Am I A False Prophet?

Before I get to the point of this blog, I have funny little dirty joke. For those you that watch marvel movies, did you see “Avengers Age of Ultron”? If you did see the movie did you see  the post Credit Scene?  The  Purple Villain at the post credit Scene is Thanos and is exact words were “Finally, I do it myself”.

That’s Thanos with his gauntlet.Another words the  picture shows Thanos and his hand.

Lol that’s what the typical  married man say to his hand” finally, I’ll do it myself” when he screws up and  his wife makes him sleep on the couch for the 5th night in a row.

Welcome To My Blog, I’m David Hockaday and you came to the right place and I came to drop some knowledge today. For those of you that don’t me, read Who Am I? and I welcome to my blog. For those of that do know me, read this  The Use Of Double Entendre

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Just want to say that tomorrow I will upload a poem “The Shadow of Winter”, 

On Friday I will upload part 2 to my 25th birthday story, please read part 1 I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1) Just to give you a brief summary, this is about how a girl I use to know was leading me on giving me mixed signals and playing games with me. I learned a lot and maybe you should read this if your in a situation where someone your talking to is giving a lot of mixed signals.

 On Monday December 11, I will upload a poem “The Unsolved Mystery”.

On Tuesday December 12, I will upload two  interesting  questions that will have you thinking .

On Wednesday December 13,  I will upload, “Get Lost in my Poems part 2” please read part 1 Get Lost In My Poems     . Just a brief summary part 1 was about me inviting my followers to a time travel machine and your going back in time switching in and out of my previous poems. It’s hard to explain you would have to read and it’s clever.

On December 15, I will upload,  “Poetry is the Power of Life”.

  On December 16th, I will upload another interesting question about life for you  to think about.

On December 17th, I will write a poem about the number ‘7’.

On December 18th, I will upload a blog explaining what is silent unity.

On December 19th, I will upload a poem in on a topic in which you will pick a topic for me and all you have to do is comment below in this blog on which topic you would like me to talk about and this is first come first serves. 

On December 20th, I will write a blog on how to build your traffic on word press/blogging and share some tips that helped me. 

On December 21st, I upload  an erotic poem.

On December 23, I will upload another deep personal question. 

On December 24, I will upload a poem “Chase the money not the p*ussy”.

On December 27, I will a personal  embarrassing experience of mines.

On December 29th,  I will upload  a poem “Don’t believe when she says I’m done with him”.

On December 30th, I will upload a poem with a multiple choice question at the end

On December 31st, well this will be a special blog that’s all I will say. 

I plan to upload as much as I can. October and November I had a lot of success with blogging and  I plan to improve every month. Not only that, I will work twice as a hard to give feedback on my followers and give generous feedback on your blogs.  I will be working hard in December and January because in the spring I won’t be blogging as much because it will  be my last semester of school and I have to take a very hard class and I have to stay focus. By the summer of 2018, god willing if I’m still blogging I will write a personal experience of my year of 2017. I have a lot of work to do but if you want to be successful at something if you have to work hard.  I encourage for every blogger reading this, challenge yourself and look at all your previous blogs. Look  your most successful blog and try to out do yourself this month with a better blog.  When it’s all said and done, I want my blogs, my poems to feel like you are watching a movie or reading a history textbook. I’m trying to make history and I want every blogger to do the same and be proud of your blogs and take pride in your work.  I’m going all out, I’m going to upload some of the most deepest, extreme topic, questions. I’m going all out for the next two months. I plan to change the world with my blogging lol. Well let me calm down, that’s too far but  I want be different from everybody else and I encourage you all to be different. Don’t be like nobody else, be different, be unique, share your thoughts.   A  few questions to all the fellow bloggers(no need to comment below but just think), if you had to share your blog with the world, what blog would you pick to share with the world? What do want to accomplish with blogging?  If you had to delete a blog of yours, what would it be? What blog of yours got the most likes? What blog of yours got the most comments? Who is your favorite blogger? Out of all your bloggers, who is your biggest supporter? If it wasn’t for blogging, how would you release your content? If you could pick a blogger to meet in real life, who would you pick? Another very personal deep question, do you think it’s possible to fall in love with a blogger on word press and if you are in love with a blogger, what would you do about it? In fact, what if you was in love with a blogger that was already married, would you stalk his or her page, or would you delete him/her so you won’t be distracted? The few questions that I asked, no need to comment just think about it



Men will escape reality when speaking

confusing reality with dreaming.

Revealing the names of women

for the positive attention

like a Superbowl celebration.

He gets an applause,

he gets his props,

boasting about all

the money and women

he got.

Say he dealt with dimes

but won’ t tell you

he had to pay

for their time.

