Don’t Give Or Receive 

Just to let u know, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving break just so I can rest. I could care less about the food, hell if it was up to me I would order pizza.  But anyway just letting you know, I won’t be posting until next Monday November 28. My blog on the 28th would be a blog on “Would you rather” game. This is a game you can play with your friends and signficant other. I will explain the rules in the blog when I  post this blog next week. Since I won’t be blogging for the next four days, today I will upload two blogs today. The two are poems that are very relatable and I think you will enjoy this poem. This blog is the “Don’t give or receive” poem and later at 6pm I will upload  a poem about my definition of being a lame.
Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
Side note: To all people reading this, do you actually Turkey?
I find Turkey to be overated, I don’t see what the big hype is at all 



They say it’s better to give than receive.

But the ones who give as well

would like to receive.

You give and you want to feel appreciated.

Your gratuide you choose to demonstrate it,

to please the lord,

but people ask for more

and expect to receive more

They take your kindness for weakness

and take an advantage.

Once they receive more,

they vanish.

Now feeling under appreciated

thinking common courtesy is overrated.

Don’t you get sick and tired

of being submissive?

A lot times people discover

your weakness.

The weakness

they see

in you

is the lack of common sense,

but to you,

you’re just being honest

to a so called friend.

So called friends pretend

to hear

but they don’t listen.

Ignore your feelings

when you bleeding,

when you need healing

Their true colors

are now revealing.

This whole time,

they been deceiving,

they been concealing

the truth.

The truth is

they don’t give a fuck about you.

Strangers will sometimes do

more for you

than friends

you consider family.

They receive

until you have

no more to give.

Betray you with

a kiss

to be loyal

to somebody else

they can receive

more from.

You gave your last

plate of food


but received only crumbs.

We now feel dumb.

The feeling you get

at prom

when your dress or

tuxedo been covered in punch.

The feeling you get

at school

when you had no money

to eat lunch.

The feeling when

you out of deodorant

so armpits smell

like must.

When this happens,

can you get

back on your feet

and adjust

like daylight saving times

ended an we have to

adjust the clocks.

Think about it

like this,

If a guy told you

he was HIV positive

Would you suck his cock?

Of course not

Or at least I hope not

So the lesson of

all of this is

in order to get rid

fake friends

Don’t expect to receive

and act like you


so people don’t expect

you to give.

Come on now,

use your common sense.

When People ask for help

My father told me

to Just pray for them

because you have your

own problems.

Lesson is only God

can solve problems.






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  1. Very interesting approach, I really like it! Well done, I can absolutely relate!
    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (from Norway), but I wish we did, we need to be reminded of the things that we are grateful for! I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

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