I Am Thankful 

I have wrote 34 blogs since December 1st and today is my 35th blog for this month. This blog is the last blog of the year and I am thankful for blogging. I am thankful for every one of my followers. I am thankful for all the followers that hit the like buttom my blogs. I’m even more thankful for the followers that are consistent in  leaving me comments on my blogs. It means a lot to me that their are bloggers out there that appreciate my content so I wanna give a special thank you to my consistent followers that are consistent in reading and leaving comments on my blogs.  I won’t mention names but there are about 15 of you that I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart and those 15 followers gave me the motivation to open up and to work hard to upload 35 blogs this month. I am even more thankful that I was nominated for  the Liebster award from five different bloggers. I think this might be my last blog until May. I think I am going to take a break from blogging for a while so I can focus on school. I’ve been working very hard  blogging content and it’s taking time away from school and my other responsibilities. I will be around to give feedback but I will take a break from posting for a while that’s why I uploaded so much content this month to make up for the months of Januray to May 

I give a special thanks to

Mrs.Sharon Afriye


Harotian Essentials



I really appreciate them from the bottom of my heart. I decided I won’t  accept the nomination but I appreciate this award and I will answer the questions that each of these bloggers left on their blogs for the nominees.

Mrs.Sharon Afriye Questions

Have you thought about quitting as a blogger and do something else?

I been blogging for four months and I am enjoying it so far and I haven’t thought about quitting whatsoever but I will be taking a break from blogging from January  – May to focus on school

Have you thought about quitting what you’re currently doing and blogging full time?

It does cross my mind sometimes it does because blogging is something  that I love to do. Studying for school get tedious and looking for a job after you graduate is another pain in the ass to the point you get tired of working hard. Blogging is a lot of work but blogging comes from the heart and I love it. I like school and I want my degree and I want a good career but every once in a while, sometimes I just rather start my own business such as blogging instead of working for a boss. I worked seven jobs and sometimes I get tired of working for a boss. I rather answer to myself but I don’t have these thoughts often, just once in a while.

Do you ever experience writer’s block and how do you deal with it when you do?

Of course I experience writer block. One time, I wrote a poem about having writers block. I use to try and force myself to write poetry but now I just let it come to me. Another words, when a bad situations approaches me, I overthink very hard and when I start overthinking, I write my thoughts down in poetry format. Also I read other poems and watch spoken word on youtube to give me motivation

When you seem to have no time, how do you make the time to keep blogging?

I set a schedule at night before  I go to bed or through out the day when I have nothing to do, I will write a poem and upload it before midnight

Would you ever quit blogging and what would make you quit?

As of now, I have no thoughts to quit blogging as of now. I don’t know how I would feel in the future, but the only way I will quit blogging is if I become a famous poet.


elisgraci questions

  1. Describe yourself in one word.   
  2. If you would be an animal for one day, what would you be? Why?
  3. If it’s the end of the world, what are you going to do on the last day?
  4. You’ll be given a super power, teleport or fly? Which one will you choose? Why?
  5. If you will win 1 million pounds, list 5 things you will do immediately after getting the money.
  6. What song best describes your life?
  7. If there’s one dead person (famous or not) who will be given life again for a day, who would you like it to be? What are you going to tell or ask him/her?
  8. Name one food you will never eat. Will you change your mind and eat it if somebody will give you money in exchange of eating that food?
  9. How would you like your family or friends to remember you?
  10. If you will be given an immortal life, would you accept it or not? Why?

 1. Understanding

2. I would be a hawk because I would want to fly and I would want to be on top of the food chain.

3. I would go back to the hospital where I was born and I would pray all day and give my nephew my poems.

4. I would want to fly so I can be above everybody and see down below. Ever since I was a kid I always though flying was cool

5. I would save my money. I wouldn’t spend a dime. I would still keep working to save more money.

6. Good question I could name a lot. Tsu Surf ft Joe Budden conversations.

7. I would want to see Malcom X alive and I would love to spent the day with him. I would ask him where he got his confidence from, how does he feel about marriage in the bible since the bible states men are the head of the household, is he proud of black people in this generation, whats his favorite movie, and where he buy his suits from

8. I would never eat tuna fish. Only for a million dollars or more I would eat tuna fish

9. I would like my family and friends to remember me as being quiet, understanding, and reliable 

10. As much as I would want to accept immortal life, I couldn’t accept. I was created as a human so I will die as a human. Only after death I would want to be immortal. Besides if someone was willing to offer me immortal life, I would think it’s a trick or a setup.



Harotian Essentials Questions

  1. How did you get into blogging?
  2. Was there anyone close to you that discouraged you from blogging? If so, how did you handle it?
  3. What inspires you to blog?
  4. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
  5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a blogger?
  6. What would you say are your best personality traits?
  7. What are your (5) favorite songs? Why?
  8. If you had one wish to better this better our world, what would it be and why? (Describe in 250 words or less)
  9. What are your favorite (3) quotes that inspires you to get through hard times?
  10. What would you like to accomplish through your blog?



1. It was random. I was looking at this girl’s Instagram and she had link which was a link to her blog. I read her blog and I was very interested and I wanted to learn about other people and give feedback and opinions so I decided to create a blog account on August 19th 2017.

2. No, none of my family members know that I have a blog website and  I plan to keep it that way.

3. I been writing poetry for three years and I gave my poetry to family and close friends to read and they love my poems because they are relatable so relating to others is what inspires me to keep blogging

4. That’s a good question, I think I might be a famous blogger, I think my blogs may be in a magazine but I got a long way and a lot to learn about blogging.

