The Shadow Of Winter

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As I look up at the sky,
Wondering why it gets so dark at five.
I remind myself it’s the winter,

but I’m still reminiscing about the summer.
At this time the bats are awake,

But I stay inside for the sake,
of my protection
Too cold outside, I don’t need to catch an infection.
Shadow in the winter is visible the longest.

Besides the weather being the coldest,
Trees look dead and hopeless.

Animals choose to hibernate,

birds choose to migrate.

You look up for the stars, but you receive snow,
To cover the dead flowers since they not gonna grow.

At 5 o clock, the sky is space black.

Play with frosty the snowman , but his real name is Jack.

Always the coldest at the beginning and ending of the year.
Earth tilted from the sun the furthest this time of the year.

The wind is cold and bitter.
Night time comes 4 hours earlier unlike summer.
The truth behind the shadow of winter.








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11 thoughts on “The Shadow Of Winter

  1. Loved this, the pictures told the story and it complimented the poem well. It was an awesome read and very entertaining. Also interesting to know what’s coming out and a lot of interesting questions about bloggers and being in love or being loved by one. Love how you make the brain work my man.

  2. It’s a nice poem and I love the pictures too. Is it possible to fall in love with a blogger on wordpress? Yes. If I’m in love with a blogger, what will I do? Well till I ever reach that bridge before I know lol

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