I Hate Christmas

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The worst holiday of all time.
The time of year we see lights shine.
Different colors from all others.
House filled with  decorations is
how we choose to celebrate it.

But Christmas to me is corrupted.
Lol they say it’s the best time of year,
but I don’t care because life is
not still not fair.
Is Christmas really for the middle and poor class?
Prices are expensive out the ass.
The retail stores I drive right pass
like a man that passes gas.

They say material things don’t matter
so I won’t buy my girlfriend a gift.
On Christmas Day I predict
she will be upset so I ask her
“What’s the matter?”
Awe she becomes sadder,

so I say
“I thought material things didn’t matter,
I thought it was the inside that counts?”
Now all I see is a big ass frown.
I don’t get it because I don’t need a Christmas present.

Some of you will say this is the time we celebrate the birth of Christ
but what about those that don’t believe in Christ?
Now I do believe in Christ and always have all my life
but why we express our love for Christ by exchanging presents?

Presents make people desperate
and behaviors shock me like electric.

In some areas, the crime rate goes up.
Jesus scarficed his blood

but we shed blood
and year after year
bodies flows like a flood.

This tells that you should
not trust
and save your bucks
For the poor,
times are tough.
Being broke will make a little
kid hate Santa clause
and heartbroken
when he see him
at the mall.

Tears from his face
is wet like
the water on jersey shore.
In ancient history
Christmas started as a religious

But elements of pagan
festivals were
integrated into the
Christmas celebration.
Christmas been commercialized
with merchants counting
on the Christmas season
to bring the lions’ s share
profits each year.
Children come to expect
to receive large number
of expensive gifts from
Santa each year.

Adults feel pressured financially
and as well mentally
as they struggle to create
an celebration that’s outstanding
providing the perfect food
drink and decoration for
their families.
It’s very difficult
to simplify Christmas
and to focus on its origin



12 thoughts on “I Hate Christmas

  1. I understand this feeling very well. We are quick to celebrate what we do not understand irrespective of its sacredness.

    And then we go broke trying to impress and satisfy over what could have cost us little or nothing but the love that comes with it.

    Salient points you have raised! 👌

  2. You hit the spot with this one, at least for me. The last quote you have there, wow, there’s so much truth in it. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one with these feelings towards a holiday. Thanks for sharing. 💯👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. Yeah thank for you reading! Holidays are overrated because I look at it as an excuse for people to supposedly come together with their families and celebrate. People wait until holidays to pretend that they are functional families existing in peace. But right after the holidays people go back to their fucked up ways

  4. The most greediest time of the year in my opinion. The reason Black Friday exist, so we can give thanks for what we have, nevermind how we got it😁!!! An excuse for families to come together and play nice for the week and remember each other’s name. It’s mostly for the kids unless the adults take the fun out of it like they did Halloween!
    Another wonderful on point poem and I do see where you come from with your feelings toward this holiday as everyone continue to put on mask and celebrate this festive holiday that has had the fun removed from it long ago by the greed of society.

    • Thank you for your support! Black Friday is a pain in the ass
      I loved Christmas as a child but as I got older I realized Christmas is really a corrupted holiday that takes away the true meaning of what it really means
      Thank you for your support

      • No problem man, like you said the holiday unmask the true meaning behind families. As a kid, it’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam but when you do get older, you do get wiser. It’s sad.

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