5.  I wrote a post about that Is It All About Likes/Comments When It Comes To Blogging? this post talks about the techniques to use and I provided some important pointers to all bloggers rather new bloggers or experienced bloggers

6. I guess I am understanding, considerate, unpredictable, but sometimes I think this is a disadvantage as well.

7. conversations – tsu ft Joe budden, the ghetto – beanie sigel,  black love – Papoose ft. Nathaniel,  Ride for my n*ggas – Beanie sigel,  Unborn child – tupac

8. A couple of things to better this world. I would find a way to help the ghetto. In fact what I would do is have the ghetto and the rich switch places for a year so the rich can see what it’s like in the ghetto and how hard it is because a lot of rich people(not all) were handed everything and yet look down on the poor.  I would want to show the ghetto that life is unfair and nothing is guaranteed but you can achieve better things in life through hard work and dedication. It won’t be easy but it’s possible and I would want to show to ghetto that the rich is not perfect and they too have hardships as well maybe not financially but they too have hard times.

9. The first two quotes are quotes that I made up, “Jealously is more common than loyalty”, “Never apologize for something that’s not you fault” and this quote  I don’t remember word for word but this is by Tsu Surf ” Disappointments  are guaranteed when you give a fuck”

10. By time time next year, I hope to have 1000 followers.


                      nickosale questions 

1. What ever made you to consider blogging? 

2. What’s your fuel for blogging. 

3. How do you think your blog is helpful to others.

4. How like is the the response from your following and fans?

5. How different do you think is the art of blogging and writing from other creative arts?


1. Was looking at this girl’s Instagram  and I clicked on a link which led to her blogging account. I read some of her blogs and I got addicted and I was curious to learn about other bloggers plus  I had a lot to share

2. My fuel for blogging comes from God, then it comes from other bloggers and my followers. A select few of my followers gives me motivation to continue to blog.

3. I feel like my blog is very releatable because I talk about situations that I have or what others been through and some of my blogs are lessons for people to learn

4. I average about 30 likes and 2 comments on my blogs as a total

5. I feel like with blogging I am in control in which I can voice my opinion and talk about any topic I want to talk about



 notesbomb questions


  • Have you thought about quitting as a blogger and do something else?
  • Have you been faced with a stubborn reader that insists you should delete your blog post because he/she doesn’t think it is appropriate?
  • If you were to choose between blogging and being paid $1m what would be your choice?
  • What is your most liked blog post that your readers loved?
  • What is your greatest challenge as a blogger?



I been only blogging for four months and I love blogging and I have no interest in quitting but I will be taking 4 months off from blogging

I have not been faced with a stubborn reader  that suggested  I should delete my blog post but I have dealt with annoying bloggers and annoying comments

I would rather continue blogging because I blog about my personal thoughts and what’s in my heart and you can’t put a price on my thoughts or what’s inside my heart

My most liked post that readers love was I Love All Women (but this is for the black women) . Only blog with more than 70 likes

My greatest challenge so far was the month of December. I decided that I was going to upload every single day exposing my deepest thoughts. It was hard trying to keep up with a schedule. On my Am I A False Prophet? blog, I told my bloggers all the content I would be uploading on each day of December and most of the blogs I wrote from scratch. I just randomly picked topics I decided to talk about. For the average blogger, that read the top of my “Am I A False Prophet?” it seemed liked I had a plan, but I was just going with the flow.


I have meet all kinds of different bloggers and I wish I could meet some of you person. I never realized how much love I would have for blogging. I wish I didn’t have to take this break but I have alot things to handle in my personal life. I will still be around to from to time but I won’t be as consistent in giving feedback on other’s blogs and I definitely won’t be posting anymore content no time soon. I wish everybody luck and Happy New Years 

Questions to think about

1) Do you believe in New Years Resolutions?  Me personally I don’t, I don’t need to wait until a new year approaches to make goals. New Year Resolutions are overrated

2) For those of you like myself that lives in New York, do you want to stay in New York forever or do you want to move down south? Me personally, I would like to move down south where it’s more quiet. New York is too crowded

3) Was 2017 a good year for you and did you accomplish alot? One accomplishment for me was I did started a blogging and that was huge to me but to be honest, 2017 was a set back. This wasn’t the best year. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I ever had a good year. I always feel like I can do better but maybe I’m just my worst critic

4) What’s the big lesson that you learned this month?  I learned that if you have kids and a wife/husband, keep them off of social media  and don’t mix family with business because if you have an enemy on social media that knows you and your family, they will use your family against you and say something about your kids. One guy called this other guy’s daughter a ugly bitch. He did that because the other guy was posting text messages and naked pics of his wife and exposing his wife for cheating 

5) Why do you think people kill other people for the smallest, dumbest reasons? Well I think addiction is very powerful an being addicted to anything can corrupt a person’s mind 

