The Unsolved Mystery


Why do I day dream?

Unaware of what’s around me.

My eyeballs rotate,

as I stare in space,

with a blank look

on my face.

Maybe thinking too deeply

makes my brain


To others it’s scary.

Well maybe,

or could it be

that deep thinking,

is interesting

to others when they are


to me articulating

the thoughts that my brain

is processing

and it could be amazing

like staring at a pretty lady


So focus when daydreaming

don’t notice others

watching me,

wondering what I’m


because my eyes aren’t

even blinking.

Amazing or scary?

So confusing,

this will always

remain an

unsolved mystery.



13 thoughts on “The Unsolved Mystery

  1. Deep thinker, I like it and sad to say but the power to think is a mystery to some these days at times……myself included🙂. I like how you manage to find a picture for every explanation, it’s a blueprint to what you’re talking about and that’s poetic. I love your art my man, Rhythm And Poetry….you got it!

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