor are really close, I would talk with him in private and try to convince to be faithful to his wife and that God don’t like ugly and you can’t go against what you preached.


For those of you that been in  relationships in the past, have you ever broke somebody’s heart and now you feel like you made  a mistake and you wish you can go back in time and undo your mistake(Be honest)?

I don’t think I ever broke anybody’s heart but I have hurt two  girls feelings before but never serious. I don’t regret it either. The first girl that I hurt, I regret it at first because I got hurt later and I thought it was karma was catching up  to me, but I realize I made the right decision because I was honest and I told her the truth, I talked it out with her in her face and it was the right decision.


When reading a  blogger’s post and leaving comments on their blogs and I don’t get a  response back or  a like on my comment, does that annoy you?

You should always respond back to someone that leave comments on your blog or at least a like. I don’t let it get to me because some people are busy, some people are tired and it’s possible people forget so no it doesn’t really bother me but what does annoy me is   when you leave a comment and you get no response  or like which is cool no problem but then other people will also comment on the blog  after you left a comment  and the blogger will respond to everybody’s comments but not yours. You can’t even get a like for a comments . Forget a comment, but damn not at least a like. That I find a little rude but it’s whatever. Now if  your a blogger that don’t respond on nobody’s comment left on your blog then that’s cool, but when you pick and choose to who you want to respond too, then that’s a little rude to me. You should respond to everybody that comment on your blog or at least hit the like button(unless you got like over 30 comments form 30 different people and more)


What was the worst lie your ever told?

When I was depressed a few months back, I told my boss I was sick and took a week off. I was miserable and hated my job and I couldn’t take it no more. So eventually I just end up quitting. I felt bad about lying but I couldn’t do it no more, I wasn’t mentally into to it.


Have you ever got fired from a job?

I did once from Dylan’s Candy bar, but it was some bullshit. They fired me because I couldn’t work on a Sunday and I was off originally lol.

Have your ever had a pregnancy scare?

I had three pregnancy scares and it’s a fucking headache. No joke. It’s scary. After the third pregnancy scare, I learned my lesson and just had to accept that I had to learn how to use condoms. Haven’t’ had raw sex in over a year

For those of that are Christians, that read the bible what is the one thing you don’t agree with?

“Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord”, I do not agree with this. I’m sorry, but in my opinion marriage is a partnership. If I had a daughter, I would not want my daughter to submit to any man. Marriage is teamwork.  I think the leadership is divided between the wife and the husband. The wife can also lead as well. There are certain things where the wife can lead the husband, and they are certain things in which the husband can lead the wife. In the bible, it’s a few verses that says that men are the household. In the household, everybody has a role but I think women are capable of being the head of the household as well. At the end if the day, everybody marrige is different and I’m not saying it’s wrong for husbands to be the head of the household but I just don’t agree with it.

Do you believe that your spouse should come before your parents?

No! Let me tell you something, when your wife divorce you and take half of what you got and your drowning in bills, your mother gonna be the one and lend some money. Your mother gonna be the one that’s let you come back home until you save your money. If your husband put his hands on you, your father is the one the one that will either beat your husband’s ass your help you exit the marriage. When your husband cheats, your father is going to be the one that will pick up the phone at 2 AM. Remember that. Now you should love your spouse and your spouse is your priority and your parents should respect your spouse and accept your spouse but always remember your parents were the one that loved your first and taught you how to love. Some people won’t agree but this is my opinion. Now if you put spouse first, then it’s your point of view and nobody is wrong I respect that but just don’t forget about your parents.


When God destroys the Devil and Jesus returns, will all the righteous people live in heaven happily forever or is there more that we don’t know?