6) Have you lied to somebody recently? I lied to somebody yesterday. I was wrong but here’s why I did it. This guy is a nice guy an we did bible study together in school. Now that school is out, he want me to go to his church on Saturday for worship. He texted me on December 23rd which was a Saturday “Okay, see if you can come to a service this Saturday to continue your study and to receive God’s blessing before the new year”  I told him I couldn’t make it but I will try to attend service next Saturday. So he texted me the time of service. On Christmas day, which was a Monday, I texted him “Merry Christmas” and I didn’t get a reponse. He didn’t respond until 3 days later.  I’m not so annoyed that it took him 3 days to respond but it was how he responded. His words were “Hey David, how are you?, I’m looking forward to see you on Saturday. Even though a some snow  maybe scheduled to fall that should not stop you right…lol” that comment got me annoyed because first of all it took you three days to respond to my text and when you did respond, you don’t  apologize for the late reply or even say merry Christmas or ask about how my Christmas was but yet you want to invite me to church with you. Everything is just about business. Where was he for three days when I texted him “Merry Christmas” on the 25th. Now that we getting closer to Saturday, all of a sudden wants to hit me up asking me wondering if I’m still going to church. So I lied and said I had an emergency at home and I can’t make it. The problem that I have with church is alot of members in the church want attention and only concern is increasing the population of the church. That’s fine but you should be a little understanding towards the members of the church. Give people breathing room and allow them to go to church when they are ready. Stop pressuring members to join the choir, to join the usher board, to join the drama club. The church will do everything in their power to be on top of you to make sure that you are going to church but won’t give you a call, won’t say happy birthday, won’t do you any favors. Church members are friendly with you inside the church, but once they leave they building you won’t hear from them unless it’s  something to do with the church.  The church need to stop pressuring people and learn to get to know your members not just on a spiritual level but relate to them and have conversations about them regarding politics, sports, relationships, problems at work.  Not only you pray and give them bible scriptures to read but help them and try to give them advice. Damn I could of made a blog about this lol 

One important thing I learned from blogging is to never apologize for your content. I won’t say any names but on my “I will never forget my 25th birthday post part2” two people told me to never apologize for my content being too long. Your followers are here to read your blog becuase they want too and if they feel like it’s too long, then they can leave. I want to say thank to the two bloggers that told me this on my “I will never forget my 25th birthday part 2” post. In fact I thank all the bloggers that read that post and leave comments. I really really want to thank all the bloggers that read, liked, left a comment on my “Who Am I” post becuase I really shared alot of personal stuff on that blog and the comments really movatived me and gave me the strength to do better, not just in blogging but I’m my life as well. I wasn’t even expecting people to comment on that blog.

Anyway I think I said enough and I will miss uploading blogs for the next 4 months but I will still be here to give feedback and learn from each and every one of you. In a way I will still be present becuase I will still be here to read your blogs and give feedback for the next four months, the only thing is I won’t upload another post until May so I can focus on my personal life. I uploaded 124 blogs since August and I am tired and a little worn out so I meed a break. I tried my hardest to entertain my bloggers. Can’t lie sometimes I wish I can make a career from blogging becuase blogging is where I’m free mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. But I can’t rely on thing to make me happy so that’s why I need this break. But most of all my real happiness comes from learning from you bloggers and reading your content.Hopefully when I come back in May, my writing will develop and my mind will have expanded. I don’t give advice but I will say this to all bloggers, always blog from your heart no matter how dark, corny, sad, annoying your thoughts may be. It’s your blog and your free to talk about what you want and remember nobody will appreciate your content or blog like the way you do except God(unless you don’t believe God). Take care everbody 

                            For the followers that will miss me, I will still be here I just won’t post no content that’s all and this blog was a blog expressing my gratitude.






