Who Can Solve This Riddle?

I just want to let you know, on Friday at midnight  I will be uploading a blog where  I will be talking about  a personal experience that happened a few years ago. On Saturday at 6 am, I will be uploading a poem about how I feel about Christmas. I have a couple of poems I will be uploading next week as well. During the month of December, I will be doing a lot of uploading  to keep you all entertained. I just want to thank all of my followers and  I am grateful for every one of you and I wish you all success that blogging will open many doors for you in the future.

I decided do write a poetry riddle so you can understand my unique though pattern. I wrote a short mini poem but the problem is, the poem is incomplete. There are six blanks and I need your help in order to complete this poem. Help me to fill in the banks of this poem. If you can figure out at least 4/6 , I will personally write a special blog  about you, giving you a shout out of course, my favorite post on your blog, and what I love most about the design on your home page. Well  scroll down and help me complete this poem.

I’m dressed in all black, black jeans, ski mask
and black hoodie when planning a robbery
with tactics that are intelligent.
I’m black and my intelligence is underrated
like 1) _____________.
I have to rob because money feeds the belly
and I’m hungry so on deck I always have a 2) _____________. and leave these victims afraid
like 3) ___________.
My guns are big and thick like uncle 4) ___________
and I love to kill leaving the scene bloody
and nasty like 5) ______________
I’ll do anything because the only thing that matters is the green paper and I’m a paper chaser
I’m cold hearted and mean like 6) ______________
and if you don’t understand my plan
than fuck ya.


This poem is about typical young man in the hood doing whatever he gotta do to to survive.  I know most of you reading this are confused or don’t have a clue on how to solve. I am going to be a nice guy a give a few hints.

In order to solve this riddle, you must know what a double entendre is. For those of you that don’t know, a double entendre is a word or expression used in a given context so that it can be understood in two ways.

An example of a double entendre

“Even though, I’m a killer, my heart is big like whales” now allow me to break this statement down.

Now technically this is a triple entendre. I’m killer meaning I take lives, and heart is big meaning I can be warm hearted and I’m comparing my heart to whales because whales as well are big and most importantly killer whale is a type of whale and killer whales are the biggest whales. Killer,big whales and heart have a connection. So now read that statement again “Even though, I’m a killer, my heart is big like whales” it makes sense now right. In fact click  here “The Use Of Double Entendre” to read all the double entendres I provided in poetry format.


When solving my poetry riddle, always have a strategy. Well look at the poem and use process of elimination. I will give you a hint, number 4 and number 5 rhyme with each other. Number 4 is the easiest one. Number 4 is a character on a popular sitcom TV and number 4 is also a cartoon character on a nickelodeon show. In fact all the six blanks are cartoon characters of a nickelodeon show. Once you figure out the nickelodeon show, you will figure this poem out no problem. Number two as well is a double entendre.

For those of you reading this, you are lucky because I gave obvious hints. But the next riddle I write won’t be as easy. Comment below the six words to the six blanks. By the way, if you give me incorrect answers, then I will put you on punishment and no blogging for a month. Lol jk don’t mind me, but comment below the six missing words to this poem. I will post the answers to this blog, on Monday at midnight.

15 thoughts on “Who Can Solve This Riddle?

  1. Hey my friend, okay – so I’ve tried to figure these out but I can’t…lol. To show how eager I was to get at least one answer, I even pulled up the Nickelodeon Cartoons list but couldn’t match the characters with the words…lol. I’m sorry. But I’m glad you broke down what a double entendre was because I had no clue. #Itried #Ireallydid

  2. Alright maybe this riddle isn’t as easy as I thought.
    I will help you out for trying
    Number 6, of all the Nickelodeon cartons in 90’s, which character was mean and a bully?
    Number 2, Which character was brave and bald?
    You know this lol.
    “The Ren & Stimpy Show.” I’m pretty sure I wasn’t allowed to watch “Ren & Stimpy.” …
    “CatDog.” ANOTHER kid’s show I wasn’t allowed to watch! …
    “Aaahh!!!! Real Monsters” …
    “Rocket Power.” …
    “Doug.” …
    “Rocko’s Modern Life.” …
    “The Angry Beavers” …
    Out of eight of these shows, the six answers are characters of one of these shows but which one?
    Another hint: This cartoon show had a dog and a dinosaur in it?
    I would give you another hint but let me see if you can figure it out now

    • Just want to say I appreciate you attempting
      Nice try but incorrect.
      The answers are the actual characters of a particular nickoleadan show.
      I’m looking for the name of the characters of a particular Nickelodeon show
      A Hint: First figure out which Nickelodeon show I’m specifically referring to.
      Once you figure that out you can fill in the blanks.
      Again the blanks are the names of characters of a particular nickoleadan show I’m referring too

  3. I’m having hard time to answer this because my daughter watches cartoon network, disney junior and boomerang.. she rarely watches nickelodeon.. except for nick jr… so yay! When I haven’t read the bottom part I started filling up the blank like: my intelligence is underrated like a dormant volcano that’s activated.. 😂 didn’t know you’re looking for nickelodeon’s shows or characters.. 😅

    • Monday I will be re blogging this with the answers.
      I give you a hint , based on reading your response only advice to give is don’t overthink
      Remember the blanks are the nickelodeon characters of a particular TV show.
      Lol you got this number 4 is the easiest one to figure out. Read the riddle again because I left a hint for the number in the blog.

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