Solve This Riddle And Fill In The Blanks 

I wanted to do something different with this poem unlike all my others poems.  I don’t know if anybody are into riddles or solving puzzles but for those of you that are into riddles or solving puzzles , if your interested, then see if you can solve my puzzle to complete this poem.

The coke is white like the  snow
I’m a drug addict and my ❤ is cold
Caine had me feeling 1)______________.
It’s an addiction that kept me 2)____________.
until the cops arrested me
without no type of warning
So in the back of the cop car
I became more and more 3)____________.
but could you blame me?
Two hours later in the holding cell
I no longer had a bad attitude.
I became more and more 4)_____________.
when I had to use the bathroom
because of the lack of privacy.
I know the germs on the tier are spreading
because my cellmate keep sneezing.
I told him to stop rubbing his nose
because it will make him more 5)_____________.
I don’t trust nobody around me
and even though I’m  6)______________.
I must stay up all night so nobody
will shank me or rape me.
The lights are now out and I can barely see.
 I use a lighter to get more light so
I can see my reflection in the mirror.
 Under the jurisdiction of the 7)_________(department of corrections) ,
I am now a prisoner

I want you to fill in the blanks and complete the poem and you have 3 days to complete this poem with the answers for each of the seven blanks. For the following that complete this poem with the correct answers, I will personally write a post in poetry format congratulating  and complimenting you.

Leave a comment with the answers and my next post I will post up the answers to this poem and give a shoutout to whoever was able to fill in the blanks with the correct words to complete the poem.

Hint: The first line of this poem is a double entendre. If you don’t understand the first line then you can not complete the poem. If you are lost or confuse then leave a comment and I’ll try my best to guide you.