This Is A Cold World 

This is real
and time kills
The stress is
what I feel.
Living in a nightmare
since birth
I ask myself
“Am I cursed?”
Things just got worst
Overthink shit
becuase life is a bitch.
Walk and walk around
all over town.
Contemplating and imagining
wishing things was different
My mind and personality is insipid.
Failed to take leadership
of my priorities.
Tired of responsibilities
Time to take the easy way out.
I need a cheat code
to defeat the boss of each level.
In the mirror I see devils
whispering in my ear
telling me
“God don’t exist here”
I’m tired of working for
a boss
I want to be my own boss.
I’m lost.
Who am I kidding
I been lost,
mentally and spiritually.
Should I turn to Jack Daniels?
Devour liquor like sharks
devour people.
“All men are created equal”
This is hysterical
becuase the man that wrote this
is on Mount Rushmore.
I will never go to visit Mount Rushmore
becuase I don’t look up to slave owners.
Freedom in America is overated.
It’s hard being a man,
especially a black man,
darkskin or tan
most lack funds
to carry out the plan
to live the American dream.
I blame America
for bombing Nagasaki
and Hiroshima
Later on our sercets
we’re stolen from russia.
One day in the future
there will be another
world war.
More blood and gore
then a mortal combat
Violence and pain
is more common
than peace and happiness.
Slavery existed since ancient days.
From Egyptians
to Babylonians
to Persians
to Greece
to Romans.
Picking cotton in the 1700’s
and 1800’s
Jim crow laws existed
between late 1800’s to mid 1900’s
If you think about it,
humans were easily
living past 100
back in ancient days
Humans were twice
the size back then
compared to the humans
Where did black people come from?
Where did Spanish people come from?
Where did Asains come from?
If Tupac and Biggie Smalls were white
do you think their murders would still be a mystery?
Why do we have black history?
Why can’t white and black combine together
and just be history?
White and black is always a label.
I missed days when I watch Disney movies
and fairytales.
I thought happily ever afters was guaranteed.
That’s all a big dream.
The older generation think we’re lazy
That might be true maybe.
Technology makes life more complex.
Owners of businesses will work you to death.
They don’t give a fuck about you
or your kids.
They still expect you to come to work
while your sick.
In high school, kids and even teachers
prejudging you every minute
Now days beef gets personal becuase niggas will bring your kids into it.
This what happens when you mix family
and busniess.
Kids robbing and killing their parents over Jordans.
As a kid, Michael Jordan was my hero, but now to me he is a asshole.
He don’t give a fuck about the poor.
His sneakers the poor can’t afford.
Why can’t he lower the prices?
We have a president that clueless
and he don’t respect women.
A man will kill another man over a women.
A woman will be a side chick to man
and wear the title proudly
becuase of jealousy.
Humans are the crack
Humans are the cocaine
Humans are the acholic beverages
Humans are the HIV/AIDS
Humans are wicked
Guns aren’t evil,
but the person that pulls the trigger
is the real devil
A man can take your life without
pulling the trigger
by stealing your wife.
But is it really called “stealing”
If your wife is voultnerairly cheating?
Being deceiving, sending nudes
behind your back
while you break your back
providing her a lifestyle
and yet she fucking another man
with out using a Trojan or a lifestyle.
Men are just as bad and it’s sad.
A man will live a double life,
get his girl pregnant
while all along he had a wife.
Lie about his name and age
just to get pussy.
Taking advantage of a girl
that’s naive.
She gets heartbroken
when she find out the truth.
The truth hurts becuase the
facts are rude.
Imagine if you was this girl,
would you trust another
man in this world?
Life is cold,
when you gotta get an abortion
and kill a baby that you wanted
becuase you love a man
that promise you
that you are in his future plans.
Ya takes pics and you post them
On Instagram.
Brag to all your Follwers
and friends
until you get pregnant.
He telling you to get
the abortion
and he don’t
take you to clinic.
Now you tell your parents.
Mother is ashamed and disgusted
Well maybe it’s her fault
for being too strict and not understanding.
Saying No to everything is not
protecting you daughter.
It’s pushes her futher and further
away from her mother
and closer into men that are abusive
mentally or physically or both.
Video games are addictive
I remember when I was a kid
They said it poisonous to a kids mind
They say video games is a waste of time.
Parents act mature around their children
but around other adults they don’t like,
they act immature ,some act worst then
the children.
Sometimes parents can be the biggest hypocrites.
Sometimes as an adult, you can learn from children.
Sometimes we fail to protect our children
from the rapist and it makes me sick to my fucking stomach when muthafuckas say victims are the scapegoat.
Listen I don’t care how tight her dress or how short her shorts are,
nobody deserves that.
People have issues and through their anger and issues animals get abused.
Torture and slaughter of animals is evil.
Dog fighting is common and this was not God’s intention.
Wealth imbalances, Famine, Diseases, War and terrorism, Addictions, racism and unemployment
having me fearing the future
worrying I’m going to die young
or be a bum searching for crumbs
for not taking school serious.
I do take education serious
but I’m delirious
without my therapist
becuase I keep over thinking
for a hundred different reasons
and I’m addicted to over thinking.
I hate giving advice when people
ask for it because I feel like a hypocrite.
Everything in this poem I mentioned
is what I think about over and over.
One day I fear it will be my last
and a voice says to me
“Game over”
Beginning of November I posted
a “Meaning of Fear” post
but that wasn’t a third of what
I really fear
I don’t know what’s in my future

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Orange Is The New Scar(Please Answer The Question I left At The Bottom)

I left a multiple choice question at the end of this poem and comment below what you think the answer is



Give instructions

to assist them

from avoiding obstructions

and help the brain of others


Everywhere we go

let them know

there is the code of conduct

but it’s on them to follow.

Some people are just to shallow

to adapt.

Shallow like a puddle

since the days of

blowing bubbles.

Teach them

facts of life

as a child

but still a chance

they will turn wild

and out of control

drinking patron

instead of doing

something productive.

They will learn sooner

or later

that mistakes

make them become


We try our hard hardest

to demonstrate discipline

to the ones

that are disheartened

to give them access

to  confidence

in their spirits

Some spirits will

get lifted

but some people

actually get lifted

from a controlled


which led to


that are atrocious

like driving

while intoxicated

which increases the

murder rate.

Murder or manslaughter

however you choose

to define it

another kid

minding his business

been permanently


Dreams of playing

in the NFL

have been eradicated.

Dirty tires from


ended his high career.

Paralyzed from the

waist down

and angry

that he can’t jog

around town

like he use to.

His dreams

swept under a rug

like dust with a broom.

So now he becomes consumed

with revenge

so he get addicted to mushrooms

to escape the reality

What happened to this

young man was a tragedy

so now he has a strategy

on his enemy

that took him out accidentally.

He makes a call

to the drug lord

in the penitentiary

offering him money

to eliminate his enemy

like deleting 

saved documents

on a flash drive.

He just gave


to exterminate a life

that he didn’t create

Now you understand

the process of

how we increase

the murder rate.

His enemy pronounced

dead 3 hours later

and his funeral was

1 week later.

People at the funeral service

were shocked

as soon as they

see a man in a

orange jumpsuit

arrived at the ceremony.

Who is the guy in the orange jumpsuit?


