I Just Have To Ask Why

I didn’t plan on blogging right now, but look at this blog as bonus blog. From time to to I may just surprise you with a bonus blog.

I want my blog to be like a video game and just picture as the secret level or cheat code.
A bonus blog is just extra content and mini blog for you to look at while I work on my primary original blogs. I Just may upload bonus blog from time to time 

1. When you just started talking to a girl you just met,  why lie and say you not talking to other girls if you really are?
2. If you cheating on your girl on a regular basis then why get mad as soon as she is having lunch with a male co-worker?
3. Most women do want men to lead and take charge but why do you talk to your woman as if she is a child and you trying to be too dominant?
4. Why do you lie by any means neccessary to get pussy?
5. If you love having sex with different women, why cheat instead why not remain single?
6. Now I can’t lie because I kind see where men are coming from on this, but if you want a threesome then why not just try to get a threesome while you single instead of asking your girlfriend/wife for one?
7. If you a one minute man, why do you want a threesome?
8. Why you say “These hoes ain’t loyal” or “can’t trust these hoes” if you having sex with hoes unprotected knowing that they had sex with other guys?
9. Why have sex unprotected and get a girl pregnant if you have no chance on taking care of your kids?
10. Why do you expect your wife/girlfriend to give you head all the time?(head is good but most girl don’t want to do it all the time)

For the women

1. Every time when a rich or famous man cheat, why is the reason because “niggas ain’t shit”
2. If your looking for a relationship, why would you have sex with a guy you barely know that didn’t claim you yet?
3. Why do you say you want a big dick if you know you can’t handle it?
4. Now I can understand if this was all this time but why do you get mad if your boyfriend/husband falls fast sleep right after the 1st round of sex?
5 Why do you  want to try handcuffs and a  blindfold during sex? (I think this is crazy)
6. I have seen this on Facebook and twitter, now I don’t judge but if you don’t have a car, don’t have a decent job, still living at home, why do you think your ready for a baby?
7.Why do you try to trap a man into becoming a father just to get childsupport , don’t you think it’s better to be married to a man you love 1st so your child can have both parents in his life?
8.Now when giving head, why do you get mad when a man errupts in your mouth when you know sometimes when a man climax he usually have no control or the will power to control it?
9.When you having sex unprotected, why get mad when he doesn’t pull out but yet you refuse to take plan b or any type of contra- eptive  method?
10. If your man cheated,  why take him back? and why get mad or fight the girl your man cheated with if you don’t know the girl personally?

12 thoughts on “I Just Have To Ask Why

  1. For the women

    1. NA
    2. NA
    3. NA
    4. NA
    5. It heightens your senses.
    6. Children are a blessings and today may not be the same as years to come.
    7. Stupidity and nurture; sometimes children (who grow to be adults) live what they learn.
    8. It’s disrespectful.
    9. A man who does this is either immature, plans to spend the rest of his life with her or think he’s invincible.
    10. Life is not black and white. People have many reasons why they take men back. Whenever people are upset they do or say anything/whatever. May be because the woman has no emotional connection to the other woman.

  2. Dumb question but what does NA stand for?
    Not acceptable
    6. Children are a blessing but I believe just make sure your ready finainaclly and have your priorities set first
    7. Completely agree
    8.Okay I understand this one
    9.Men that do this are immature no doubt but to be honest.
    I agree it’s possible that he wants to spend the rest of his life or if he think he’s invincible
    For men not trying to have kids but still cum inside is foolish but and I know women mostly like won’t want a guy to cum inside but let’s say if he does, and now if she not planning to have children, then why not take the plan b? Now yes she be upset if the guy don’t pullout but as well I think she should take the plan b
    10. If a girl takes a man back, I’m not judging her and I never do judge people. Sometimes it isn’t easy to move on but it hurts more to hold on. If your married with kids then I can kind of understand and it will be harder to walk away. I know woman have many reasons why they take cheating men back, but I think it’s best to forgive him and move on.
    I don’t think fighting the girl your man had an affair with don’t solve anything. Now if it’s a girl you know and she knew you had a man then yes I can see why she would want to hurt the girl. But of you don’t the girl at all, I don’t think you should take your anger on the girl tho becuase I do believe it’s mostly the man fault and he is the one that have to resist the girl that’s tempting him to cheat.

  3. Again I’m not judging I’m not but it just question I always had in my mind that’s all.
    I was always curious to know the reason to my questions.

    I’m not picking on women because I too wrote questions I have for men

    Thank you for your comment

  4. 6. Married or not, you would be surprised how many children were not planned.
    9. Has angry as she may seem, she won’t take it because she wants to have his baby. Subconsciously it’s a honor for a man to cum inside a woman.
    10. Every situation is different. What may apply to one person, may not apply to the other.

    • Number 6 is very accurate I agree.
      Number 9 is true but it’s confusing when a girl get mad when he cums inside when she wants the baby. Lol number 9 is confusing
      Number 10 everybody opioion is different and I guess we all won’t agree.
      I didn’t expect no one to comment on this so I appericate your input

    • I agree with this completely
      I actually have an answer for all 20 questions but these were questions for other bloggers to think about.
      The questions are common thing that both men and women do in which are poor decisions and it’s okay because we all make poor decisions.
      There is no correct or incorrect answer to these questions

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