Lame People

I just want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. One of the things I am grateful for is my poetry and the opportunity for to share my poetry through blogging . On Monday November 28th at midnight, I will be uploading a blog “Would You Rather” which is a game in which I  will describe in detail how to play. On Wednesday November 30th I will be uploading another riddle. For those of you that likes riddles, Solve This Riddle And Fill In The Blanks  click on the link and solve my riddle.

We all are lame to somebody
Always somebody that thinks your a nobody
A nobody can be defined as somebody
that don’ t have a life or hobby.
But alot of ppl will judge you off
of the hobbies and activities
you choose to participate in.
We all are made different
with different goals and visions.
It’s like most have a mission
to spread hate and misery.
People complain about what they see
and don’t care to understand
the actual meaning or at least
try to understand the reason
behind it.
People don’t offer nothing
and expect others to do everything.
When others can’t do everything
that satisfying the person needs
then all of a sudden they become lame
unless they have money or fame.
People critize and complain
about everything you do
regarding the job you work,
the food you eat
the clothes you wear at church,
the way you speak,
or the shows you watch on TV.
People  that complain the most
are spoiled or filled with misery.
So instead of trying
to change their misery in
order  to be
they looking to invite
because misery hate being lonely
so they spread the misery
to everbody.
You know what’s funny,
as I’m writing this piece of poetry,
a thought occurs to me.
It’s funny most are selfish
but yet very giving and offering
when it comes to misery.
People just want to receive and give nothing
but will put every effort to spread the misery
Isn’t that something?
Well I’m going to tell everybody something,
people that swear everybody or
everything is wack and lame
are usually the biggest lames
and it’s a damn shame.
Stay away from the complainers
and people that critize
and worry about your life.
For the lames,
mind your business
and stop worrying about
others peoples lives
worry about your own life.
Everybody is not a lame,
Everybody is not boring
Maybe your really the lame
Maybe your boring.
Get a life and get a hobby
and depend on yourself
to be happy.
But then again maybe
your not strong enough to do
and for the lames that read
my last line
this, how do you feel
that I think you are a lame?



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21 thoughts on “Lame People

  1. Really loved this poem too, it’s amazing and you’re so right, misery loves company and seems to glory in, inviting more misery or I guess I should say more lame people. Seeing the dinosaur at the end was priceless…lol lol, I was not expecting to see that…lol. I told you, full of surprises. Can’t wait to read your other posts, especially the riddle.

    • I really do appreciate your support.
      Some people judge too easily and quick to call u lame. But the ones that judge are lame.
      Lol glad u like the dinosaur.
      For supporting my blogs I will give u an extra hint ahead of time.
      I don’t know what generation you come from but the answers to my riddle have to do with characters of a popular nickoleadan show in the 90’s.

      So research nickoleadan shows from the 90’s and next Wednesday I will post the riddle.
      Have a goodnight ☺

  2. You’re so right bro, a lot of people out there be livin lovely, but they don’t have control of their lives….inside they’re ugly. No one wants to be judged so they hurry up and judge and those are the biggest lames. Green with envy. Loved this. Stay clean, not green!

    • I appreciate your comment. I completely agree.
      Watch out for the people that always got something negative to say about others

      Another common problem is somebody that think he/she knows everything I might write a blog about this in the future

  3. This poem is simply amazing. ” So instead of trying
    to change their misery in
    order to be
    they looking to invite
    because misery hate being lonely” : I agree coz once upon a time I was on this lane of life BUT NO MORE. true words.

  4. Good job…. Sometimes people forget the real meaning of life, sometimes they spend their time by counting your flaws, and forget their their own…. Yes I agree they should begin to live their life, instead of to try to change other’s life…. 👌

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