1)the drunk driver’s dad

2)the drunk driver’s brother

3)the drunk driver’s  cousin

4)The drunk driver’s uncle

hint “orange is the new Scar”



On tomorrow’s blog I will post the right answer and explain the hint more


A Special Lady

I just want to let you know that the year is almost over. Originally I was planning to take a break from blogging in February but I think December 31st, will be my last post until the middle of May. I love blogging so much, this is the only time where I find peace in my life. The only time where I’m stress free. I won’t get into details but I will talk more about this in May. I love blogging but blogging can be a distraction and I have to get my priorities straight first. I have a lot things in my personal life to take care of. After today, I will upload 2 more post tomorrow and a special post on December 31st and I will take my break. This post and the next 2 post I will upload are special and I wanted to share something with you that is special before I take my break


I choose to lead
and move with peace
like a land breeze
coming from the blue sea.
Just like the sea
I think deep
I act sweet
like Lipton tea
and never have
and never will cause grief.
I chase you
like a wolf that
chase sheep.
When I sleep
your face
gives me a perfect dream
to be brave
like Martin Luther king.
For every defeat
I will try twice as
hard to seek victory.
Combined your territory
with my territory.
I write and speak seductively
and luckily or should I say hopefully
if you choose me
I will help you sleep in peace
Others choose to behave ineffectively
I act more appropriately
treating you like a lady
Nobody can treat you like me
I can be your summer breeze, 
a light wind moving
45 degrees
traveling north east.
Light your night up
like time square in
New York City.
I’m the healthiest fruit
on the apple tree
You won’t regret  picking me
and I can make you proud
like God was
when it came to Able’s offering.
I’m the flowers and leaves
during the spring.
I’m at my peak
and I’m here to feed
your mind intellectually
and last but not least
I will service your needs sexually
and cunnlings is my speciality.
I can blindfold you
While I perform cunnlinings
on you
and place you on top
of the washer machine.
Provide you with thick meat,
that barbecue meat
to restore you health
and give you protein.
Rather the first date,
3 months or after our wedding
practice  intercourse safely
Also will protect and provide you
with a lifestyle that’s
so gorgeously
like the promise land
flowing with milk and honey.
I’m just a bear that’s wants honey
Your the hive
I’m the bee
that stings
disater and misery
that approaches our territory.
Displince is in my genes
Honor is hereditary in
my family.
A relationship is short-term
to the average male that’s ordinary
The intimacy of marrige
is the wonderful journey
and that’s the direction I’m heading
and each day I will write in my journal
describing the interaction between
me and you.
I will overcome the temptation of every pretty lady
because know one can compete with
you spiritually.
I will open up to you emotionally.
Communication before sex is my dictionary
Silence is not part of my vocubalry.
We will interact socially and keep our
busniess privately
away from social media
avoiding the jealous divas.
Words can’t express to you
that I am a keeper.
So I will give you this poem
much much later
3 years into the future
When I propose to you
to show you I think ahead of time
like a criminal committing a crime
and dodging cops  from doing time.
You are a life sentence I will
I’m the period and your the sentence
I’m here  to complete you.
I can’t live without you
I wrote this 2 years ago
and I chose  today to read this poem to you
for one reason
I  just asked your dad for permission
and I will ask you this question this
Will you marry me?


Passion Vs Dedication(Which one is more important)

What’s more important in a relationship, Passion or Dedication?
What carries the relationship further, Passion or Dedication?
What’s more important as a college student as far as achieving good grades, the Passion or Dedication ?
What’s more important to have when it comes to a job, the dedication or passion?
Is passion nothing without dedication?
Is life boring if you have the dedication without the passion?
If you had to choose between the two as far as all areas in your life such as working, being married, participating in hobbies, extracurricular activities, raising your kids, which would you pick, Passion or Dedication?
What would life be like if you was the only person in the world with passion without dedication as far as living your life but everybody else had dedication without passion to do things in life?
What would the world be like if you was the only person in the world who had the dedication in all areas but no passion in life but everybody else was filled with passion but had no type of dedication whatsoever?
Based on the last 2 questions, if life was how I described based on those last 2 questions, how hard do you think it would be to exist with the rest of the world?

Passion is a feeling intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something

Dedication is a feeling of a very strong support for or loyalty to someone or something

Passion is important. Passion is associated with physical attraction and intense emotional arousal. Passion comes from the heart. Passion comes with romance, and romance makes the relationship or anything you participate in more energetic and activated.

Dedication as well is important. Dedication is associated with honesty, loyalty and scarfice. Dedication comes from your integrity and morals. Dedication comes with good karma(maybe not right away). Dedication will make you trustworthy in the eyes of other people. Dedication builds you character in a positive way


In this world, most of us would agree that you need passion and dedication and one can’t exist without the other. Passion and Dedication go hand in hand, but imagine you had to pick one just one, would you rather live in this world without no passion in your heart or no dedication in your character?

Passion Vs Dedication


Think about it


Don’t Believe It When She Says “I’m Done With Him”

Ever felt like you was getting somewhere because you proved to her that you actually care?
You was the very select few that took heed and gave her advice on the hardships of life.
You heard her pain and cries,
Her whining about why can’t I  find the right guy.
Sick and tired of her complaining about the same no good guy.
He doesn’t  take the effort to communicate like you do
He doesn’t  appreciate her like the way you do.
All he does to her is just aggravate.
You wanna steal her away but you just sit back and play it safe.
Patience is the key to paradise, but what seems too good to be true is just a disguise.
As usual minding your business but she getting you involved  in her drama scene as if your a eye witness.
Telling all her business about the same daily bullshit,
but this time she says , I’m fed up I’m done with this and I’m done with him.
Now you reading her text  with a slight grin while scratching the hair on your chin.
So bad you wanna invite her over and smash, but you remain a true friend.
Cheer her up and tell her she deserves better.
From here on out the weather only gets  better.
For every rainstorm after  will be a  rainbow and some sunlight.
You treat her like a plant and you provide her the sunlight to her mind to mentally prepare her and help her grow in life.
We all suppose to put the childish things away and move on with our life that God provide.
You telling her the nice things she likes to hear  to make her smile for a while.
She doesn’t  completely  forget the pain from the past but she says you making her feel better.
You and her become cohesive like  bread and peanut butter.
You really start to think  she is unique among the others.
You admire the her  beauty spiritually  like a  romeo Juliet love letter.
As far as all the others, the thought patterns on your brain she’s  the only one that can relate.

