Magic Spell

I just want to thank my followers and  I appreciate everybody that work hard on their blogs and take pride.  I never knew how special blogging can be. This week coming I promise you all wonderful content. This week will be more positive than be last week I posted some dark content last week

I can place you under a spell with the magic word.
The power of my words will be transferred,
Upon your brain.
Make your mind servery insane.
As a magician, my words have the power to build and destroy.

I can turn a human into a toy.
Or turn a human to a puppet like a reverse Pinocchio transformation.
I have all the supplies for my preparation.

I take a nice bath to relax and make the mind clear,
Then put on my gray robe to wear,
I then purify my space,

Anoint myself with rubbing oil across my face,
Then bring the salt and holy water,
Set it up neat and organized around my circular altar
Now time to light up the candles,

and place them next to the crystals.
Now I invoke the divine,
My time to shine.
Look upon the higher power,
To bless my spell at this hour
Now I close my eyes,
to imagine and visualize,
my wish to come true.
I see an abundance light upon my sight flowing through the room.
I visualize  my wish coming true as I cast my spell on you.

Now I watch the heavens,
Then go sit down on my knees and perform meditation.
Last and not least I thank my customers for their visitation.

I ask of two things for the bloggers to do in the comment section 

1) Send me a link in the comment section of a blog of yours that you want me to read so I can learn more about you and your blogs 

2) Send me a topic in qoutes in the comment section to write a poem about and I will upload the poem on December 19th giving you a shout out (this is first come, first serve)

36 thoughts on “Magic Spell

  1. Today i just wrote how thankful i was to bloggers like you. Not only you entertain and educate us but you make sometime to read from us…. Thanks

    • Your Welcome!
      That’s what it’s all about
      I read you gratitude and I loved it
      Thank you for you gratitude.
      I understand the frustration of being a new blogger but good things come with patience.
      Sometimes not receiving comments is a little frustrating but remember always write the heart that comes first and the comments will come
      Sometimes there are people that read and don’t comment on your blog but are still effected(in a good way)
      You probably touched people that you don’t even know
      I’m always here for you coming from a fellow blogger just like you

  2. I loved this whole write up, you had me entranced like David Blaine, but without the shady business.🙂. Your words were magical indeed and you put a lot of abra cadabra talk in there, I liked it. To bad I couldn’t magically get here first😁!! Another awe performing poetic write up. Keep that magic wand you call a pen writing my man!!

    • Thank you for the comment.
      If I was a magician, you definitely would be VIP. I got more magic. This is a special month to share with bloggers my magic.
      We all got magic and I will continue to use it.
      Look forward to your future blogs as well

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