Either he paid for it,

or got rejected

Everything he

says is


Ever work with

a guy at your job


said he could

smash every girl

he work with?

Do you really believe

that shit?

It sounds believable.

He has a way with

words with the people.

He has charm

that’s appealing

but where is your


Wake the fuck up

and realize the lust

will remain lust.

Another words

it’s like dogs that

can’t fight

but just do

a lot of barking.

He always

swear ever girl

in sight

rather loud

or shy

or perhaps

a dike

“If I wanted too

I could fuck”

he says that

statement a lot.

Thoughts that

dwell on my brain

“Well go ahead, why not?”

He gives reasons

which seems valid

but they really are invalid

when I think about it?

“I’m too old or

the old me would

hopped right on it.

Just excuses

one after another

like a deadbeat father

on why he can’t see

his kids.

You thought he was


and had

a way with words

like the old Kanye West.

Most people will

take heed and accept

but I will expose every

little secret

and expose him

as a false prophet.

Don’t I remind you of

of J Cole?

Don’t I seem talented?

Or am I’m really the false prophet

in this poem

and I’m trying to

hard to sound poetic?


Btw this is for the bloggers that never heard of me, if you married or have a girlfriend/boyfriend, comment below if you have a anniversary coming up and I will write you a poem to spice up the romance if you reblog this to your followers lol. Check out the link Can I Be Your Ghost Writer?


25 thoughts on “Am I A False Prophet?

  1. This is from your preamble ; “this is about how a girl I use to know was leading me on giving me mixed signals and playing games with me”. You know some times these girls really don’t know who they are; I mean, they are just trying to find themselves and are just learning how to live, how to treat themselves and others; it’s not personal so don’t take it personally.

    • I do appericate your comment and I do agree with what your saying, however there’s more to the story tho becuase people do purposely play games with you and some people know what they doing
      This is just a story I decided to post up to see if other people relate. I’m over the situation now that happen two years ago. I’m describing how I felt at the time, I don’t feel that way now I forgave her already but it still an experience I wanna share with other bloggers because heart breaks are common

  2. I always love reading your blogs, by the way – is that a pic of you up top? (, Yesssss, you’re going to be a busy, busy, busy bee this month I see; I’m so proud of you and what you are doing to keep your blogging up, that’s great! Well, I’ll post this week and next week but after next week, I’ll be out until January. I’ve been consistent since the beginning of the year, taking a little break but will still be working on content for January, just not posting anymore after next week for December. Loved the questions, you asked the bloggers to think about, I could’ve answered a couple of those. Oh and here’s my double entendre “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me.”

    • It’s bloggers like yourself that gives me the strength to continue. As I always say to you and to the other fellow bloggers, we are here to support each other. I try to give twice as much lol but only in the blogging in person I don’t want to receive nor I give lol. We all need a break and you deserve it. I’m taking mind break in Feburary.
      The picture at top is J cole. He wrote a song called false prophets and in the 1st verse he was talking about Kanye west. J Cole is a rapper and he is talented. So when I wrote this poem I was discussing about how it’s always that one guy that brags about everything and women is usually what men brag about. But alot time most men just talking shit thinking they can smash every girl he talk to thinking he was charm with the ladies but usually he is lying, over exaggerating or paying for sex but to the people he brag to they kiss his was and believe everything he say. So I wrote a poem criticizing the men that brag about all the women he can get or money he got. At the end of this poem, I said I could be the false prophet becuase I could just use this topic just to write a good poem to sound poetic and motivational when really I could be the guy that’s really the one bragging about what I got.
      I don’t think most people would get this poem unless I explain it

      • Well, I’m glad you explained….Sad I didn’t know J. Cole when I saw him…lol lol. I see what you’re saying in your poem now basically, things aren’t always what they seem. I like it, you have very deep thoughts about things and a way of looking at things in ways that people will miss. Good Job!

    • “If I said You Had a Beautiful Body, Would you hold it against me”
      I know what this means.
      Will I hold my physical body against yours and the statement you said, would I use what you said against you in the future
      That’s the comparison
      Hold on means to grab or lean against and I could hold on to what somebody said in my mind as a promise and use it against you in the future

      • Yes, correct. Would you hold it against me is an expression asking if you would be offended, but in this case, it can also be read as asking the person with the nice body to physically hold it against him. You were on point, I like that!

  3. I am so looking forward to the next few months and seeing all that you come up with! Just the questions that you brought up here on this post made me think a lot already. Keep it up. 😊

    • Yeah I have alot work to do but I think it will be worth it
      Lol those questions I just came up with on the spot and I got more coming this month
      I thank you for your support 🙂🙂

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