Enough time pass and now want to take her out on a date.
It’s been 2 months, you gave her plenty of space
You believe it’s  the right time and place.
Besides you and her speak every hour of the day.
Now a week before Valentine’s  Day, the day you don’t  even care for, you want to take her to a nice place;an actual real date.
It’s 10 AM  she text Good Morning 😘, how you sleep you know the regular.
As usual, you being charming filling her her heart with laughter.
Now day goes by and it’s  night time.
Now you think it’s your time to shine  like a Jack O lantern’s eye.
You both text each other at the same time “I got something to ask you”
You text “You go first”.
She  says ” I’m  going to away next on a cruise”
You say ” Oh nice that’s  wassup you going on a  family cruise”
She say”No”
You say” Oh okay, well who’s going with you?”
She says” The guy I  use to complain about”
You say ” You’re ex boo😮?”
She says”  Yes with the 😸emoji ” now you wanna black out.
You say” okay wow”
She says” he proposed to me , 💍 he brought me a ring. I’m not ready to get married but I  do feel so happy.”
You ask” Do you love him?”
She says” Yes 🤐
You say” I’m happy for you 😊 and I  wish the best but just quick question and you don’t have to answer it, but I  thought you was done with him😕
She says” Yeah at the time I  was done with him but he just came out of nowhere and we been talking for 2 weeks. He’s been communicating  and he is constantly changing. I will go on the cruise and see where this leads him and me but nothing is guarantee ”
You say” okay interesting”
She says”Yeah”
So now you realize that these hoes  ain’t loyal as you drinking cold beer. Don’t always trust and believe what your hear

Does Possibilities Leads To Worries

I dedicate this poem to Roshonda N. Blackmon. She asked me to write a poem on “Possibilities”  and I just want to let her know that it was a pleasure writing this poem and this is a very releatable topic and I hope you enjoy reading this poem


Does possibilities  and worries
mean the same thing?
Hmm interesting


and I say possibly
As we dwell among living things
besides death and taxes
nothing is guaranteed
and a life or death situation
will lead to over thinking
or worrying
about the possibilities of situation


Pregnancy Scares, Death Scares
The words acquitted and convicted
will have you up all night stressing
for not making better decisions.


Ever been up all
night wondering
how the hell
will you support your unexpected
male child
as a female
and for the males,
do you worry having a female child
because as an adolescent
you was running wild
and you did every girl
Now you fear and worry
will harm you daughter.


Ever worry
you will be lonely
as you get older
and years come by faster
but because of karma
body falls apart
like a burning building


and teeth are missing


hair is falling
and gray hair is forming
along your face


and you worry you may
die before 60
because you wasn’t in great shape
and you stacked your dinner plate
pouring massive amount
of sauce on your steak


Clocked you arteries
with grease and oil


while sipping on beer bottles.
Now caught a stroke
and a possibility you
might not make it tomorrow
and your family filled with sorrow.
Also the sorrow
will follow
those of you
that have court tomorrow
Arms is shaking like a dinner plate
in a California home
experiencing an earthquake.


You hate the court dates
because it’s a possibility
you that you may never see
your family.
You’ll see I just
demonstrated the possibilities
of the foundation of anxiety.


A thin line between a positive
and negative result
When you come out
below the belt
that hides
your father pants , jeans,
sweat pants,trousers
to make it to see
the light of the world


is a possibility
to live free with liberty
and we learn to pursue
our happiness
but what’s the possibility
of being happy
if tomorrow is not guaranteed?
In fact what’s the possibility
of this poem getting published
without any curses?


1) Do you fear more what you  know or what you don’t know?

2) What are the possibilities of becoming a famous blogger?

3) What are the possibilities of getting married in this generation?

4) What are the possibilities of having kids before the age of 40?

5) What are the possibilities of falling in love with a blogger?

6) What are the possibilities that a woman will become president one day?

7) All the mistakes you made in the past, what are the possbililites that you will repeat those  mistakes?

8) What are the possibilities that another celebrity will die in the year 2018?

9) What are the possbililites of winning the lotto?

10) What are the possibilities of a blogger replying back saying “thank you” when you left them a comnent stating how much you appreciate their blogs?

Unanswered questions go hand and hand with possibilities. Some things are possible, Some things are impossible. We all try to live by a motto to stay out of trouble, but’ s that’s not possible. Drama, death, and taxes promised to everybody. Possbililites exist when we don’t know the outcome of a situation. A possibility is an hypothesis that we all have and we hope at the end of our science experiment that our hypothesis was correct but what is the possibility that our  hypothesis will be correct?