Nobody knows what God has store. Not even the Angels know when Jesus will return. Now let’s  think for a minute, was there always peace in heaven?There was a war in heaven. Lucifer rebelled against God and his kingdom and was cast out of heaven with a 1/3 of the angels that was on Lucifer’s side. Now God knew  Lucifer was going to rebel, but did the angels know that Lucifer was going to rebel? Did the angels in heaven know that Adam and Eve was going to eat to apple? When the angels and Lucifer was in heaven, I wonder if the angels existing in heaven right now, back when Lucifer was in heaven, did the angels knew there was going to be a war?  If there was a war before in heaven, is there always peace in heaven? Only God knows all the plans of the universe and heavens. Also the bible is man made, is everything in the bible accurate? I do believe in God and I have reasons why I do, but the bible was man written. Everything written in a book, everything you look up online is not always accurate, also I wonder around the  bible days, were there people that existed that were prophets, priest,  rulers of ancient kingdoms that are not mentioned in the bible? Our time is different from God’s time so how long do you think Lucifer was in heaven before he rebelled? 100 years, 1000 years, 10,000 years?  For those of you that believe in God, grew  up in the church, If your parents were atheists, would you believe in God? Would you still be attending church? Christians raise their kids in the church, raised their kids to put God first, if your parents weren’t around and nobody didn’t bring you in the church as a child, as an adult would you believe in God and why? Parents show us the way. When God destroys the Devil, and all the righteous people and angels are living in harmony, will another angel rebel against God?  Now is Good more powerful than Evil?  For those of you that say Good is more powerful than evil,why do more people go to hell then heaven? What’s more powerful love or addiction? What is forever? Does forever last forever?  Would you marry somebody that doesn’t believe in God?  All these questions are just questions I think about. This was the most complex question


Is rap music, devil’s music?

Some rap songs  are negative. Rap music is an addiction but anything that has an addiction comes from the devil. The devil was an composer of music, so I think the devil can poison us through all genre of  music at any time. All rap isn’t negative, rap has positives like Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Will Smith etc.


For the bloggers, do you believe in posting content form the mind and heart at all costs(meaning the possibility of losing a follower or having a heated discussion with your topic)?

Yes  I believe in posting from the heart and speaking my mind in blogging. Blogging is like my journal where I can say all my personal thoughts, my opinions on life situations, and to learn from other bloggers from their content. I always appreciate my followers because in real life, life is hell, drowning with bills, trying to find a job after school, trying to figure when I ‘m gonna leave home, getting ready for next semester, where do I wanna live in a few years, where will I be in a few years. It’s a lot going on so blogging is where I find peace and I’m sure other bloggers can agree. Blogging is my therapy, since I no longer go to therapy, blogging became my therapist.  I always respect my followers and I want bloggers to relate to my content but I have to blog from the heart and the mind. Other bloggers post  what’s best for them and post their content so  I have to do what’s best for me. Some people will relate and some people won’t. I try to avoid heated discussions but I don’t mind disagreements.  The mind is powerful and beautiful if you use your mind in the proper way to express yourself. I’s not always what you say, but how you say it. That the science behind it. How you use your words. You can talk about the most darkest, deepest, creepiest thing and make it sound beautiful but it’s how you say it. So another words I blog form the heart, don’t matter the topic, and try to express myself in a good way. On one of my blogs, 3 people told me to never apologize for your writing and your blog is not for everbody. Those 3 bloggers taught me something and I thank them for explaining that to me ☺

If this was a dating app,  let’s say they did an update where you can put your location, bio, pictures, hobbies, you know more like a dating site as well as a blogging site, would it be easier to meet people compared to all the other dating apps?

I would say yes and no. In my opinion, the fastest way to a person’s heart is words. Words can build a person up and words can destroy a person very fast. It’s easy to start a conversation on here because everybody are looking to express themselves and this is a time when people are vulnerable sometimes. The best way to a man’s heart or A woman’s heart is to relate to them with words that come from the heart.  A person can find content to relate to and you can build a connection. But  I say no as well  because, all the creeps that don’t have a life will come a build a account just to catfish, send dick pics, and ask for credit info just to pass time. So this can go either way.



I won’t ask to you to answer all these in the  comment section but pick one to answer then after you do that, comment below and ask me anything, anything  you think would be difficult for me to answer and I’m willing to answer.  Think of the most difficult question for me.

Have a good day and also comment below  if you ready for Avengers Infinity War and tell me who is your favorite Avenger?

If I have spelling errors, I will proofread this later