Hospital 3 Times Back To Back To Back

Time was almost
seven years back
The flu attack
me like a rat
out the trash can
landing on a homeless man.
Couldn’t walk
Could barely talk
Strepthoart made it hard
to swallow.
“I will get better tomorrow”
I said to myself.
Worst and worst
my health
became more weak
could barely move my feet.
I was paralyzed for a week.
Hips was dealing with torment
without no explanation.
Doctors took blood and cat scans
but my hips
just couldn’t find nothing wrong with it.
Could barely eat
Could barely drink
Could barely sleep.
Uncomfort was misery
plus I missed a week
of college.
Yet doctors still
didn’t have the knowledge
or explanation
of why I am
In this hospital building.
Homework was piling
and I’m dying.
Without any explanation
I gradually restored my health
thank to the painkillers.
but I was still bitter
because now at home
I looked Skinner
eyes looked darker
school became harder.
I still couldn’t sleep
using the bathroom
interrupted my dreams
every hour.
I would be on the
toilet for an half an hour
The waste wasn’t solid,
it was liquid
like the process of water melting
I was not in the mood for college
wanted to drop my classes
Couldn’t concentrate like a kid
without his glasses
with 20/40 vision.
Being sick interfered with my mission.
Almost a whole month with this sickness
hoping I would get better with the quickness.
Little by little my virus vanished

1 month later

I went back to normal.
At this point
life was incorrigible
because at work
I got sharp cut
by the elbow
so deep saw the white meat .
Definitely saw the vein,
but ironically I barely felt pain.
Back at the hospital again
to get stitches.
I was livid.
Confused since
my thinking became
try to comprehend
both hospital situations
within a month’s period.

2 weeks later

Another situation approached even
more perilous
but due to my stupidness.
Reactions from others
we’re “oh my goodness”
vodka on empty stomach
my insides were punished
and I lost balance
head spinning
like a washer machine
and sweating hard
as if my clothes came out
the washer machine.
This took place seven
years ago
Until this day I still
don’t know what I
was thinking

Don’t Worry; The Person Next To You Is Flawed Too

I dedicate this story/poem to K E Garland. She wanted me to write a poem about  “Don’t worry; the person next to you is flawed too”  and if she is reading this, I just want to let her know that it was a pleasure writing a story/poem about this topic and I find this topic to be very relatable in life. She picked a great topic for me to write about and I hope you enjoy reading this topic.


This is a story in poetry format in which will discuss a young man who is very under confident and feels like he didn’t accomplish anything in life. As you read this story, you will learn an important lesson  that can help your children

The following characters in this story

David: 27 year old man with a very pessmistic view on life, but yet a  very talented individual and a lot of people see greatness in him but he can’t see it in himself.

Michael: David’s guardian angel and his purpose is to guide David and show David how to take control of his life

Nigel: A famous athlete, but had dreams of becoming a poet as a youth



The Story Begins

Act 1:

Michael: I understand you don’t want to put people beneath but never put people above you:

David: But you don’t understand  I’m placed in a situation where it’s hard to be a man.
You say I have to follow God’s plan?

Michael: God is the way. God will protect you and keep you safe. All you have to do is pray.

David: That’s easy for you too say.
You haven’t walked a mile in my shoes,
you already made perfect, you have nothing to loose.
How can I keep my cool?
I feel like such a fool
You say the bible is a tool
but yet Satan is on the loose.
I’m a grown man still living at home.
I’m a nice guy but I am alone.
I get booed on stage
when I recite a poem
I have critters on my face
I’m broke and I have to pay
student loans.
All my friends are gone.
I haven’t had sex in years
I’m addicted to porn.
My eyes release tears
for being miserable
for so long.

Michael: Hop in the magic cloud
Let me  show you something!

David: Where you taking me?

Michael: I’m taking you to a visit
the penitentiary.

(Michael takes David to prison in spirit in his magic cloud)



Michael: What do you see?

David: I see a riot
and it looks so violent

(Michael takes David to one of the visiting stations)

Michael: Now what do you see?

David: I see a man
staring at the glass window crying
talking with his family
over the phone
saying he is never coming home.
Telling his wife and kids to
move on.

(Michael shows David the next visiting station)

Michael: Now what do you see?

David: I see man staring through the glass
talking to his family
wishing he would of change the past

(Michael now takes David to the cemetery with just the snap of his finger)


David: Wait where are we?

Michael: We are at the cemetery?

David: Wait why are we here?

Michael: To show you that with your negative
thinking you will end up here.

David: But wait, isn’t everybody
going to end up here?

Michael: Correct all humans will face death
and it’s not much time life.
but you said you believe in Jesus
Christ right?

David: Right!

Michael: The bible says leave your worries to God
and let God handle your problems.
You can’t solve them
so just let God solve them.
I took you to prison
to expose to you
that somebody has it worst than you.
Yes you don’t have a job
but you have your health
You don’t have a perfect face
but your smile is what
make people melt.
You have gotten booed on stage
but you have the voice
that can heal a person
at any place.
Maybe you should
stop watching adult films
and use your tongue
to say Grace
for the food that the Lord put
on your plate.
For thanksgiving
you had mash potatoes,
cornbread, Mac n cheese
string beans and chicken.
In prison the inmates
had tuna fish on
white bread
a brownie,
salad and
chocolate milk
The food was so spoiled
it’s a plague that
can kill.
Half the inmates
caught a stomach virus
A few ended up
Here’s the kicker
Half of them
we’re innocent
Now men token
away from their children.
Imagine your Father
died in prison
on Thanksgiving.
Remember this
in order to make it
to heaven
you will get tested
You suffer
but if you reach to
You will have eternal life forever.
Here let me show you
Hop back in the cloud!

(Michael takes David to a mansion)

David: Where are now?

Michael: In the mansion of a millionaire

David: Why, this looks so nice
There’s also a waterfall outside
A statue in the front
Each room with multiple bed bunks
A staircase in the living room
A staircase in the kitchen
Damn I thought a staircase
in the kitchen
only existed in  sitcoms.
Oh wow look,
in his bedroom
he has a intercom.
This is a beautiful house
I bet you the owner
of this house
is happy
like Danny Taner
on full house

(A male celebrity enters the mansion)

David: What’s he doing?

Michael: Just watch and see

Nigel: Lord please forgive me
for not following my dreams
The fans scream
but everyday in the mirror
I scream.
I wasn’ t strong enough
to say no to peer pressure
Now the sweat my forehead
gets colder
and I’m won’t be getting
much older.
I wanted to be poet
but my dad, high school coach,
and friends said football
was my calling.
I am talented becuase of
my size
but my words were
the gift of life
and each line
represented  a sercet prize,
the secret of eternal life
since I was doing
what made me happy.
But now sadly
I have human
Immunodeficiency  virus
for having sex unprotected.
My mom warned me
and I didn’t listen.
Since I had money,
a unwanted pregnacy
didn’t scare me.
But I wasn’ t thinking about HIV.
I’m already paying child support
I play a dangerous sport
for a living
and now I’m about to go broke.
I can’t afford this mansion,
child support, and the medicine.
This is incredulous.
The groupies are so devilish.
I should of married my high school
but I cheated and broke her heart.
She is now happily married
and she has a  large beauitful family.           I have this mansion and it’s empty.    Damn lord please forgive me for thinking of suicide

Michael: You see young man
just because somebody is bigger than you,
have more money than you,
get more girls than you,
smile more than you,
don’t make them better than you.
Now yes you are no better than
nobody else but
nobody is better than you.
Don’t worry because the person
next to you is flawed too.
I can show you how to
be in a better mood
but it’s all up to you.
Put your life in the lords hands
and say that today
you will put childish things away
and become a man.

David: Today I will put childish things away and become a man.
I will follow the lord’ s plan.
Poetry is my calling
and I am blessed to have a ceiling.
Lord yes I need healing
Yes lord

Michael: Say Amen!

David: Amen!

Michael: Do you know this celebrity?

David: He looks familiar but no not really

Michael: This is Nigel Banks
your high classmate
5ft 11 stocky
Popular and ladies loved him
with caramel complexion
Waves in his hair.
Remember he beat you up
for not letting him cheat
Remember he use to make
fun of you
when you use to speak.
Remember he pushed
you down the stairs.
Remember he use to
make fun of your nappy hair.
Look at him now.
His life is crashing to
the ground.
When he scored a touchdown
never thank God.
When he signed autographs
never thank God.
When he wanted to pursue poetry
instead of playing football
never prayed to God
Now he is going to break his mom’s
heart with the bad news.
You lacking faith don’t just affect you
but all the loved ones around you.
Since high school Nigel always been miserable.
Remember young man
Don’t worry because the person
next to you is flawed too.

Questions to think about 

1) Do you think it’s easy to accept yourself for the way you are, when you are constantly rejected over and over?

2) Do you believe in karma?

3) Would you rather be extremely under confident or extremely argorant?

4) What two words would you use to describe why the world is unfair?

5) The  person that gives the best advice always practice what they preach, true or false?

6) Are people with opstmitic thinking trustworthy?

7) Are people with pessimistic thinking born that way or do you think something bad happen  or someone hurt their feelings in which destroyed their confidence?

8) Can you still be happy in life if you don’t follow your dreams?

9) Can you still be miserable even if you are following your dreams?

10) Are you following your dreams or are you pursuing a career that your parents pressured you to do?

Chase The Money Not The SEX 

I am not talking about all women in this poem




Money and sex is our satisfaction.
Making money is our passion  but having sex is a infatuation.
Money attracts girls but the broke men  don’t  understand this,
So instead  they seek what’s between the legs and chase it.
This is time wasting.
More money you obtain  the more you’ll seek  pretty faces,
with the tight curves exposed thru the tight dresses.
But money comes 1st so don’t  mix pleasure with business
because pussy  can be poisonous  like the tongue on a python.
Hustle hard and stack bread and let the paper grow long.
Paper grows long then the women  come along.
Women aren’t so simple but yet they aren’t so difficult.
Chasing paper  minimizes   female issues.
Paper is the key to using reverse psychology  to breaking down a pretty young lady easily.
Women minds are complicated like a Macbeth novel, keeping a simple man up all night like a night owl.
Paper  will simplify a  woman’s  mind  because  paper   is like spark notes.
Women will understand your language  when you provide them the c-notes.
Paper is their  dictionary to understand a man word for word,
because women  can’t  comprehend the mind of a man who’s poor,
but this is absurd.
Broke man  and a wealthy man talk to the same girl exchanging same words.
Broke man can be intelligent with excellent  vocabulary but  she will ignore him completely.
Wealthy men can be ignorant with a first grade vocabulary but she will let him smash in a heartbeat.
Chase after the wealthy to be 1st place like she sprinting in a track meet.
So lesson is don’t  chase the pussy, chase the dream because  the dream provides the money and money provides the pussy.


I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas tomorrow and family always come first. Sometimes family will get on your damn nerves but in this world family is all you got, remember that 

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